samuel steman haldeman 1812 - 1880 ca 1850 ca 1880

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  • Samuel Steman Haldeman 1812 - 1880 ca 1850 ca 1880
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  • Early Life Oldest of seven children Born in Bainbridge, PA Collected native American artifacts for his own museum Also collected animal and plant specimens - skeletons - shells from along Susquehanna River 1844 "I collected shells on the banks of the Susquehanna long before I knew the meaning of genus and species."
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  • Adult Life Not very religious, however born Protestant, but converted to Catholic Married 1835 Mary Hough of Bainbridge New home Chickies Rock, Marietta Designed home Designed grounds with native trees and shrubs Two sons and two daughters
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  • Education Attended Classical Academy in Harrisburg Attended Dickinson College, PA Chose to self educate
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  • Self educated by: Attending lectures Recording natural history observations Taxidermy from a traveling minister Generated a scientific library Generated a linguistics library At 23 refuted Lockes moon hoax (Turning point in his scientific career)
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  • Turning point: Haldemans scientific career At 23 refuted Lockes moon hoax Great-Moon-Hoax-1835-New-York-Sun-lithograph-298px.jpgGreat-Moon-Hoax-1835-New-York-Sun-lithograph-298px.jpg
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  • Practical experience Silent partner in Iron business Assisted father in saw mill business Wrote articles on Blast and anthracite furnaces, Sillimans Journal (1840s) Manager, the First National Bank of Marietta Color copperplate engravings of original shells and animals (1845)
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  • Next 45 years devoted to Science 1836- Assistant to NJ geological survey PA geological survey Discovered new genus and species of fossil plant Explores many arenas of scientific study
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  • Academic Accomplishments 1841 Professor of Zoology, Franklin Institute 1844 membership in the American Association for the Advancement of Science 1852 Chemist and geologist at PA Agricultural Society 1855 -1858 Professor of Natural History Delaware College at Newark University of Pennsylvania 1850 - 1853 Professor of Natural History 1876 1888 Professor of Comparative Philology
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  • Academic Accomplishments First to reform English words Corresponded with Noah Webster Also contributed to Worchester's Dictionary, National Dictionary, Johnson's Cyclopedia. Studied languages of native American (Indian) tribes Most outstanding accomplishment was his work on the evolution of speech sounds
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  • Haldeman and Darwin AAAS presented "Enumeration of the Recent Freshwater Mollusk Which are Common to North America and Europe, with Observations on Species and their Distribution." 1858 In preface to Darwins Origin of Species Darwin stated "In 1843-44 Professor Haldeman (Boston Journal of Natural History, United States, Vol. IV, pg. 468) has ably given the arguments for and against the hypothesis of the development and modification of species: he seems to lean towards the side of change." Only American Naturalist Charles Darwin corresponded with whose opinion he valued highly
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  • Academic Accomplishments Elected to 28 honorary societies Started Entomological Society of Pennsylvania President The American Philological Association Published > 100 papers on numerous topics including: philology phonography Ethnology Aatural history - Archaeology Aonchology Crustacea - Entomology Arachnidae Annelids Geology Chemistry
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  • Major Writings > 150 papers A Monograph of the Limniades and other Fresh-Water Univalve Mollusca of United States. Pennsylvania Farm Journal
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  • Legacy Self educated, published in many disciplines Major American influence on Darwins ideas in Origin of Species Major influence on the study of evolution of speech Attention to detail, astute observational skills a major attribute, along with hard work - key to success
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