remowz - realtime water quality monitoring using zigbee based wsn (part ii)

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REMOWZ is a water monitoring system designed to collect the water parameters from the water resource via sensors. The sending of these sensor data is accomplished by the use of a ZigBee mesh network. Get through this. Enjoy reading!


  • 1. REAL TIME WATER QUALITY MONITORING USING ZIGBEE BASED WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK ________________________________________________1st May 2012@nighthawknitin

2. Group Members:Asish K Sahadevan (08103012)Densy David E (08103017)Faseeha C H(08103023)Munavar Fairooz C(08103040)Nitin Balakrishnan(08103046)Guided by:Ashly Thomas T,Asst.Professor,Dept.of Computer Science & Engineering, MES CE 3. Overview Abstract Overall Design Experimental Results Performance Evaluation References Contribution of the Project 4. Abstract System consists of a WSN, with a number of sensor nodes with networkingcapability for monitoring Remote data acquisition Parameters considered include temperature, turbidity and pH Reduces the overall cost, increases the flexibility ZigBee-high transmission power with relatively low power consumption 5. Overall Design Overall block diagram 6. Overall DesignThe project comprises of three modules: Embedded Module Desktop Application Web Application 7. Embedded Module 8. AT89S52 Development Board 9. Features : 8 bit microcontroller that supports 8K Bytes of In-SystemProgrammable (ISP) Flash Memory 256 bytes of RAM Operational Range - 4.0V to 5.5V Used two ports( Port 0 and Port 3) as Output Ports and twoports(Port 1 and Port 2) as Input Ports LCD feature provides on checking of values 10. XBee Pro S2 11. Features : Low-cost, Low-power, Wireless mesh network standard Supports range of 1500 m ( line of sight) Operating Voltage 3.0V to 3.4 V Free Testing and configuration software (X-CTU Software ) Contains three different device types : coordinator, router, andend device 12. Design Models 13. Schematic Design 14. Experimental Results Created a fast response WSN for checking the quality of drinking water Temperature, pH and Turbidity are found using Real time data acquisition ZigBee mesh network makes Real time data acquisition possibleDesktop App allows the local admin to administrate the respective localstation Web App allows the Central Admin to administrate all the local stationsregistered to it, from any remote location 15. Performance Evaluation Desktop App Compared to C/C++, Java is slower . But Java is high on security Memory leakage in Java is minimal Web App Slow in the first run after compilation. Faster in the subsequent executions JSP allows Java code and certain predefined actions to be interleaved with static web markupcontent, with the resulting page being complied and executed on the server to deliver adocument Embedded Module 8KB space constraint in ROM Optimised code is embedded 16. References IJET Article: Water Quality Monitoring System Using Zigbee BasedWireless Sensor Network The ZigBee Alliance website [Online]Available: 17. Contribution of the Project Social relevance the project finds its application in examining the waterquality, an important factor as far as, irrigation, domestic purposes etcare concernedMore parameters can be taken into account, thereby further improvingthe process of examining the water resource The idea of remote data acquisition has a wide range of applicability. Forexample in weather forecast in aero planes, traffic monitoring systemetc 18. Thank You"Thousands have lived without love, but not one has lived without water." W.H. Auden