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1. Bellringer 1. Which invention from the Industrial Revolution do you consider the most revolutionary? (Chapter 19) 2. Page 584 Answer #1 (graph skills) 2. Industrial Revolution Factories in England How did the Ind. Revolution improve lives? More goods, cheaper, faster 3. Elon Musk article 3 ways this innovation would revolutionize the USA? Do you think it would work? explain 4. Railroads Steam powered 5. Today:Eurorail System 6. Bellringer We are finishing our railroad advertisements today 1. Name three ways the railroads changed lives during the Industrial Revolution? 2. Name three urban communities 3. Name two rural communities textiles coal Quiz Thursday 7. Partners or alone: Small Railroad Advertisement Create an 1870 railroad advertisement (Ch. 19) Must include: Route map from two urban areas Local industries for businesspeople Vacation opportunities Urban living opportunities Job opportunities for workers Information about your modern Rocket locomotive (pg 583) Why your rail line is better than another route Four specific references to the chapter (#1- #4) coal textiles 8. Bellringer 1. How close to finishing your railroad advertisement? (its due at the end of class today) 2. Predict do you think this French railroad ad says 3. OPTIC on below graph 9. Italian & German Unification Write a simulation for the class on the above topic (ch 19) Must include: 1848 revolutions Important people Geography Motivations for reform Results of unification