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  • 1. Ms. Carla Chvez S. Head of English April 15th, 2011

2. Motivating our pupils

  • Increases attention
  • Creates a warm environment
  • Reducess stress
  • Fosters interaction, autonomy and problem solving
  • Helps students to feel confident

3. Important considerations

  • Identify the skills involved
  • Create an instructions packet
  • Plan every session
  • Involve the school community

4. 6th grade: Red Carpet

  • 3, 2, 1 ACTION! Once again, students from 6th Grade excelled at speaking English while presenting their roles of famous actors and paparazzis on a fictitious RED CARPET event held at the school gymnasium. The glamorous premiere required the boys to wear their finest clothes while the lights of the cameras flashed on the glittering ceremony. At the end of the event, 6th graders definitely proved that they not only have the LOOKS, but also the ENGLISH to stand up and shine in the Olympus of FILM STARS! Excellent Job Boys!

5. Dinosaur museum

  • The museum showcased the students hard work researching dinosaurs. To prepare for the museum, the students worked in small groups; each group had to answer a research question about dinosaurs. Each group presented their question and answer with pictures and text on a poster.
  • The groups also made dinosaur models out of plasticine and built dioramas of dinosaur ecosystems. The sixth grade boys played the roles of museum guide, scientist and paleontologist, presenting and explaining their displays as younger students and several parents toured the museum.

6. Dinosaur Museum 7. Service learning 8. Service learning

  • David Flint: A Great Day Helping
  • When we arrived in Lota, we went to the nursery school that suffered damage in the recent earthquake. We also saw that the Mediaaguas that were made to replace the nursery school. Due to the lack of space, we were forced to transfer the activities to Baldomero Lillo school, which has the same name as the nursery school. We each got a little brother to whom we had to give a small gift and talk. During the activities, we had a very attentive audience. They were between 8 months and 5 years old. The girl I got as a little sister was 4 years old and was called Francesca. She seemed very happy with.

9. How to catch a leprechaun on St Patricks (video) 10. Example: issue advertisement

  • Introduction to US electoral system:
  • Exploring US political campaigns:

11. Example: issue advertisement

  • Propaganda techniques
  • Glittering Generalities
  • Card Stacking
  • Plain Folks
  • Name Calling
  • Symbol Transfer

12. Example: issue advertisement

  • Create an issue ad aimed at a particular government policy:
  • Drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge
  • Gun control
  • Trade with China
  • Smart Growth initiatives
  • Green energy


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