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It’s About Time. RED HOT ROOT WORDS. Mrs. Pope 7 th Grade Reading. Lesson 36 . Red Hot Root Words. annual. adjective. yearly, relating to a year. annual. The annual meeting was held every September. annuity. noun. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




Lesson 36 Mrs. Pope7th Grade Reading

Its About Time

Red Hot Root WordsPrefixesMeaningWords You Already Knowann, ennyearanniversary, centennialchrontimechronicledai, diadaydailyjourdayjournaltempotimetemporaryannual adjective yearly, relating to a year

annualThe annual meeting was held every September.

annuity noun a sum of money that is payable at a certain time for a set number of years

annuityThe annuity from his life insurance policy was paid out over ten years.

biennial adjective happening every two years; lasting for two years.

biennialThe biennial reunion was slated to happen only in even-numbered years.200020082006200220042010

chronic adjective continuing for a long time

chronicThe doctor diagnosed her chronic pain as arthritis.

chronological adjective arranged according to time

chronologicalThe teacher gave us a list of events and asked us to put them in chronological order.

contemporary adjective happening or existing at the same time; up-to-date

contemporaryThe two contemporary artists were living at the same time but not in the same countries.

diary noun a daily record

diaryI write the days events and my feelings in my diary.

extemporaneous adjective done without previous preparation

extemporaneousHis extemporaneous speech was inspiring considering he had no warning he would be speaking.

journalism nounthe work of gathering news and writing for a newspaper or periodical; journalistic writing

journalismHis career in journalism allowed him to work for news agencies around the world.

synchronize verb to make to agree in time or to happen at the same time

synchronizeThe synchronized swimmers swam in perfect unison.

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