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Credits & Acknowledgments Credits & Acknowledgments Savaged by: Brian “HawaiianBrian” Reeves

Original Concept: Greg Gorden and Bill Slavicek

This document and all the contents herein are presented as a fan material, and do not in any way attempt tochallenge the copyright of the holders of these properties.

This game references the Savage Worlds system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of PinnacleEntertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality,viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.

You will need the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules to make full use of this document.

These rules are also based (in part) on material published in the TORG Boxed Set, by Greg Gorden and BillSlavicek, Copyright 1990 by West End Games.

Artwork:Cover art by Storn Cook, used under Creative Commons License.Interior art on pages 4, 7, 10, 12, 19, 22, 24, 31, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40 by Storn Cook, used under CreativeCommons License.Interior art on page 5 by Jeff Menges. Used without permission.Interior art on page 9 by Allen Nunis. Used without permission.Interior art on page 13 by Rob Caswell. Used without permission.Interior art on page 16 by Stephen Crane. Used without permission.Interior art on page 27 by Grant Goleash. Used without permission.Interior art on page 35 by Björn Hurri. Used without permission.

This document is © 2007 by Brian Reeves, for entertainment, not for profit. It is distributed freely for use, aslong as the contents are not altered.

Version 4, January 21, 2013.

For new or expanded rules on things like voodoo and obeah, cybernetics, Wuxia martial arts, vehicle mods, anew system for graduated Powers, as well as an introductory Savage Torg adventure, please visit . The author may be contacted at [email protected] .


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TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTSThe Possibility Wars 3Character Creation 4

New Races 5 Edeinos 5 Keefee 5 Stalengers 5New Skills 6New Edges 6 Background Edges 6 Professional Edges 8 Reality Edges 9 Weird Edges 10New Hindrances 10New Powers 11Equipment 13 Armor 13 Armor Notes 13 Melee Weapons 14

Melee Weapons Notes 14 Ranged Weapons Notes 14 Ranged Weapons 15 Gear Notes 16 Gear 17 Vehicles Notes 18 Vehicles 19Setting Rules 20 Reality 20 Disconnection/Reconnection 20 Axioms 21 Bubbles and Reality Storms 22 Reality Storm Results Table 23 Eternity Shards 23 Sample Eternity Shards 23 Slow Casting 24 Measure Ratings 25

Savage Torg Benchmark Chart 25 The “Grid” 25 Hacking 26 Optional Rules 28 Torg Cards Chart 28The Realms 29 Axioms and World Laws Chart 29 Core Earth 29 Aysle 30 The Cyberpapacy 30 The Living Land 30 The Nile Empire 31 The Spanish Main 31 Nippon Tech 32 Orrorsh 33 The Spiritworld 33 Tex Arcana 34 Outside Cosms 35

Torg Bestiary 36 Monsters and Villains 36 Non-Player Characters 43


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The Possibility Wars It happened fast, with almost no warning. On a chilly December evening in New York City,as shoppers hustled through a light snow to finishtheir Christmas shopping, the sky over the city beganto circle itself, the clouds ominous and dark. Then avortex stretched earthward, like a fierce finger of God,and when it reached Times Square it curved andopened, spilling forth yellow light and humid heat. Asthe horrified onlookers stood paralyzed at the sight,hundreds of lizard-like humanoids, some riding on the

backs of dinosaurs, poured out of this strange tunnel,killing those who resisted and capturing others. At thesame time, a ripple like an unseen shock wave sweptacross the entire eastern United States, originatingfrom other vortices just like this one, and in its wakeforests turned to jungles and great flowering vinesovertook buildings, volcanoes erupted fromsedimentary rock, and cars and bridges wereswallowed in growth until there was little butvegetation all around. Many of those caught in thiswave dropped their technology and howled likeapemen, and those who did not found themselvesseeking shelter from terrifying creatures stalking thenew wilderness – some of which, just moments

before, had been familiar animals and household pets. Had these people not been instantly cut off fromthe rest of the world, they might have learned that a

similar scene was taking place all over the world. Butinstead of dinosaurs, spear-wielding lizardmen, andthe pervasive steamy mist, other places were changingin different ways. Northern Europe was reverting back to a foggy Victorian nightmare, a new pharaoh wasrolling his tanks through Egypt, France was beingintroduced to new tech and a gritty virtual reality bycybernetically-enhanced priests, dragons were soaringover India, and pirate ships were plowing the waves inthe Caribbean. Changes were also happening in Japan,China, the western United States, and Brazil.

The invaders came from other worlds, other realities , alternate universes where the world works alittle differently. But they didn't come for war andconquest. They came to steal what makes our realityso strong and vital, our Possibility energy. Earth has itin abundance. It is the spark that powers the universe,a dynamic force of creation and potential, and he whocontrols it controls the cosmos itself. Within hours, entire countries ceased to exist.

Others were split apart, their untransformed fleeingfrom occupied areas, governments thrown into chaos.And to top it off, the moon began drawing closer andcloser to Earth... But in the face of these sweeping and terriblechanges, in fact because of it, a growing number of individuals have transcended into something morethan they once were. They have confronted other

realities and grown stronger in their own. They havelearned how to control the fabric of reality itself.These individuals, coming from all walks of life andall realities, are the only hope Earth has to repel theinvaders and survive the Possibility Wars. This is Savage Torg, an update as well as anadaptation of West End Games' classic game Torg In many ways, Torg is actually ideal for adaptationinto the Savage Worlds system – in fact, SavageWorlds is a direct protegé of Torg. Both games arehighly “cinematic” in structure and tone. Torg

possibilities are very similar to Savage WorldsBennies. Player characters in both games are able toshake off damage easier than NPCs. Both use cards inways integral to the system. People used to Torg'sgame play should find Savage Worlds a natural fit.

This fan conversion is based on the author'scampaign, so several changes have been made whichare not “core.” Feel free to modify or ignore anychanges that do not fit your own campaign. TheLiving Land has been merged with the Land Below.Tharkold and The Space Gods have been eliminated,

the Cyberpapacy expanded, and Orrorsh and Ayslehave moved, and there are three optional new realms.World Laws have been dropped so that every realmoffers exactly one World Law as a setting rule. Andlast, all sorts of the flavor of the classic game has beenexpressed in Savage Worlds terms, such as Edges andHindrances, and in some cases given new mechanics.

At the time of this writing, the rights to Torg have passed to a German company and its plans to updateor rerelease Torg are unknown. Until such a time asTorg is rereleased, the old sourcebooks from Torg's

original print run will be necessary for play.Savage Torg has long been my pet project, and willalways be a work in progress. Early version dating

back to 2007 are still floating around the internet. Myhope is that these rules can help keep the enjoyable,exciting Torg universe alive. Please don't hesitate tocontact me with suggestions, ideas, or other feedback.

