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ReflectiveTeaching Mary Krystle Dawn Denosta Sulleza

What is Reflective Teaching?-Is anchored on the ability of the teacher to guide students to reflect their own experiences in order to arrive at new understandings and meanings.

-process of self-observation and self-evaluation.

-is a cyclical process.

The Reflection Process:

ExperienceObservationReflection Planning

Reflection-some Theorist:John Dewey -believed that teachers should take time to reflect on their observations, knowledge, and experience so that they can effectively nurture each child's learning.

Donald Schn- developed the notion of reflection in action and refection on action.

What is a Reflective Teacher?-a person who transcends the technicalities of teaching and thinks beyond need to improve his instructional techniques.

-those who review, reconstruct, reenact and critically analyze their own and their students performance. (Schulman,1990)

3 key Characteristics of Reflective Teaching According to Schulman

An Ethic Of CaringTactful Problem Solving

ConfirmationDialogueCooperativeA Constructivist Approach

Guidelines for Effective Use:Allocate sufficient time for reflection.Schedule a short summarization.The teacher serves as the facilitator and guide in developing the skill.Encourage the students to recount their experiences to others.Attend to feelings especially the positive and pleasant ones.Evaluate the experience in the light if the learners intent.

Self-analysisWriting JournalsKeeping a PortfolioObservation Of Students ResponsesQuestions at the end of every lessonSTRATEGIES

Teachers Role:Her reflections would take form of an evaluation of the learning activities.Involve the students as early as the planning stage in order to gain a complete start-to-finish experience.Reflections through journals must be keeping confidential and must not be graded nor taken against the writer.

Teachers Role:4. Include a wide variety of real life situations in planning.5. Encourage students to keep a diary, daybook or chronicle.6. The teacher must likewise reflection the incidents, problems and issues that might be brought about in the learning environment.

Advantages:Reflective teaching helps free the teachers from impulse and routine behavior. Reflective teaching allows the teacher to act in a deliberate, intentional manner and avoid the I dont know what will I do today syndrome.Reflective teaching distinguishes teachers as educated human beings.

Disadvantages:That unless given clear pointers, the reflection can be formulaic with a tendency for boast statements. some staff may not be comfortable with assigning marks to a reflective process.

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