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Publicity Publicity Report Report Second Quarter Second Quarter Oct-Dec ‘09 Oct-Dec ‘09 Reported by: Tr. Anand Gupta Area-V , Publicity convenor 98140- 82570

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Second Quarter Oct-Dec ‘09. Publicity Report. Reported by: Tr. Anand Gupta Area-V , Publicity convenor 98140-82570. Facebook Page of area 5. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Second Quarter Second Quarter

Oct-Dec ‘09Oct-Dec ‘09

Reported by:

Tr. Anand Gupta Area-V , Publicity convenor 98140-82570

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The Area V Facebook page was created and has become a very active forum for floor tablers and their friends to share pictures and information on tabling events. The group 200 + members including several from abroad.

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RTIndia official RTIndia official Facebook pageFacebook page

Area V was very active in creating and publicising on the RTI Official Facebook page Facebook. This has been a huge hit with over 1000 members and more than 35% members from outside India.

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CD Distributio


A CD was prepared with a compilation of allavailable videos of RTI and distributed to

table chairmen of area V. This CD is now being

regularlyused by them in various publicity events.

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Email Group for Publicity

Under the aegis of National Publicity Convenor, an email group exclusive to publicity was created. This group allows publicity convenors at the table level to share information and publicity material immediately with tables across India there by reducing duplication of effort.

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Several different designs ofStandees were made and were made available for shared use of tables of Area V.

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A new colored publicity brochure was designed for Round Table India. This is being ordered for distribution by tables at their various events.

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National Publicity National Publicity Day - 10 Day - 10 Nov 2009Nov 2009

• Venue: Bonta Road Park, DU, Delhi• Time : 7.00 am• DMRT 43 tablers and DMLC 112 Circlers got together on 10 Nov morning at 7.00 am to celebrate national Publicity day. We distributed RTI & LC India Publicity pamphlets to morning walkers at the park along with hot tea. We introduced the people to the movement of Tabling and Circling .50 pamphlets were made for the event and distributed. Banner was also

put at the entrance gate.


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16th Nov : “Taare Zameen Par” Painting Competition

DMRT 43 & NDRT 24 jointly organized painting competition for the Spastic Children at Prabhat School, Civil Lines, Delhi. Prizes & Snacks were distributed. “Airtel” Banner displayed at the venue. 60 Children participated in the competition and 80 children were given burgers from Mc Donalds.


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DWRT 50 has distributed

'Proud to be a Tabler' car stickers to all tablers of

area V

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DMRT-149DMRT-149Amar Ujala Article published on 10.11.2009 in NCR Edition

and Coverage of round table India initiative “Freedom through Education” Publicity through various websites.

Round Table India Week celebrations Round Table India, believes in 'Freedom through Education'. Round Table India is an organisation of non-political and non-sectarian young men between the age group of 18 and 40.Its aim is to promote service, fellowship and goodwill.

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JPRT 171

The latest in this series is our participation in "JaipurFootprints'09 " Jaipur Footprints is a national seminar organized by Symbiosis Institute & International University, Pune and co-organizedby Times of India group on 3rd December at Maharana Pratap Auditorium.Jaipur

•The mega event has selected 5 prominent NGOs from Rajasthan for display of their activity . RTI is one of them.

•AVC Tr.Sanjay Porwal, Tarun Bansal & Manish Kasliwal  represented RTI , on invitation as an NGO doing good social service. We have displayed our brochures and banners at a stall in the fair. its day long event.

•This will give us major exposure in front of Press & youngsters

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Delhi Dynamic Round Table-157 orgnized a Delhi Dynamic Round Table-157 orgnized a blood donation blood donation

camp at PVR complex at Saket in New Delhi on camp at PVR complex at Saket in New Delhi on Sunday the Sunday the

1515thth of November 2009 between 11 am-6 pm.. of November 2009 between 11 am-6 pm..

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• DDRT 157 tablers and circlers from our table made the event possible for us by making sure the event happens in full galore.• Painting competition was organized at a SLUM school in mehrauli under the • “Taare Zameen Pe’’. Our Circlers Swati and Prachi took the initiative and Tr. Prashant

• Agarwal sponsored the paints, prizes and goodies to eat for the 50 plus children who took part in the competition . Distribution of clothes, shoes, books for children aged 0-6 yrs at• Orphanage ' Palna‘.Cr.Sheetall Aggarwal took the initiative!


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• An annual fund raiser which is an attraction for families on a bright Sunday morning…its publicized through soft invites, cards, fliers, FB.

• It pullls close to 1000 people and is awaited…i


Christmas Carnival

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On 12th Nov, for Publicity, Bhasker TV primetime news telecasted interview with the JPRT executive about JPRT , vision of Round Table India, Projects and FTE in and around Jaipur / Rajasthan. Tabler Ravi, Tarun & Alok of JPRT171 also gave RTI information on  FM Radio-  93.4.

JPRT 171

• JPRT 171, RTI, Dainik Bhaskar & Manav Hitharth Sansthan.

• Medical Camp • Blood donation• Medical Astrology

Quarter page ad is being printed

3 times a week from 15 Nov and

daily ad will run from 1st Dec to

21st Dec.

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Car Rally on National Publicity day

BURT 184

DATE- 10th NovemberTIME- 10 A.M.It was a joint project of BURT 184 & BULC 96. The rally started from Mukherji Garden having 35-40 cars in the Convention, which ended up to Suchna Kendra of Bhilwara.The aim of the rally was to pursuit of educating the underprivileged children.ROUND TABLE LITERACY CAR RALLY banners were put on all the cars which were there in the rally.As all the crowded & core of the city was covered by us, we got great publicity of Round table India.

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BURT 184

A hoarding put at very prominent location of Bhilwara city which was continues for ten days in pursuit of Education under privileged children's.

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Jaipur Heritage Round Table -185 had done a fund raiser Movie show at Jaipur on 1st Aug. We had booked 3 Auditoriums of INOX and were totally sold out. The show was a mega success .

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Deputy Commissioner of Ludhiana looking at RTI bannersDeputy Commissioner of Ludhiana looking at RTI banners

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Van Publicity 2009

A moving van with RTI posters moved through the bus city roads for the entire duration of RTI week spreading awareness about ROUND TABLE INDIA in the city.

Ludhiana Round Table LRT-188

Van Publicity 2009Van Publicity 2009

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LIRT 202LIRT 202

A movie show was organized by LIRT-202 .The show was a great

success & it got huge publicity.

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Blood Donation camp held by ULRT-206 during RTI.

Page 24: Publicity Report

• 62 cars took part and 62000 regretted !!

• Raisings from show 2.75 to 3.00 lacs (net) !!

Pacific Treasure Hunt

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