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Get the customers you deserve! This is a fast way to determine if a customer or client is a good fit for your business. Stop wasting time and money on customers that don't really want what you're selling! The example used is more than a random example - it's the algorithm I use in my consulting business. Use it to determine in one phone call or one conversation whether or not to continue the sales process. Target your marketing to the people who want it!


  • 1. The Worlds Fastest Way to Get the Customers You Deserve Susan Alderson, Sensible Analytics www.susanalderson.com
  • 2. THERES A DIFFERENCE between the customers you dont want, and the ones you do
  • 3. FEATURES OF THE EQUATION Find the best customers for your business easily Save time and money by knowing your scope Have an algorithm that you can easily teach anyone on your staff
  • 4. STEPS TO SUCCESS Define your ideal customer Give a score based on a weighted scale Rate the customer on the same parameters Compare the score!
  • 5. DEFINE YOUR IDEAL Use 4 - 7 parameters Make sure the information is readily available Possible Questions: Do they know what they want? Do they have a budget in mind? Can you identify the purchaser - as opposed to the end user? When do they need it? If you travel to the customer, how far away are they? How did they choose you in the first place?
  • 6. GIVE AN IDEAL SCORE Ideal Customer Ideal Traits Weight* Top Ideal Score Total Ideal Score History of using consultants 5 10 50 Within a day trip of my home 7 10 70 Research, Software, or Manufacturing 3 10 30 Minimum of 5 employees 4 10 40 Financially strong/stable 7 10 70 Buyer easily identifiable 7 10 70 Used to paying for the job, not hourly 8 10 80 Total Possible Score 410 *Weight = on a scale of 1 - 10, how important is it to you?
  • 7. COMPARE A PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER TO THE IDEAL Real Example Traits Weight Customer Score Notes Total Customer Score Acceptable if over 60% History of using consultants 5 7 Y 35 Within a day trip of my home 7 5 1.5 35 Research, Software, or Manufacturing 3 7 Agribusiness 21 Minimum of 5 employees 4 8 Y 32 Financially strong/stable 7 10 Y 70 Buyer easily identifiable 7 10 Y 70 Used to paying for the job, 8 8 Y 64 not hourly Total * 327 79.8% *Total = 327/410 = 79.8%
  • 8. TRY IT OUT! Define your own parameters Test it with past customers Test it with your next dozen customers Let me know how it worked!
  • 9. Better Decisions Lead to Better Results Susan Alderson Sensible Analytics www.susanalderson.com