sales performance & efficiency: engaging and empowering people in the sales process

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Summary: > Leading Sales Organisations have strong abilities to execute and innovate > Prospects buy – Offerors don´t sell > It´s an illusion, that Offerors control the Sales Process - the customer does! > Aligned Marketing & Sales offer the Chance to engage and empower > Use simple metrics to coach people for success


  • 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS Efficiency of Sales Organisations Efficiently converting Prospects to Clients Aligned Sales & Marketing: 4E-Process Choosing Communication Channels Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Problem - Sales Quota SummarySales Performance

2. Efficiency ofSales OrganisationsRainer Tolksdorf (October 2014)MissionLeadershipOrganisationFocus & TargetsSuccess Criteria &ReportingTarget oriented salary(teams/single persons?)ReferencesValuesSustainabilityIntegrated businessprocesses (end to end)>> Ability to Execute Sales Processes >>Focus on presentsales model,future questionableLittle ability to innovateand execute salesprocesses, companyjeopardizedStrong ability to innovateand successfully executesales processes andprojectsInnovative salesapproaches, insufficientability to execute,sustainabilityquestionableActionable CRM + SocialMedia + AnalysisKnowledge aboutCompetitors & MarketsCustomer Journeys andTouchpoints known?Innovation PlanCoaching ProcessesContent & CreativityRelationships &CoalitionsEmployee EngagementCustomer EngagementCollaborationVision>> Ability to Innovate Sales Processes and Projects >> 3. Efficiently converting Prospects to ClientsMarketers Wishful ThinkingEvaluateTargetsEngagewithProspectsEmpowerProspectsExecutePlan jointlyAligned Sales & Marketing EffortRainer Tolksdorf (October 2014) 4. Efficiently converting Prospects to ClientsThe Real World:Linear SalesPipeline!Rainer Tolksdorf (October 2014) 5. Efficiently converting Prospects to ClientsYou cant control customers journey -But you can be the Lighthouse to inspire their way.Rainer Tolksdorf (October 2014) 6. Aligned Sales & Marketing: 4E Process1. EvaluateMarkets & CommunitiesTarget AccountsTarget RolesTarget Contacts2. EngageListen & LearnRelate & AttractConnect, share VisionBe patient3. EmpowerListen & LearnShare Content, CoachDiscussBuild Trust to Act4. ExecuteSame Vision & MissionJoint Action PlanProof Product /SolutionProposal & OrderLEAD Win People! OPPORTUNITY 7. Aligned Sales & Marketing: 4E Process Leads (= Business cards) Qualify Market, Need-Solution Fit, Upselling Potential, Sales Project (focus on winning people) Engage and Empower Buying Center -> Results in RfP Ongoing Qualification Process Volume reflects Sales Potential Relevant for Sales Management (sales activity forecast) Opportunity (=solicited proposal) Proposal on SOLICITED Request for Proposal (RfP) Relevant for Management Board (business forecast)Rainer Tolksdorf (October 2014) 8. Choosing Communication ChannelsCommunication Channel Recipients impression / Engagement Advantage DisadvantageMailing Might be categorized asadvertisment and sorted out orthrown away.Available to everybody. Expensive, read rate cant becalculated.Telephone (notscheduled, cold call)Very disturbing, no chance toprepare, no information aboutcaller. Doesnt fit in agenda.Direct realtime interaction. Requires availability of personcalled , very expensive and timeconsuming for both caller andperson called . Inefficient.E-Mail Unsolicited. Can be read at aconvenient time. Difficult to findinformation on sender, company orproduct using search engines. ?Low cost, read rate can becalculated. Easy to reach largenumber of recipients.Might get lost in junk mailfolder or unread mail.Social Media Easy to get impression on partner,networks, interests, references,company and products.Full control.Reading when its most convenient.Engaged contact, transparency,basis for networking andindividual offline interaction.Success rate can be calculated.Dependency on networkingplatform.Rainer Tolksdorf (October 2014) 9. Choosing Communication ChannelsExperiences: People dont like cold calls Do you like getting cold calls? People like info and full control Good chances for successful contactrequests with elevator pitches focuson recipients interests Interest on relevant Info and Content provided via Social Media way higherthan pure e-mailing campaigns Way higher interest in scheduled phone calls after contacting via social mediaRainer Tolksdorf (October 2014) 10. Efficiency in Collaboration & CommunicationSuitability in Sales Suitability in Management Suiteability in projectmanagementa) Developcommonalities Perfect, allows alternate ways Good for dominantcontacts (leaders)Perfect, allows alternatewaysOk, possibly too timeconsumingb) Compromize Good in negotiations (win/win) Good in negotiations(win/win)Good when win/winc) Coaching, askingquestions to motivatedeveloping solutions Good, requires open &super relationship Contact gets a sales role(internal risk)Good, requires open &super relationshipOkd) Teaching / preaching(consulting disease)Very dangearous,better avoidGood, when teacher actsindependentOke) Force No-Go Turn Around Turn Aroundf) Lie No-Go No-Go No-GoRainer Tolksdorf (October 2014) 11. Efficiency in Collaboration & CommunicationAnd the Winner isthe Sales Teamdeveloping/maintaininga relationship against all oddsSource: 12. Efficiency in Collaboration & CommunicationThe Joint Action PlanRealistic expectation The prospect/customer shares informationabout the buying cycle People and interests involved Success criteria Schedule, Milestones Purchasing process requirements, Unlikely to happen The prospect/customer does what you want,just to your benefit (quarterly sales quota, ) 13. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)Use exact metrics for Engagement Leads and Sales Projects Individual or Team achievements Number of leads Number of Sales Projects, etc Milestones reached in Sales Projects Opportunities & Engagement Ratio Number of prospects contact attemptsin opportunities Number of own contact attempts inopportunities Weighted value of proposalsChallenge results with Gut Feeling Communication in sales processWas it better, the same, or worse? Estimated Chance to win (%)Rainer Tolksdorf (October 2014) 14. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) How to predict Proposal Success Rate1 Communication Prospect Chance = X X 100%Total Number Offerors Communication OfferorOptimum: Total Numer Offerors = 1 Balanced communication offeror and prospect in both ways -> Engagement ratio (0% 100%) 15. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)Problem - Sales Quota where is the right limit? Solution:There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.Oscar Wilde 16. Summary1) Leading Sales Organisations have strong abilities to execute & innovate2) Prospects buy Offerors dont sell3) Its an illusion, that Offerors control the Sales Process4) Aligned Marketing & Sales offer the Chance to engage and empower5) Use simple metrics to coach people for successRainer Tolksdorf (October 2014)


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