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A Lesson in not Slacking Off

VisionWe're on a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive

Daily 4 Million Active Users77 out of Top 100 Fortune Companies60000 Teams

Who?Stewart Butterfield

Daniel Stewart Butterfield is a Canadian entrepreneur and businessman

What?Slack is a team communication application providing services such as real-time messaging, archiving, and search for modern teams.

Slack is a team communication application providing services such as real-time messaging, archiving, and to search for modern teams. It offers one-on-one messaging, private groups, persistent chat rooms, and direct messaging as well as group chats organized by topic.

FundingFounded : January 1, 2009 When?

$539.95Min9 Roundsfrom26 Investors

Why?A New Way to connect Teams.Stewart wanted to replace traditional email, impromptu meetings.

Who are Slacks Ideal CustomersLarge Teams that rely on Email, IRC and other traditional strategies to communicate.A team of people who are willing to pay for better design and integrations that Slack raises over competitors.

First PrototypeWhen Stewart pulled back the curtain and shared their early prototype on day one, it looked like a hacked together version of IRC in the browser. Barebones and stark.

-Andrew Wilkinson (Metalabs)

Early Design Iterations

First CustomersFirst Customer was themselves. They used it as a company.They cajoled their friends Cozy into trying Slack.Then came Rdio, A Bigger Team with 120 employees.

Suddenly we saw what the product looked like from the perspective of a much larger team, and it was pretty gnarly.-Stewart Butterfield

They went on to improve their product with this customer feedback.

In April 2013, they launched their Beta release (Without calling it Beta) with an impressive Press Blitz.8000 customers requested invites on first day.By target time this number grew to 15000

How did the application scale?People talked about the product and brought more people in.

Challenges to ScalingSlack had to convince TEAMS not individuals.Somewhere between 20 to 30% came from some other centralized group-messaging system like HipChat, Campfire, or IRC.Slack build tools to explain what Slack was to these individuals.

Other 70% were using traditional tools like ad-hoc email lists, mailing lists, Facebook groups or HangoutsIt was harder with this group because they did not know they had a problem

Tech Stack

Amazon (CloudFront, CloudSearch, EMR, Route 53, Web Services)Android StudioApache (HTTP Server, Kafka, Solr, Spark, Web Server)Babel, Brandfolder, Bugsnag, Burp Suite, Casper Suite, Chef, DigiCert, Electron, Fastly, Git, HackerOne, JavaScript, Jenkins, MySQL, Node.js, Objective-C, OneLogin, PagerDuty, PHP, Redis, Smarty, Socket, Xcode, and Zeplin.Marketing: AdRoll, Convertro, MailChimp, SendGridSales and Support: Cnflx, Front, Typeform, ZendeskAnalytics: Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely, PrestoHR: AngelList Jobs, Culture Amp, Greenhouse, NamelyProductivity: ProductBoard, Quadro, Zoom, Slack (go figure!)


Slack vs HipChatSlack made an enterprise solution Sexy for the First time. (Popping colors and loading gifs filled the screen.It brought in bubbly smileys and made them the norm.

Slack Pricing

A Brilliant Plan that focuses on FOMO of teams

Now valued at $ 3.8MHoping to reach $ 5 M validation this yearMajor Investors:Accel PartnersAndreessen HorowitzBiz StoneFunders ClubJeff Weiner

What they did RightThe Timing. It was a time when emails where boring everyone. It helped.

FounderStewart was co-founder of Flickr and this helped bring the press when they needed it.

All New Sexy Design

Customer Service and Validation

From a time when Slack was Down.

SlackHQ send out personalised messages to al its outraged customers.And it worked.


Where they are going?Building a Complete Communication Platform that expands integrations with strong ties with Developers.


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