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  • 1. Reconstruction Ends
    • The late 1800s were a time of growth and expansion in Texas.People spread a network of railroads throughout the state. Agriculture boomed.Existing industries expanded and new ones began.The growing population and economy meant added wealth for the state and new problems and public concerns.Many political and social issues that remained from the Reconstruction Era also had to be addressed.

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  • The cattle industry became profitable after the Civil War becausewestward expansion of the railroads.The cattle roamed wild during the Civil War and became cheap to buy because of their abundance.The Texas cattle were driven up north to the railroads.However, the open range was closed because of the invention of barbed wire fences.

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  • Towns are created on the railroad routshelp to populate the states. People move into thesecities for jobs. Towns and citiesbypassed by the railroadbecameghost towns.By 1900 a network of railroads totaling some 10,000 miles spread over the state.Travel time became faster going from weeks and days to merely hours to get from place to place.

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  • Railroads were acheapandefficientway to getgoodstomarket.People believed that the railroads would help farms, ranches, and business to prosper.

8. Ghost town bypassed By train 9. 7.

  • The railroads helped to establish theGrangeto fightunfair shipping pricescharged by the railroad.
  • Farmers created the Grange so they couldpurchase supplies more cheaply. The Grange was both a social organization and a group calling for economic changes.It set up stores throughout Texas, making supplies cheaper to buy.

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  • Farmersandmerchantswantedrailroadstoexpandin order tomarket their goods. duh!!!Farmers could load up their product on the train and send it faster to be sold in more locations.Same goes for the merchant selling his goods, in this case, the goods were oil, coal, salt and lumber.Oil was discovered in Brown County and originally used as a medicine and as a lubricant.

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  • The TexasRailroad Commissionwas created and itstopped many unfair practices of railroads. Some farmers claimed that railroads charged higher rates to some farmers and merchants and they had only one railroad company to choose from.But larger businesses were charged lower rates with a choice of railroad company.GovernorJames S. Hoggasked the legislature to create a state agency to regulate railroads operating in Texas.In 1891 the legislature established theTexas Railroad Commission .