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  • San Diego Website Design: How to Make

    Your Site Appealing

    How long do you stay on a website? Several years ago, the estimated amount of time for a visitor to stay

    on a website is 8 seconds. Within that period of time, the visitor decides if he will stay on the site or just

    close it. As of now, the estimated time for a visitor to make a decision is 4 seconds. Pretty fast, right? So,

    when it comes to San Diego Website Design, one of the things that should be considered is how fast the

    site can grab the attention of visitors. How can you make your site appealing enough for a visitor to stay

    longer than 4 seconds?

    Get directly to the point. People always want to see instant results so you better give them that. The 4-

    seconds time frame isnt the time for your site to load. It means that your visitors have at least 4

    seconds to see something useful and interesting in your site. While creating your site, the following

    questions should be noted:

    How long will it take before anything can be seen?

    When opening the site, what is the first thing that can be seen?

    How long does it take for texts to appear?

    How long does it take for a visitor to know the real purpose of the site or what it is all about?

    The graphics format to use for San Diego website design matters as well. When you were to visit a site,

    you would surely want the images to load as fast as they can. Otherwise, you will end up closing the site.

    To determine the right graphic format to use on your site, consider the following.

    When you are planning to use a photo or a graphic having many colors, using a .JPG is a good

    option. But, you have to make sure that your photo is not too large or it will slow down the

    loading phase of your site. Make sure theres a balance between the file size and the image

    quality of whatever graphics you are planning to use.

    When you want to use a graphic having a few colors only, a .GIF format is the way to go.

    Make your visitors want more. Successful San Diego Website Design isnt all about creating an appealing

    website. It is also about making your visitors stay longer, browse every page of your site and bookmark it

    for future reference. This seems hard, but when you make visitors want more, they will have reasons to

    return to your site. How can you do this?

    Offer something that is valuable like free tips, newsletter and monthly coupons.

    Create quality and good marketing copy. The content of your site should be worth reading. Put

    effort when creating it. The pages of your site are meant to be visited and read by people. Dont

    waste their time. Offer quality content that they would surely value.

  • Your site should easily be navigated. When your visitors need to spend a minute just to look for

    a certain page, then they might not be interested in coming back to your site again or they

    might just leave immediately.