-Brian Reeves, January 2013


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Character Creation One of the unique traits of Torg's cross-genre setting isthat players can take on nearly any conceivable typeof character, and heroes from wildly different realitiescan interact with one another. Balance is preserved byenforcing axioms (see pg. 20). Players are encouragedto play nearly any type of hero they can imagine; the

player can then work with the GM to determine ahome reality, as well as any other specifics that mightapply. Additional character options might also befound in other related Savage Worlds products. The realms involved in the invasion of Earth

provide plenty of intriguing character options:

Core Earth: Characters from Core Earth can beanything familiar from our world, from truckers tosenators. Some useful character types are scientists,mercenaries, former emergency services personnel, or “realm runners” who specialize in carrying suppliesinto the invading realities, but characters transformedfrom invading realities make interesting characters,especially non-humans. Ideas can come from manymodern action movies.

Aysle: Almost any type of character from fantasyfiction or movies can be found here, such as sorcerers,knights, barbarians, and rogues. A wealth of potentialsource material exists: Pinnacle's Fantasy Companion,Triple Ace Games' Hellfrost campaign setting, GramelGames' Beasts and Barbarians setting, and more.

The Cyberpapacy: Characters from the Cyberpapacyuse usually rebels, hackers, and outcast witches. Manycharacters have cyberware. Inspiration may be foundfrom cyberpunk settings like Gun Metal Games'

Interface Zero and from Pinnacle's Necropolis setting.

The Living Land: Most characters will betransformed humans living the life of Keta Kalles, butoptions also include renegade Edeinos going againstthe “corruption” of Baruk Kaah, Keefee (one-foot tallhumans), Darooni Waspriders, Leopard Man warriors,Pyrians (who worship the volcano god Karruk), andeven stalengers (human-sized flying starfish). GMsmay be able to find some inspiration from Pinnacle'sSpace 1889: Red Sands setting or Triple Ace Game’s

Daring Tales of Adventure .

The Nile Empire: Characters from the Nile Empirecome straight out of 1920’s-era “four color” comics:superheroes, cops, gumshoes, archaeologists, madscientists, gangsters, and Rocket Rangers. Egyptianthemes are often appropriate. Inspiration can be takenfrom Triple Ace Games' Daring Tales of Adventure .

Nippon Tech: Most characters will be transformed

Japanese or natives of the homeworld, Marketplace.Many are rebels, using technology or martial arts tofight back against Kanawa. Cyber-ronin, netjackers,and street punks are all common, as are ninjas or modern-day samurai. Inspiration can be taken fromGun Metal Games' Interface Zero .

Orrorsh: Common types of characters are vampirehunters, investigators, mystics, or priests. However,

players may also opt to play “good” werewolves,vampyres, or other Horrors struggling with their inner

demons to do good. The Solomon Kane campaignsetting for Savage Worlds has a wealth of inspiration.

Tex Arcana: Gunslingers and outlaws make goodchoices here, but options also include “coolies” or native warriors from the tribes of Frontier. Priests,holy men, and even characters that use the dark supernatural power of the realm are also possible. The

Deadlands campaign setting for Savage Worlds isideal, and gamemasters may think about simply usingthat setting as a whole for Tex Arcana adventures.


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The Spanish Main: Pirates, privateers, corsairs,sailors and musketeers are the obvious choice, butwith the infusion of voodoo in the realm, charactersmay also play bokors or hougans practicing their arts.GMs and players may wish to simply use the Piratesof the Spanish Main Savage Worlds campaign settingas the “sourcebook” for the Spanish Main.

The Spirit World: Wuxia films like House of Flying Daggers and Hero are the basis of inspiration for theSpiritworld. Characters are mostly martial artists,from wandering vagabonds to Shaolin monks. Mostfantasy resources can be modified for an “Eastern”feel, though an established world like the one from theLegend of the Five Rings or Reality Blurs' Iron

Dynasty would provide lots of ideas.

Outside Cosms: The Possibility Wars are notisolated, nor are they trivial. A few denizens of other

realities that exist in parallel portions of theinfiniverse may be aware of what is happening, andsend envoys to see what they can do to help or toexplore joining in the fray. All they need is amotivation and a means of getting to Core Earth (andhopefully back!), like an Eternity Shard's Send power.

Follow the character creation process as described inthe Savage Worlds rulebooks. Players might also findthe various Companions useful, especially the SavageWorlds Fantasy Companion and the Savage Worlds

Horror Companion. All Wild Cards also begin the game with theReality skill for free at d4. They may increase it asnormal, either at character creation, or with advances. In Savage Torg, characters are allowed to takemore than one Arcane Background, which requirestracking different Power Point pools. In addition, there are a number of new races, skills,Edges, and Powers unique to the Savage Torg setting.Players will also need to record their character's axiomlevels and World Law on their character sheet.

New Races The following playable races were created using theguidelines in the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook.Other races from the core rules are available inSavage Torg, such as elves and dwarves.

EdeinosThe jungles of the Living Land are the home to thesavage Edeinos, lizard men who worship their pain-loving goddess, Lanala. They resemble the typical“saurian” in all respects, though they tend to be lesscapable of sustaining strategies. Those who worship Lanala seek out and take

pleasure in extreme sensation of all kinds, ascommanded by their goddess. Pain itself becomessomething desirable, a way of connecting with theGreat Mother. They often take the Nerves of SteelEdge to represent this high tolerance for pain.• Outsider : Edeinos are reviled for their cruelty andalien nature. They suffer a -2 Charisma penalty.• Natural Weapons : The tails, teeth, and claws of anEdeinos can be used in combat for Str+d4 damage.• Keen Senses : Edeinos' tongues can “taste” the air,giving them +2 to Notice rolls. They are alwaysconsidered active guards for Stealth checks.• Cold Blooded : Edeinos are accustomed to thesteamy jungles of the Living Land. They suffer a -4

penalty to resist cold environmental effects.

KeefeeMaking their home in the jungles of the Living Land,the peculiar Keefee are a race of diminutive humansknown for their cunning and resourcefulness.• Size : Keefee are only a foot tall, so suffer -2 toToughness, but attacks against them are made at -2.• Underfoot : A tiny race in a land of monsters, theKeefee are accomplished at fighting creatures larger than themselves. They all gain the Giant Killer Edgefor free, gaining +1d6 damage when attackingcreatures of size +1 or greater.

StalengersThe mysterious “flyingstarfish” from the LivingLand are an enigma tomost, even more so due totheir inability to communi-cate conventionally withother races. Amongst oneanother, they converse bychanging color kaleido-scopically and emitting

patterns of whistles, andcan only crudely approx-imate the speech of others.


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They fly by spinning while expelling air from their central bladder. Adult stalengers are about as large asan adult human and weigh under 100 pounds.• Flight : Stalengers can fly at a base Pace of 10”, androll a d10 instead of a d6 when “running.”• Echolocation : By emitting supersonic clicks,stalengers can sense their environment. They ignoreattack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.

