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A property that would reflect your lifestyle can be quite hard to find especially if you are looking in a foreign off shore place such as Belize.


  • Sanctuary Belize Luxurious affordable living in BelizeReal Estate

    A property that would reflect your lifestylecan be quite hard to find especially if you arelooking in a foreign off shore place such asBelize. This country is one of the emergingtourist destinations in the world and is alsobecoming the retirement capital in CentralAmerica.

    To top it all off, Belize real estate must be themost sought after property for its grandvacation homes and affordable living thatattracts expatriates and retirees to livepermanently in the country. The perfect vacation home can only be found here with friendly priceranges. You dont have to worry about wiping out your bank account since there are a lot ofoptions for you to choose from.

    Modest vacation homes are easy to spot and they wouldnt cost as much as how much you wouldpay back home, wherever home may be. A simple Belize real estate property can be found easily,in some nice cozy town in the north or down south, however, you would really have to search andmake some effort in order to find that perfect place for you.

    If luxurious homes are what you are after then you can save more by considering a vacation homehere in Belize than anywhere else. Living in Belize for good is not such a bad thing, if you plan onretiring then retiring here is one of the best decisions you can make in your retired life.

    Well planned houses can only be found in Sanctuary Belize, where the most beautifulsurroundings thrive in harmony with nature and animals. Luxury meets affordability in thiscommunity in the Stann Creek District. If you are planning to live in Belize for a long time orpermanently, getting your home in this community wont disappoint you. Aside fromaffordability, the developers of this community build homes that have the environment and theresident in mind.

    This means that the materials used here are only of the highest quality that is also eco-friendly.You will be considered greatly for your taste and needs when building the home of your dreams oryou can go ahead and take a look at the houses built for sale, some of them along the beach shoreand some of them are in the heart of the rain forest.

    Convenience, peace and comfort are simply one of the things you will experience in this

  • community, not to mention astonishing natural beauty wherever you go. Picking up hobbies suchas scuba diving, kayaking or even mountain climbing would be a very easy thing since you arelocated at a very ideal spot that these activities are easily within access.

    If extreme sports arent your thing, you can try your hand on fly fishing, a nice fishing sportthat the locals are enjoying. Bird watching can be quite a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do aswell, with hundreds of birds that migrate to the place on certain seasons, you can learn more anddiscover exotic birds youve never seen before.