Role of cloud computing providers in cloud industry

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Cloud computing lets end users utilize shared collection of configurable computing resources for their own business perspectives. Such resources are data, servers and related services.


  • 1. Author:Henry ScottURL: info@globalcloudsolutions.comArticleTitle:Role Of Cloud Computing Providers In Cloud IndustryShort Description:Cloud computing lets end users utilize shared collection of configurable computing resources for their ownbusiness perspectives. Such resources are data, servers and related services.Description:During last few years, cloud computing has made a huge impact on IT industry. Moreover it hasntstopped yet and continues to do the same. IT industry is becoming more familiar with cloud computingand is being benefited by cloud computing providers. One can also say that the era of cloud computinghas begun.Definition Of Cloud Computing:Cloud computing is a representation of a shared collection of configurable computing resources to endusers. End users use these resources for their own business purpose. Some of the computing resourcesare networks, data, servers and related services.The concept behind cloud computing is that user uses shared resources for their own uses and hedoesnt possess any knowledge about the position of main source of these shared resources. Moreoveruser doesnt have anything to do with technical specifications from where he is using cloud services.Almost the same concepts as you use something and pay the rent of it regardless any details about theprovider.About Cloud Computing Providers:Cloud computing providers are the companies or organizations that provide cloud computing services tousers. In this, users have to pay such providers for whatever resources they use. Users dont have topurchase or register any server. This makes end users job a lot easier and faster.Cloud computing providers have all the necessary resources that are required to provide cloud services tousers. Some of the sources are operating system, eMail system, file storage system, accounting services, encryption resources and backup sources. They allow users to use these resources asper business requirements and provide a convenient environment.

2. As far as operating system is concerned, generally they provide Microsoft Windows Server or Linuxserver (multi-core processors). These are the mostly used operating systems of all. For eMail services,cloud providers use Microsoft Exchange with Microsoft Outlook Clients for Windows based services andother email systems for Linux. File storage systems are mostly Microsoft Windows File Server and LinuxFile Server with Active Directory User Privileges.Now talking about encryption resources, cloud computing providers use Private VPN with Cloud Servers.Here all files of end users are encrypted where stored. Moreover 24x7 helpdesk for users is a majorbenefit a user can get from cloud providers apart from these shared resources. This way, users wonthave to spend money on capital equipments and with the help of cloud computing providers can run theirbusiness with great ease and pace.If you would like to get more information regarding cloud computing providers and cloud, please contact computing providers, cloud computing, cloud computing services, computing resources, cloudproviders, cloud services


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