• Tentacles : Several small, retractable tentacleslocated under the body act as the stalenger's arms.These grant one extra non-movement action with nomulti-action penalty.• Empath : Stalengers are known for their sensitivityto others' emotions. They gain a +2 to Notice checksmade to determine the emotional state of others.• Lightweight : Thin, transparent skin lowers their Toughness by -1.• Illiterate : Since they are without eyes, stalengerscannot read. Even Braille is an impossibility.

New Skills The following skills are unique to the Savage Torgsetting and are not appropriate in other settings.

Knowledge: Cosm (Smarts) Characters with this skill select one foreign cosmfor which they have accumulated general knowledgecovering a range of topics: geography, history,

religion, local customs, flora and fauna, important persons, etc. They may make a Cosm Knowledgecheck to see if they “know” any piece of criticalinformation beforehand: language, customs, important

persons, tribal markings, poisonous plants, etc. Takingthe skill again allows specialization in another cosm.

Knowledge: Reality Theory (Smarts) This skill is different from the Reality skill insignificant ways. While that skill allows characters tomanipulate possibility energy, the Knowledge: Reality

Theory skill measures understanding of the scientific principles behind reality and why it functions. Thisskill can be used to know a realm's axioms and WorldLaw, the functions of stelae or Eternity Shards, the

physics behind reality storms, and other useful things.

Reality (Spirit) This skill allows a character to manipulate the lawsof probability, and is used for reconnecting with one's

own reality or starting reality storms, as well asstarting a “story seed” in the hopes of infusing otherswith possibilities via their moment of transcendence.Wild Cards automatically gain this skill at d4 uponcharacter creation. You can find more about thisimportant skill in the Reality section (page 20).

New Edges Background Edges

CloneRequirements: Novice, Wild Card By taking this Edge, your character gains anidentical version of himself which is kept in “coldstorage” of some type, unconscious and inert. If your character dies, the clone is activated and will be

conscious and ready to go in 24 hours. It has all your Edges, Hindrances, Traits, Powers, and memories,though without any equipment. This Edge is then“spent,” though it remains as an Advancement. Takingthis Edge again adds a second clone or a replacement. Clones need a Tech or Magic axiom of 5 or higher.

Cybernetic ImplantsRequirements: Novice Characters with this Edge enhance their bodiesthrough the installation of high-tech cyberneticdevices. Characters may take this Edge a number of times equal to half their Vigor die, gaining a differentcybernetic implant each time. Players are encouragedto invent appropriate-sounding names for their “cyberware” or use the terms below. GMs may alsowish to add an installation and equipment cost. However, for this kind of power there aredrawbacks. If a character with cybernetics takes 2 or more wounds from electricity damage in one roll, hiscybernetic implants are scrambled and unusable untilfixed, which requires a Repair roll and 1 hour per device. Electromagnetic impulses can fry cyberware,which requires 1 day of extensive repair or replacement per device (see EM Zapper, page 14).Cybernetics are also prone to system shock. If acharacter with implants rolls a 1 when attempting torecover from Shaken, he takes 1 Fatigue. Select from one of the following effects each timeyou take this Edge. Bonuses from cybernetics canstack with other Edges (at GM's discretion).


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Adrenalin Booster: +1 to recover from Shaken.Aqualung: Breathe underwater, ignore toxic gasses.Audio Enhancer: +2 to hearing-based Notice checks.Body Augmentation: +1 Toughness.Bullet-Timer: +1 Dodge, except in cases when thefoe has The Drop.Cyber Arms: Load Limit increases to 10x Strength,melee damage increases by +2.Cyber Legs: Triples jumping distance, increases basePace by 4.DataRec: Record up to 12 hours of HD audio/videofor playback, store data.Environment Adapter: +2 to Vigor vs. heat or cold.Knowledge Chip: +2 to Common Knowledge rolls.Light Bender: +2 to Stealth when moving half Pace.Metabolic Amplifier: +2 to Vigor vs. poison, disease.Nanobots: Gain Slow Regeneration monstrous ability.Optical System: Gain Infravision monstrous ability.Probability Calculator: Wild Die for chosen Trait

becomes d8. Extras gain d4 Wild Die on one Trait.Reflex Booster: +1 Parry.Skill Enhancer: +1 to one skill.Subdermal Grafts: Full body gains +1 Armor bonus.Synthetic Organs: +2 Vigor on Incapacitation rolls.Targeting Computer: Eliminates the InnocentBystander rule when firing into melee.

Tool Mount: Tool/weapon installed in body part, can be drawn or hidden as action. Notice -2 to discover.Uplink : Connect mentally to computers and the Grid.Vehicle Link: +2 to Driving rolls when driving or

piloting a Smartlink vehicle (see Gear, pg 18).Vision Enhancement: +2 to Notice checks that relyupon sight.Vox Synth: Modify or replicate voice, providing a +2

to Persuasion checks.Weapon Link: +1 damage when wielding a Smartlink weapon (see Gear, page 18). Cybernetics requires a Tech Axiom of 5 to avoidcreating a contradiction.

Nile Mathematics (Arcane Background)Arcane Skill: Nile Mathematics (Smarts)Starting Power Points: None (special)Starting Powers: 3 Nile Mathematicians know how to draw arcane

power from numbers and from planetary alignments.Their spells take a little longer to cast, but areunlimited, and much safer than normal spells. Each spell requires a number of planets to beconfigured equal to the Power Point cost of the spell

prior to casting. This number is read as a penalty tothe Mathematics check instead of a power point cost.


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Thus, a fear spell would impose a -2 penalty to theMathematics check, and invisibility would impose a -5

penalty to the Nile Mathematics check. If the caster isShaken or takes damage during his calculations hemust make a Smarts roll or lose the spell. Extendeddurations are calculated before casting. There are nodrawbacks to rolling a 1 on the Trait die when using

Nile Mathematics.

If the Mathematician can take his time and writeout the equation (on paper, on a chalkboard, in thesand, etc.) he may eliminate one point of penaltiesevery round. He then makes his Nile Mathematicscheck as usual and the spell goes off immediately. Nile Mathematics requires a Magic Axiom of 2and a Social Axiom of 2 to avoid a contradiction.

Professional Edges

Ayslish MageRequirements : Veteran, Wizard Edge Formal training in one of Aysle’s many schools hastaught Ayslish mages how to “tinker” with spells,increasing or decreasing difficulty in exchange for variations on effect, duration, casting time, etc. Thesechanges are made when the spell is first learned (whenthe New Power Edge is taken) and are permanent.Backlash rules still apply to modified spells. Spellsmodified with Ayslish Magic cost 1 additional Power Point to cast. See the chart on this page for a list of

possible alterations. Ayslish Magic requires a Magic Axiom of 6 toavoid creating a contradiction.

