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A Social Plug-In With a Difference.... Salary Spy: the latest product offering from JXT - Australia’s only integrated digital recruitment solutions business - has landed. And it’s very coo


  • 1. You Get Paid WHAT????
  • 2. Salary Spy is the latest product offering from JXT - Australias only integrated digital recruitment solutions business - has landed. And its very cool.
  • 3. What is! ?!
  • 4. Its a social plug-in with a difference....
  • 5. Its a smart survey tool that recruiters can quickly and simply embed into their websites, for tracking salaries in their sector or niche. It provides clients and candidates with a monitor of where the markets sitting on salary by job type. And it gives the recruiter a position of authority in their game. Nice. Aside from all these technical positives, the real kicker with Salary Spy is perhaps less obvious: the SEO, marketing and website traffic benefits are outstanding.
  • 6. Consider this. o youre a well respected recruiter in the IT sector o you launch salary spy on your website (which, FYI, will get you a separate vanity URL for purpose-built marketing - for example, o your candidates & clients start using the tool, uploading salary content o you build up a fantastic, regular and live pool of data o candidates & clients keep coming back o Google recognises all of this, and rewards you with higher organic search rankings The data you collect has its own marketing value: this is content the markets keen to access.
  • 7. The other benefits: SalarySpy will look like its enterprise-owned. It will look like its been built by the recruiter, for the recruiters website. No tacky add-on. No out-of-brand-scope design. Just a simple, clean, brand-compliant tool. And, one thats built with responsive design. So your candidate surfing on their iPhone or tablet, will have as great an experience as when theyre on their laptop.
  • 8. Owned media is still the holy grail of todays online marketing landscape: bringing your audiences back to your website/ blog, is number one for brand engagement and recognition, AND for SEO. And as we all know, brochure-style websites are a thing of the 90s. Get interactive and provide your markets with a reason to visit, to stay, to engage. Pretty simple really.
  • 9. ! ! nd the buzz on twitter: ! #yougetpaidwhat!
  • 10. Brought to you by the minds @...
  • 11. JXT is Australias only specialist provider of integrated digital recruitment solutions. ! ! Think enterprise job board technology; social recruiting; mobile recruiting; careers & recruitment websites; SEO for hiring; email marketing; time sheeting.! ! Sydney: ! 02 9955 7170! ! Melbourne:! 03 9034 3050! !!

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