promoting college retention of low-income and first-generation students (part 1)

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In this workshop, Bottom Line will discuss the importance of supporting students not only through the college application process, but also during college. By learning about the results of an external study and best practices from Bottom Line’s College Success model, participants will gain tips on how to best contribute to the success of low-income and first-generation college students.


  • 1. Promoting College Retention of Low-Income and First Generation Students Greg Johnson Executive Director Bottom Line B tt Li & Kolajo Afolabi Doctoral Candidate Harvard Graduate School of EducationSuccess depends on you Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 2. Presentation Overview The Scope of the Problem Bottom Lines Model Using Evaluation to Assess PerformanceSuccess depends on you 2 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 3. The Vanishing Pipeline 3000 2964 2500 2000 1904 1500 1000 500 675 36% of attendees 23% of HS graduates 0 Total HS College Graduates Grads Attendees Data from Getting to the Finish Line study by Northeastern University, Center for Labor Market Studies of BPS Class of 2000 after 7 years.Success depends on you 3 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 4. Graduates by Type of School 4-Year Colleges -1230 E ll d 1230 Enrolled -590 Graduated (48%) 2 Year Colleges -674 Enrolled -85 Graduated (13%)Success depends on you 4 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 5. Why Arent They Graduating? Lack of Guidance upon College Entry Poor advice throughout the application process leads to less than ideal college lists and a lousy start to college experience Academic Reasons Many students are academically not prepared for the rigors of a college education (competitive schools and non competitive schools) non-competitive Remedial courses are commonplace Financial Reasons They cant afford the school they decide to attend They are often working full-time (or close) during the school year Personal/Emotional Reasons Challenging lives create distractions which lead to academic and other difficultiesSuccess depends on you 5 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 6. What is Bottom Line?Bottom Lines mission is to build a better communitythrough higher education by helping disadvantaged g g y p g gstudents get in to college, graduate from collegeand go far in life. Founded in 1997 Independent from high schools and colleges Located in Boston, MA and Worcester, MA Launching in NYC in July 2011Success depends on you 6 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 7. Bottom Line Programs Two programs support our mission: College Access (650 high school seniors) Counselors provide students with one-on-one service along the entire spectrum of the college application and financial aid processes College Success (949 students) We continue to support ~50% of the students from the high school to college transition through to graduation (based on the college they elect to attend)Success depends on you 7 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 8. Eligibility Criteria to participate in Bottom Line: HHave at l t least a 2 5 GPA t 2.5 AND Come from a household with an AGI less than 200% of the Federal Poverty guidelines Be in the first generation in your family to go to college Note: All services are free of charge gSuccess depends on you 8 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 9. For High School SeniorsIn our College Access Program, Bottom Line provides one-on-one guidancethrough the entire application and decision process Applications Decisions Help each Support student Help with Review Build a college make the Build a one- financial aid decisions quality list of essay right on-one and and financial potential writing and choice relationship l ti hi scholarship h l hi aid award id d colleges application about where applications letters completion to attend college When Wh I was 14, I was sent to th United States to live with my 14 t t the U it d St t t li ith father- a man I did not know. I was 16 when I moved out on my own. I worked 50 hours per week to pay rent, buy food and help my mom and sisters in Haiti. In my junior year of high school, I found out about Bottom Line. They became a parent to me. I started to believe in myself and that I could make it to college college.Jerry AlciusRegis College 12 12 Success depends on you 9 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 10. Bottom Line MethodDirect students to colleges with quality academic and othersupport programs in place Bridge programs exist in many places and often are critical for early successInsist they go to affordable schools and reduce financial burdenwhere possible Minimize/eliminate Private LoansRemain engaged and manage problems closely through one-on-one mentoring and intrusive advising Make frequent visits create a stalking mentality visits-createSuccess depends on you 10 Get In Graduate Go Far
  • 11. College SuccessIn our College Success Program, we provide one-on-one support for up to six yearsusing our 4-tiered support model (DEAL) to give students the tools to succeed College Success When my mother passed away, I didnt know what to do. I called Bottom Line They do Line. kept me company as I created the funeral plans. With Bottom Lines

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