CyborgRequirements: Novice Anyone can get cybernetic implants installed. Butothers submit to having (or were created with) their entire bodies augmented with technology. Cyborgs arecapable of feats that far exceed the normal limits for their race, though such a boost comes with a price.Having replaced so much of their living tissue withtech, cyborgs are more emotionally distant andlacking in empathy. Upon taking this Edge, the cyborg immediatelyincreases one attribute by a die type (up to d12+2) andgains one free cybernetic implant. He may now takeup to his Vigor die in cybernetic implants beforereaching his physical limit. However, the cyborgsuffers a -2 penalty to Notice checks to detect the

Ayslish Magic Modifications TableEffect Type

~Damage~ Reduce damage one die typeIncrease damage one die typeMaximum damage (no aces)Change to Fatigue damage

~ Effect Area ~ Decrease template size one stepCaster selects targets in templateAdd 1 additional target (use ROFrules)

~ Duration ~ Decrease to one roundIncrease to minutesIncrease to hoursIncrease to days

~ Casting Time ~ Increase to Full Round ActionIncrease to 1 minuteIncrease to 1 hour Cast as a Free Action

~ Range ~ Increase Touch to SmartsDouble Smarts RangeLine of Sight1 mile

~ Trappings ~ Change trappings for single useCast without trappings (silent, etc.)Infuse with Honor (+1d6 vs. evil)Infuse with Corruption (+1d6 vs.good)

~ Assorted ~ Change Attribute for Opposed RollHeal wounds/fatigue over an hour oldHeal non-permanent crippling injuryLose 1 Fatigue level to empower spellDelay activation up to 1 minuteDelay activation until certain eventCast spell one Rank higher than youCast Without Backlash










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mental or emotional states of others (such asattempting to discern a lie, read an expression, sense ahidden motive, etc.), and loses -1 to his Charisma.

Realm RunnerRequirements : Novice, Driving (or Boating, Ridingor Piloting) d8, Survival d8 Your character is one of the Realm Runners,

individuals who have taken it upon themselves to rundangerous missions into transformed areas to bringsupplies, spy on the invaders, and help theuntransformed flee into Core Earth. Part scout, partsmuggler, she makes the run as often as she can in thevehicle (or on the mount) of her choice. She is anexpert at detecting when a reality storm is about tostrike, gaining a +2 on Notice checks to sense thechanging boundaries and increases in power thatmark the onset of a storm. In addition, she is at +1 toher vehicle skill when operating her chosen vehicle,

which must be a specific model, not merely a type,and cannot be changed.

Rocket RangerRequirements : Novice, Shooting d8, Piloting d8,Fighting d6 Your character is a member of the elite RocketRanger squad, assembled by the U.S. Government onTerra for the purpose of battling saboteurs, anarchists,and villains. This Edge provides him with a one-of-a-kind Weird Science battlesuit, complete with a rocket

pack, giving him the Fly and Blast Powers, with a battery pack containing 10 Power Points. Powers areactivated by making a Piloting or Shooting roll, butare not prone to malfunction. The battlesuit provides him with +6 armor and hasa Toughness of 10. If destroyed, it takes two weeks toreplace. Upgrades may be installed by taking the NewPower, Power Points, and Rapid Recharge Edges.

The battlesuit requires either a Tech Axiom of 5 or a Magic Axiom of 2 to avoid creating a contradiction.

Reality EdgesThe following Edges are only available to Wild Cardswith at least d8 in the Reality skill.

Aggressive RealityBackground: Novice, Wild Card, Reality d10 Your character is a paragon of his reality, and it

expresses itself even stronger during conflicts withother realities. He makes Reality skill checks at +1during reality storms.

Persistent RealityRequirements : Novice, Wild Card, Reality d8 The link between your character and her reality isstronger than most. Any time she needs to roll toreconnect, she makes the roll at +1.

Storm KnightRequirements : Novice, Wild Card, Reality d8 Your character's experience fighting invadingrealities has given him the ability to detect possibilityenergy. He always knows if a creature is a Wild Cardor Extra. If he passes within 1 mile of a stelae,hardpoint, or other strong conduit of possibilityenergy, he may detect its aura with a successful Noticecheck. Also, when telling a story for the purpose of creating an opportunity for transcendence (see StorySeeds, page 28), he can infuse his stories with more

possibility energy, increasing the odds that listenerswill be inspired and become Wild Cards. After tellingthe story, he makes his Spirit roll at +2.


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Weird EdgesCreate DrogueRequirements : Seasoned, Arcane Background(Magic), Knowledge (Occult) d8, Spellcasting d8 Powerful spellcasters can create a drogue , a smallfetish imbued with power. Once per session, a caster can perform a 1-hour ritual (which requires $50 inappropriate materials) using any power that he knows.At the end of this ritual, he casts the desired spell asnormal, but the effects of are “held” by the drogue for later release. The drogue has half the caster's Power Points, and once these are used up, the drogue

becomes useless. A Magic Axiom of at least

ShapeshifterRequirements : Novice Your character has an alternate form. This might bedue to lycanthropy, a curse, something unique to hisor her race, or some other reason. Your character has a“base” form and one alternate form. Both are createdusing the same amount of experience points, andadvance at the same rate, so each is different yet

balanced. Create both versions of the character usingtwo different sheets. Each time you take this Edge yougain a new form. Changing to and from different forms at willrequires a Spirit roll and takes one full round.Unwanted forms, loss of control, etc. is best expressed

as a major or minor Hindrance, depending onfrequency and severity. Shapeshifting requires a Magic axiom of 3 to avoidcreating a contradiction.

WuxiaRequirements: Seasoned, Spirit d6, Agility d8,Fighting d8

The Spiritworld art of Wuxia combines normalmartial training with mysticism, allowing powerfulmartial artists to defy the laws of physics.

With this Edge, the Wuxia master can move up totwice her Pace on vertical surfaces, such as walls(though she cannot walk on ceilings or hang upside-down from any surface). She may also make great,graceful leaps as though she is flying, again travelingup to twice her Pace. In both cases, she must “touchdown” at the end of her movement on a horizontalsurface. However, this surface need not be very

strong; the Wuxia master can control her body so thatany surface upon which a bird might alight is strongenough to support her weight. She may skate throughtreetops, touching down momentarily on thin branches

before leaping for her next target, even skim acrossthe surface of a lake. If there is nowhere to touchdown, she falls and will suffer damage from that fall.

Wuxia requires a Magic axiom of at least 5 toavoid creating a contradiction.

New Hindrances Arcane Sensitivity (Major) Your character is abnormally sensitive to magic (or

psionics, miracles, etc.). When hit by damage-causingPowers, he adds +2 to the damage. He also is at -2 toTrait rolls when resisting Powers. This penalty applieseven to Powers used by allies on the hero.

Dangerous Transformation (Major) For some reason, the Everlaw of One takes extra

exception to your character. Each time he faces atransform result, whether due to disconnection or areality storm, he must make a Spirit check or beinstantly killed.

