Russia and the Road to Appeasement: Cycles of East-West Conflict in War and Peaceby George Liska

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<ul><li><p>Russia and the Road to Appeasement: Cycles of East-West Conflict in War and Peace byGeorge LiskaReview by: John C. CampbellForeign Affairs, Vol. 61, No. 1 (Fall, 1982), p. 219Published by: Council on Foreign RelationsStable URL: .Accessed: 15/06/2014 06:18</p><p>Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms &amp; Conditions of Use, available at .</p><p> .JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range ofcontent in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new formsof scholarship. For more information about JSTOR, please contact</p><p> .</p><p>Council on Foreign Relations is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to ForeignAffairs.</p><p> </p><p>This content downloaded from on Sun, 15 Jun 2014 06:18:08 AMAll use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions</p><p></p></li><li><p>RECENT BOOKS ON INTERNATIONAL </p><p>RELATIONS </p><p>Edited by Lucy Edwards Despard </p><p>General: Political and Legal </p><p>John C. Campbell RUSSIA AND THE ROAD TO APPEASEMENT: CYCLES OF EAST WEST CONFLICT IN WAR AND PEACE. By George Liska. Baltimore: </p><p>Johns Hopkins, 1982, 261 pp. $25.00. Not conventional history or academic political science, but rather a broad </p><p>philosophical essay on the theme of future world order, with frequent excur </p><p>sions into the past to illuminate social and intercultural dynamics relevant to </p><p>present and future. Liska's work?this is the last in a series of four volumes on </p><p>America and Russia?is marked by wordy, often debatable and sometimes obscure generalizations, but the ideas are arresting and the argument is </p><p>impressive. Preserving the heritage of the West and facing the global North South problem, he maintains, requires a controlled relaxation within Russia and a gradual accommodation?he is not afraid of the word "appeasement"? between East and West. As to policy, he is as contemptuous of the naive idealism of Western liberals as of the crude cold-war dogmatism of the </p><p>neoconservatives. </p><p>THE CONSERVATION OF ENEMIES: A STUDY IN ENMITY. By Frederick H. Hartmann. Westport (Conn.): Greenwood, 1982, 258 pp. $29.95. </p><p>The author sees "enmity" as a permanent factor in the game of nations; the question for any of them, such as the United States, is how to reduce and control it in order to maintain essential interests and avoid disaster. With </p><p>many excursions into history for illustration, Hartmann tests various theories that have been advanced for sound policy or for a more peaceful world </p><p>(balance of power, containment, collective security, world government), along with some "cardinal principles" of his own. A thoughtful and stimulating book. </p><p>DICTATORSHIPS AND DOUBLE STANDARDS: RATIONALISM AND REASON IN POLITICS. By Jeane J. Kirkpatrick. New York: Simon &amp; Schuster (for the American Enterprise Institute), 1982, 270 pp. $14.95. </p><p>Ambassador Kirkpatrick's political philosophy on both foreign and domes tic affairs, set forth in these articles written over the past few years, takes on added interest because of her present official position, especially the Commentary article (from which the title of the book is taken) which was supposed to have won for her the post on the East River. She wages a shrill but not unconvincing </p><p>NOTE?BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT WITH THE SCRIBNER BOOK STORE, READERS OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS MAY OBTAIN NEARLY ANY BOOK PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES AT THE PUBLISHER'S REGULAR LIST PRICE. WITHIN THE U.S., PLEASE ADD $1.75 PER BOOK FOR POSTAGE ON ALL ORDERS UNDER $50.00, PLUS APPROPRIATE SALES