Weak Link (Major) Your character was born with a weak connection tohis native reality – or any reality. He makes anyReality skill rolls at -1.


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New Powers The new powers listed below can be used by anyarcane background, but are mainly used by EternityShards with a “reality” trapping. They are extremelyrare and powerful, requiring a Rank of Legendary touse. Accessing them through an Eternity Shard allowsgroups to overcome this restriction (see EternityShards, page 23).

Create Reality ObjectRank: LegendaryPower Points: SpecialRange: TouchDuration: SpecialTrappings: Reality bombs, Akashan reality trees,talisman with strong affinity to a reality. A reality object is an unliving, physical item thathas been imbued with possibility energy. Most often ithappens organically, but this power allows a character to create one artificially. The character using this power must determinewhether the object is going to be a “hardpoint” or a“talisman.” Hardpoints are immobile objects, whichretain their reality aura for 1 week (plus 3 days per raise), where talismans are mobile and retain their reality aura for 2 days (plus 1 day per raise). To findthe radius effect for a talisman, add +4 to thesize/weight value of the object (see Measure Ratings,

page 25), and for hardpoints subtract -2. Thus, atalisman made from a sword (value -2) would have aradius of 50 feet, where a hardpoint made from theStatue of Liberty (value 10) would have a radius of 10miles. The cost of creating a reality object is 20 Power Points, plus or minus the object's size rating.

GateRank: LegendaryPower Points: Special

Range: SpecialDuration: 1 round (1/round)Trappings: Swirling vortex, shimmering doorway,glowing “dimthread,” vanishing with a pop. An advanced version of the Teleport power, Gateallows for travel over very long distances, even acrosscosms. The power's cost is equal to 15 Power Points,

plus the distance rating (see Measure Ratings, page25). A raise on the casting roll increases the base

range by +2. The caster determines the location of theother side of the gate, though this is only accurate towithin 10”. If the target location is a place where thecaster has never been, the roll is at a -4 penalty. Otherscan pass through the gate as long as it remains open. Creating a Gate that crosses into another cosmcosts 20 Power Points, and the caster cannot controlwhere the other side of the Gate will form, though a

gate will not open into solid objects.

HeraldRank: LegendaryPower Points: 3Range: SpecialDuration: InstantTrappings: ethereal “packet” of information. The Herald power allows the caster to send asingle message from one reality to another. Uponarrival, the message (which is approximately equal to

what the caster can speak or visualize in a minute)will encode itself onto some form of media. Thesender has no control over the chosen media, nor thespecific location in which the Herald arrive, though itwill always form within 5 miles of a Wild Card. Delivering the Herald to a specific character in thatreality imposes a -4 penalty. If the two realities areconnected (such as with a maelstrom bridge), the rollis made at +2.

Life Thread

Rank: LegendaryPower Points: 5Range: Smarts x2Duration: 1 day (1/day)Trappings: Glowing nimbus of light, warm nutrient

bath, resting on an altar, connected to machines. Characters who have been mortally wounded can

be kept from permanently dying with this power. Itcan only be used on a character who has beenIncapacitated and is “bleeding out” (see SavageWorlds Deluxe Edition , page 69). That character is

placed in a temporary stasis and needs not make anyfurther Vigor rolls. The character remains unconsciousand unaware of his surroundings, but the stasis alsokeeps him from needing food and water for theduration of the spell. If the character takes any further damage, the Life Thread will prevent the character from dying until the end of its duration. A raise on thecasting check increases the amount of time to 3 days. For an additional 10 Power Points, Life Thread can


Page 14: Savage Torg V4

7/17/2019 Savage Torg V4 14/48

be cast on a character who has died within the last 3rounds to send their soul to a new body. The caster hasno control over where the target's body will wind up,nor how long it will take to find a suitable vessel;sometimes that can take decades or centuries. When afitting host body is chosen (the host is always at themoment of death, and the arrival of the hero's spiritresults in the gradual revitalization of the host body),the hero starts to reshape the host body into his former self at a rate of one Edge, Hindrance, or Trait per day,starting with the Reality skill. Null FieldRank: LegendaryPower Points: SpecialRange: TouchDuration: 1 minute (1/minute)Trappings: Gray mist, protective sphere. Originally designed to ward off the effects of Darkness Devices, this power creates an area where

possibility energy simply does not function. Thoughaxioms and World Laws are still active, it isimpossible to spend Bennies, create reality storms, useEternity Shards or talismans, etc. Creating a Null Field costs 10 Power Points, plusor minus the size of the field's distance rating as thediameter (see Measure Ratings, page 25).

Shift PossibilityRank: LegendaryPower Points: SpecialRange: Spirit x2Duration: InstantTrappings: “Stuttering” time, locking gaze, claspingof hands, mind meld. This power allows the caster to assist another character in making a roll. With a successful casting,the caster makes a skill check of the same Trait thetarget is attempting, and the target selects which of thetwo results to use. The base cost for this power is 3Power Points, but each additional Power Point allowsanother character in range to participate.

TranscendenceRank: LegendaryPower Points: 10Range: Spirit x2Duration: InstantTrappings: Beam of red and blue light, mild storm. Transcendence causes the target to become a WildCard. The target immediately gains Bennies and theReality skill at d4. All other Traits remain the same. Only Extras who are “ready” for transcendence can

be affected. Generally this means Extras who standout in some way, like named NPCs, and so on.


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Equipment Much of the equipment used in the Possibility Wars isspecific to certain Tech levels, and sometimes evenSpirit and Magic levels. Using such equipment outsideof a reality that can support it runs the risk of disconnection (see Disconnection, page 20). “Active” equipment is anything that requires a rollto use, such as guns or swords. When being used in anarea that doesn't support it, active equipment causesdisconnection on a roll of “snake eyes” for Wild Cardsand a 1 on the Trait die for Extras.

“Passive” equipment is anything that functions inthe background without needing a roll, such as armor.These only cause contradictions when a Wild Cardrolls “snake eyes” on a Soak roll. The associated realm is also noted for each piece of equipment, if any, with the following designations:AY (Aysle), CE (Core Earth), CP (Cyperpapacy), LL(Living land), NE (Nile Empire), NT (Nippon Tech),OR (Orrorsh), SM (Spanish Main), SW (Spiritworld),and TX (Tex Arcana).

Armor Notes

Dwarfmail: Though very heavy, this magically-enhanced armor offers superb protection. Elfmail: Designed to be light and quiet, thismagically-enhanced chainmail corselet grants thewearer +1 on Stealth checks vs. Notice.

GWI Armor of God: Standard issue for theChurch Police, this state-of-the-art armor is reinforced

by HardPlas inserts which offer +10 vs. bullets. Inaddition, internal cybernetic arrays convert thewearer's body heat into energy which fuels a stimulantemitter, granting +1 to recover from Shaken. A larger model, GWI Destroyer Armor, offers the sameresistance but across the whole body, for 2x the price.

Reflec : This simple armor is popular on the streetsand in executive boardrooms because it is light, cheap,and widely available. PlexiFlex: This light armor is inexpensive and nothicker than a T-shirt, making it a popular choice. Ituses HardPlas technology to absorb impacts.


Type Realm Armor Wt. Cost Tec Mag Spi Notes

Hide Any +1 20 $10 0 0 0 Covers torso, arms, legs

Leather Any +1 15 $50 1 0 0 Covers torso, arms, legs


Any +1 10 $50 1 0 0 Covers torso

Dwarfmail AY +5 50 $2000 2 4 0 Covers torso, arms, legs, see notes

Elfmail AY +2 10 $1000 2 4 0 Covers torso

Reflec NT +1/+2 5 $100 5 0 0 Covers torso, +2 vs. bullets, see notes

GWI Armor of God

CP +5/+10 8 $10k 5 0 0 Covers torso, negates 2 AP, see notes

PlexiFlex CP +1 5 $100 5 0 0 Covers torso, negates 2 AP


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Type Realm Damage Wt. Cost Tec Mag Spi Notes

Hrockt ShootClub

LL Str+d4 3 $0 0 0 6 Grants +2 damage to those whoworship Lanala

Hrockt Shoot


LL Str+d6 3 $0 0 0 6 Grants +2 damage to those who

worship LanalaSword-Breaker AY Str+d4 3 $1000 2 0 0 +1d6 damage to attacks targeting

opponent's weapon

Elven Longsword AY Str+d6+2 3 $600 2 4 0 AP 1

Spiked Chain AYSW

Str+d6+2 5 $300 2 0 0 Reach 2, requires 2 hands, see notes

Meteor Hammer SW Str+d8 8 $300 2 0 4 AP 2 vs. rigid armor, Parry -2, 2 hands,minimum strength d10, see notes

Whip AY


Str+1 2 $10 2 0 0 Parry -1, Reach 2, see notes

Hook Hand SM Str+d4 .5 $50 3 0 0 +1 to disarm attempts, must have OneHand Hindrance

Electro-Sword NT Str+d6 3 $4000 5 0 0 See notes

Melee Weapons Notes

Electro-Sword: The electro-sword contains a low-voltage electrical charge. Physical damage taken alsoaffects a target's cyberware (if any). Taking twowounds or more will fry most cyberware. Meteor Hammer: This oversized, heavy hammer

packs a wallop. A successful hit causes the foe to fly backwards 1d4”, plus 1” per raise on the attack. If thevictim hits a substantial object, add +1d6 to thedamage (this damage is also applied to the object inquestion). If the victim took any damage from thisattack (or from striking an object), he ends prone. Spiked Chain: If the wielder rolls a raise on hisattack roll, the attack does not inflict an additional d6damage. Instead, the victim suffers -2 Parry until hisnext action. However, any time the wielder rolls a 1on his Fighting die, he must resolve any possibleattacks on anyone within range, as per the InnocentBystander rule.

Whip: If the wielder rolls a raise on his attack roll,the attack does not inflict an additional d6 damage,

but the victim suffers -2 Parry until his next action.

Ranged Weapons Notes

Bola/Lariat: These weapons can be used to makean Agility Trick roll using the wielder’s Fighting (for lariats) or Throwing (for bolas) skill. On a raise, theopponent falls prone, in addition to suffering -2 Parryand being Shaken. EM Zapper: This Taser-shaped device sends out ashort-range but powerful pulse of electromagneticenergy. Though it does no damage to living tissue, theEM Zapper does 2d8 against electronics systems.Most common appliances and computers have aToughness of 4 against EM pulses, where cyberneticsgenerally has a Toughness of 10 and hardenedcomputer systems have a Toughness of 16. Shuriken: Popular among assassins, up to three of these small weapons can be thrown from each hand ata time using the Three Round Burst rules. Throwingmore from the other hand in the same round incurs themultiaction penalty. Nippon Tech shuriken can containa heat-seeking sensor, granting +2 to Throwing rollsagainst a target with a heat signature, though they cost$100 each.


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Type Realm Range Damage Shots RoF Wt. Cost Tec Mag Spi Notes

HrocktShoot Bow

LL 3/6/12 2d6+2 - 1 2 $0 0 0 3 Additional damage only for faithful of Lanala



Any 4/8/16 Str+1 1 1 .5 $3 0 0 0 See notes

Elven Bow AY 15/30/60

2d6+1 - 1 2 $500 0 2 0

Shuriken SW NT

3/6/12 1d4 - 1 0 $10 2 0 0 See notes


NE 12/24/48

2d6+1 6 1 3 $200 3 0 0 Revolver

Taser CE 1/2/3 Special 1 1 1 $100/$400

4 0 0 See notes

13mmChunyokai NT 20/40/80 2d8 30 3 8 $500 5 0 0 AP 1, Auto


NT 12/24/48

2d8 20 3 8 $300 5 0 0 AP 2, Auto

ZIIP77z NT 12/24/48

2d6+1 16 1 1 $500 5 0 0 Plastic, +1 Stealth for concealment

SC Kyogo NT 12/24/48

2d8 60 3 6 $2000 5 0 0 +1 Shooting, AP 1, Auto

EM Zapper NTCP



8 1 1 $100 5 0 0 See notes


CP 12/24/48

2d6+d4 20 1 2 $2000 5 0 0 Explosive shells dealadditional d4, semi-auto

MAS Fury CP 20/40/80

2d8+d4 50 3 8 $3500 5 0 0 Explosive shells dealadditional d4, AP 1, auto


CP 20/40/80

2d10+d4 30 3 12 $5500 5 0 4 Explosive shells dealadditional d4, AP 2, auto,

blessed (+1 Shooting)

FN Jammer Wrist Gun

CP 10/20/40

2d4+2 7 1 1 $120 5 0 0 +2 Stealth for concealment

Gun Pen/Umbrella/Shades

NT 5/10/15

2d4 1 1 Upto 2

$50 5 0 0 +4 Stealth for concealment


Page 18: Savage Torg V4

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FN Jammer Wrist Gun

Taser: Tasers can be used as either hand weaponsor ranged weapons. Anyone hit with a Taser mustmake a Vigor roll at -2 or take 2d6 nonlethal damage.Reload cartridges cost $3 each.

Gear Notes

Cyberdeck : Cyberdecks are advanced, light-weight and compact computers that can link tomassive high-tech networks. “Decks,” as they aresometimes called on the street, are about the size andweight of a paperback novel, and contain most of the

processing power of their desktop counterparts, onlywith much smaller displays. Combining the functionof PDAs with cellular phones and digital media

players, cyberdecks are all- in-one computers for the person on the go. The average cyberdeck costs $1000

dollars. It has a Toughness of 6, or 4 against electricalor water damage. Cyberdecks in Nippon Tech alsorequire a $50/month subscription to ShomiWeb. Seethe section on Hacking at the end of this document for more information on using Cyberdecks.