TAX. OUTSIDE THE U.S., PLEASE ADD $1.75 PER BOOK FOR POSTAGE AND </p><p>$1.00 PER ORDER FOR REGISTRATION. SEND ORDERS WITH CHECK OR MONEY ORDERS TO: THE SCRIBNER BOOK STORE, 597 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10017. CREDIT CARD AND PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED. TELEPHONE (212) 486-4070. </p><p>This content downloaded from on Sun, 15 Jun 2014 06:18:08 AMAll use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions</p><p></p><p>Article Contentsp. [219]</p><p>Issue Table of ContentsForeign Affairs, Vol. 61, No. 1 (Fall, 1982), pp. A1-A16, 1-62, A17-A24, 63-126, A25-A28, 127-198, A29-A36, 199-248, A37-A48Front MatterEditor's NoteThe Care and Repair of Public Myth [pp. 1-13]Science and the Villager: The Last Sleeper Wakes [pp. 14-41]Toward an Overall Western Strategy for Peace, Freedom and Progress [pp. 42-66]The Middle East: A Turning Point?Begin's Rhetoric and Sharon's Tactics [pp. 67-83]Lebanon: A New Republic? [pp. 84-99]An Israeli-Palestinian Peace [pp. 100-121]</p><p>Preparing for the Unexpected: The Need for a New Military Strategy [pp. 122-135]Inflexible Response [pp. 136-150]Facing up to Africa's Food Crisis [pp. 151-174]ReconsiderationsA Decade of Sino-American Relations [pp. 175-195]The War of the Falkland Islands, 1982 [pp. 196-210]</p><p>Comment and CorrespondenceThe Issue of No First Use [pp. 211-212]Future Climate [pp. 212-218]</p><p>Recent Books on International RelationsGeneral: Political and LegalReview: untitled [p. 219-219]Review: untitled [p. 219-219]Review: untitled [pp. 219-220]Review: untitled [p. 220-220]Review: untitled [p. 220-220]Review: untitled [p. 220-220]</p><p>General: Military, Technological, and ScientificReview: untitled [p. 221-221]Review: untitled [p. 221-221]Review: untitled [p. 221-221]Review: untitled [p. 221-221]Review: untitled [p. 222-222]Review: untitled [p. 222-222]Review: untitled [pp. 222-223]</p><p>General: Economic and SocialReview: untitled [p. 223-223]Review: untitled [p. 223-223]Review: untitled [p. 223-223]Review: untitled [pp. 223-224]Review: untitled [p. 224-224]Review: untitled [p. 224-224]Review: untitled [pp. 224-225]Review: untitled [p. 225-225]Review: untitled [p. 225-225]</p><p>The United StatesReview: untitled [p. 225-225]Review: untitled [p. 226-226]Review: untitled [p. 226-226]Review: untitled [p. 226-226]Review: untitled [pp. 226-227]Review: untitled [p. 227-227]</p><p>The Western HemisphereReview: untitled [p. 227-227]Review: untitled [pp. 227-228]Review: untitled [pp. 228-229]Review: untitled [p. 229-229]Review: untitled [p. 229-229]</p><p>Western EuropeReview: untitled [pp. 229-230]Review: untitled [p. 230-230]Review: untitled [p. 230-230]Review: untitled [pp. 230-231]Review: untitled [p. 231-231]Review: untitled [p. 231-231]Review: untitled [pp. 231-232]</p><p>The Soviet Union and Eastern EuropeReview: untitled [p. 232-232]Review: untitled [p. 232-232]Review: untitled [p. 232-232]Review: untitled [pp. 232-233]Review: untitled [p. 233-233]Review: untitled [p. 233-233]Review: untitled [pp. 233-234]</p><p>The Middle East and North AfricaReview: untitled [p. 234-234]Review: untitled [p. 234-234]Review: untitled [pp. 234-235]Review: untitled [p. 235-235]Review: untitled [p. 235-235]Review: untitled [p. 235-235]Review: untitled [p. 236-236]Review: untitled [p. 236-236]Review: untitled [p. 236-236]</p><p>Asia and the PacificReview: untitled [pp. 236-237]Review: untitled [p. 237-237]Review: untitled [p. 237-237]Review: untitled [pp. 237-238]Review: untitled [p. 238-238]Review: untitled [p. 238-238]Review: untitled [p. 238-238]</p><p>AfricaReview: untitled [pp. 238-239]Review: untitled [p. 239-239]Review: untitled [p. 239-239]Review: untitled [pp. 239-240]</p><p>Source Material [pp. 241-248]Review: Erratum: A Strategy for Change: The Future of French Society [p. 248-248]Back Matter</p></li></ul>