Cyberdeck Programs: When purchased anddownloaded into a cyberdeck, these programs add a

bonus to a specific activity while Hacking. Programscan grant +1 to Investigation rolls to find information,+1 to any of the activities in Step Three (see Hacking,

page 26), decrease the duration of an activity by -1, or

impose a -1 to a specific countermeasure action (seeActive Security, page 27). These effects can stack.Cyberdeck programs usually have names likeBlackIce, HellHound, etc. Players are encouraged tocome up with appropriate-sounding program names. CyberWafer : For those unfortunates who don'thave access to the GodNet, because they lack thehardware, the funds, or because they have sinnedagainst the Church, a CyberWafer allows the potential

penitent to bask in God's glory. Available fromsanctioned Church priests, the thin, blessed wafer is

placed on the tongue, granting the penitent short-termaccess to the GodNet without need for other specialgear. After one hour, the wafer dissolves harmlessly. Drogue: A drogue is a small fetish with a finiteamount of Power Points created by spellcaster (seeWeird Edges, page 10). Once created, drogues do not

require an arcane background to use, but they do theyrequire a Spirit roll. The user is Shaken if she rolls a 1on her Spirit die. It takes 1 round to activate a drogue(which usually involves whispered words, a dab of

blood, etc.). Drogues are mostly used in the SpanishMain, and some common types of voodoo droguesand their Power are listed below:Candle of Confusion (Lower Trait - Smarts), a black candle which never seems to burn down.

Duppy Eye (Detect Arcana), a human skull which begins to chatter in the presence of undead.

Jumbie Ward (Barrier), a line of chalk on the floor that prevents the passage of undead. Magic Bullet (Smite), a pistol or musket ball carvedwith the verver of a revered Loa.Ship's Guide (Boost Trait – Boating), a ghost trappedin the figurehead at the bow of a boat.Shrunken Head (Fear), the head of an enemy sewedshut and boiled in special salts and oils.Spirit Lamp (Light), a ghost trapped in a lantern whichsheds unearthly, greenish light.Turn-Blade (Deflection), an enchanted gold coin worn

on a leather cord around the neck.Voodoo Doll (Puppet), a necromatically-created dollthat affects the real body of the target. Holy Water: Anyone with the Holy/UnholyWarrior Edge can bless a small volume of water,creating a potent weapon against spiritual enemies.Holy water acts as acid against evil undead, demons,and some other entities that are supernaturally evil, towhich it does 3d4 damage on the first round, 2d4 onthe second, and 1d4 on the third. The target mustmake a Spirit roll. With a raise, the damage is reduced

by one die per round. However, if the target rolls a 1on his Spirit die, the die type is increased to d6.Knowledge Stones: These magically-enhanced,

smooth stones are prepared by Aylish Mages. Each iscreated to emulate one effect from the Ayslish Magictable (see Professional Edges, page 8). By holding onein the hand, a spellcaster can benefit from the stone'seffect for a single casting. They only work once per day, resetting at dawn.


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Type Realm Wt. Cost Tec Mag Spi Notes

Kalik Poison LL 0 $20 0 0 0 Paralysis type; The Kalik flower is rare

Hak'ta GlowingFungus

LL 0 $20 0 0 0 Rare fungus lights up large burst radius for 10rounds after exposure to air

Hrockt Rope LL 1 $0 0 0 6 Gives Lanala faithful Entangle power and 5 Power Points; one use only

Whistler Pod LL 1 $50 0 0 6 Shrieks when sentient creature not faithful to Lanalacomes within 10'

Leopard ManTotem

LL 0 $300 0 0 5 Gives +4 to one Trait roll; one use only


AY 1 $1000 0 5 0 4” radius; activated by command



AY 0 $10k 0 6 0 See notes

Healing Potion AY .1 $150 2 4 0 Eliminates 1 Wound, all Fatigue, Shaken

Mana Potion AY .1 $150 2 4 0 Restores 2d4 Power Points

Holy Water OR .1 $20 0 0 2 Causes holy damage to undead. See notes.

Drogue SM 1 $2000 0 3 4 Small voodoo charm with various effects. See notes.

Cyberdeck NTCP

1 $250 5 0 0 See notes

Niyoki HeadsUpData Shades

NT .5 $10k 5 0 0 See notes

Omi Tracers NT .5 $400each

5 0 0 See notes

Smoke Pellets NT - $80each

4 0 0 Fills Large Burst Template with smoke as per Obscure Power, last 3 rounds.

NiyokiCamouflage Suit

NT 8 $20k 5 0 0 Changes color to match environment, which requires3 rounds without motion; +2 Stealth

Sorubu Gloves NT 1 $50k 5 0 0 Allows user to cling to solid surfaces, +2 Climbing

Toranaga StimPen


.5 $50 5 0 0 Delivers dose of synthetic adrenalin, removingShaken and all Fatigue levels

Signal Enhancer NTCP

2 $300 4 0 0 Grants +1 to rolls to find a network signal (see TheGrid, below)

Slap Patch NTCP

.5 $100 5 0 0 Self-adhesive synthetic skin with short-lifespannanobots, removes one Wound

CyberWafer CP - $5 5 0 5 Allows user to access GodNet for 1 hour. See notes.

Cyberdeck Programs


- $300 5 0 0 Grant +1 bonus to specific action while Hacking, or -1 penalty to countermeasures. See notes.


Page 20: Savage Torg V4

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Omi HeadsUp Data Shades: Appearing like a pair of normal, albeit slightly large, set of sunglasses,Omi Incorporated's latest innovation is a miniatureheads-up display that offers a constant stream of information about the world around the viewer. Aslong as the shades are connected to the ShomiWeb,the viewer gains a +1 on all Smart-based skill checks.Data Shades are always connected while in Nippon

Tech, but everywhere else they become disconnectedwith a roll of 1 while using them to enhance a skillcheck and cannot reconnect until the next scene. Omi Tracers: These spider-like robots the size of mice are programmed to do only one thing: find

people. Once a person's image has been downloadedinto their recognition software, they will spread out upto 100 feet away to find the quarry. Their small sizeand ability to climb on walls and other sheer surfacesmakes them ideal trackers. All their stats are d4,except they have a d10 in Notice. They have 4

Toughness and no armor. Pace is 6 (cannot run) andthey have the Wallwalker Monstrous Ability. Slap Patch : The latest in medical technology, theSlap Patch is a self-adhesive synthetic skin thatapplies easily, bypassing the need for bandages andclean water. The special Slap Patch gel containshundreds of short-lifespan nanobots which spread outinto the wounded area and immediately beginrepairing tissue. Within ten minutes, the wound ishealed and the nanobots dissolve harmlessly into the

bloodstream. Using a Slap Patch removes 1 Wound.

SmartLink : A SmartLink is a high-tech upgradethat can be added on to an appropriate weapon or vehicle, allowing it to connect directly to a character via a cybernetic enhancement. Weapon links grant +1to the damage rolls of a character with a Weapon Link enhancement, and vehicle links grant a +2 to Driving(or Piloting) checks for characters with a Vehicle Link enhancement. SmartLinks double the base cost of theweapon or vehicle.

Vehicles Notes

Autocab : This tiny, three-wheeled vehicle takesonly one passenger at a time. Passengers state adestination, enter their credsticks, then sit back andenjoy the ride. The price runs around $5 per mile or 10 minutes. Balloon : Balloons can only travel as fast as the

prevailing wind, which can run between 0” and 20”,

and they cannot steer. The Toughness given is for the passenger basket; the balloon itself is Toughness 2(0).They carry enough fuel to travel for ten hours, andhave a 400 pound weight limit. Dirigible : Early models are usually filled withhydrogen, but more modern dirigibles use less-dangerous helium. The dirigible generally carriesenough fuel for 30 hours of flight. Some may have

mounted machine guns and a small airplane attachedunderneath, and even steel plates attached to thedirigible skin for extra armor. Exo-Cycle : An ultra-modern motorcycle, the exo-cycle gets its name from the retractable hard shell thatencases the driver. An internal gyro stabilizes the bike,granting +1 to maneuvers and allows riders to mountthe exo-cycle as a free action. Wide puncture-proof tires increase the Toughness of both tires to 6, whilethe plastisteel shell offers riders a +4 armor bonus. High-Speed Train: These bullet trains can travel

at speeds up to 300 miles per hour. Hovercar: Similar to other high-end luxury cars,the hovercar has one key difference: It “flies” a footoff the ground, allowing it to ignore most low terrainobstacles. It can also skim over water as if it weresolid ground. Though less common, the technologyused for hovering can also be applied to other vehicles(motorcycles, compact cars, SUVs, sports cars, etc.)

but doubles the standard price. Police Skimmer : Capable of vertical take-off andlanding as well as hovering, the Skimmer is standard

issue for police in the modern city. Infrared eliminates penalties for Dim and Dark lighting. Heads-up displaymakes using the onboard computer a free action. Steam Wagon : Powered by a heavy weird sciencecoal engine, the steam wagon can travel 60 miles onone bin of coal, but can be tough to control. Ultralight : This small, one-man airplane is con-venient but susceptible to strong winds. It can travel60 miles on one tank of fuel. Auto-gyros use the samestats but take off and land vertically. Urban Assault Tank : Used by corporate police in

Nippon Tech and church police in the Cyberpapacy,this armored vehicle is designed for tight maneuveringin cramped city streets, the urban assault tank is

perfect for stopping riots or raiding resistance safe-houses. Puncture-proof tires have a 6 Toughness. Thetank is armed with a water cannon (3d6 nonlethaldamage in a 10” line), a 14.5mm MG and a 7.62mmMG in a topside turret. The heads-up display makesusing the onboard computer a free action.


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Type Realm ACC/TS

Tou. Crew Cost Tec Notes

Balloon OR TX

1/var. 4 (2) 1+3 $50K+ 3 Climb -2”, see notes

Dirigible NE/CE 5/30 20 (5) 2+10 $80K+ 3 Climb -2”, see notesSteamWagon

TX 5/15 10 (3) 1+3 $1,500 3 -2 Driving on rough terrain

Ultralight CE 15/30 8 (2) 1 $8,000 4 -2 Piloting in rough conditions



20/200 14 (6) 1+X $100M+ 4 Autopilot



20/50 18 (6) 1+1 Mil. 5 Infrared vision, heads-up display, twinmounted M-60 machine guns

UrbanAssault Tank CP NT 7/20 15 (6) 1+12 Mil. 5 Puncture-proof tires, Sloped armor, water cannon, floodlights, heads-up display

Exo Cycle NT 20/56 10 (3) 1 $5000 5 Puncture-proof tires, internal gyro,retractable driver shell


NT 10/20 6 (1) 1 $7000 5 Weighs only 500 pounds

Autocab NT/CP

10/25 7 (1) 0+1 $6000 5 Autopilot, onboard computer

Hovercar CP 20/40 11 (3) 1+4 $100k 5 Air bags, luxury features, hover


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Setting Rules Savage Torg uses a number of setting-specific rulesthat clarify how reality works, determine the risk of disconnection, govern reconnection, explain howreality storms and reality bubbles can be created, etc.Aside from these, below are included rules for usingPowers in realities with low axiom levels, determiningmodifier numbers for things like distance and time,and detailed rules for handling computer networkslike those found in the Cyberpapacy. In addition, eachreality has a World Law which serves as a realm-specific setting rule (see The Realms, page 29).


Savage Torg uses a new skill called Reality, based on

Spirit. This allows characters to manipulate the lawsof probability and makes them “possibility-rated.”The Reality skill is used for reconnecting with one'sown reality or starting reality storms. Reality is a skillonly Wild Cards can have, and all Wild Cards have it. The Reality skill is also useful for one other thing:

planting story seeds. Extras who have already beentransformed by the invading realities cannot,according to the Everlaw of One, be transformedagain, back to their original reality or any other. To doso will kill the individual in question. Only thoseinfused with possibility energy, that is, those with theReality skill, can survive retransformation. Extras

become Wild Cards when they have their “moment of transcendence,” which links them to their reality andinfuses them with energy. The most reliable (andsafest) method to transcend them is to inspire themwith stories of good deeds and heroism.

Characters with the Reality skill can spend a possibility to create a “story seed,” the kernel of astory of their adventures and successes against theinvaders. They do so by telling the story to as many

people as they can at once, and then the player spendsa Benny and makes a Spirit roll. If the result it afailure, few (perhaps 1% of the listeners) are sparked,or none with a critical failure. A success sparks theseed in 10% of the listeners, with an additional 10%for each raise. If the story seed takes, it results in thecreation of some new possibility-rated people, and theheroes are one step closer to driving back theinvaders.


Creating contradictions happens when a tool (or anidea in some cases) being used is greater than therelated axiom level of the character using the tool or the surrounding reality. Any time a Wild Card uses a tool with an axiomrequirement above his own or above that of the localreality, he disconnects on a roll of “snake eyes” – a 1on both the Trait die and Wild die. If the tool is abovethe character ’s own Axiom and that of thesurrounding area, he disconnects on a roll of 1 on theTrait die.

On his next action, a disconnected character maymake a Reality skill check to reconnect. This roll ismade at a -2 penalty if both the tool used and thecharacter are of a higher Axiom than the local reality.The presence of the tool that caused the disconnectionis also required. Bennies may not be used onreconnection rolls. If the result is a failure, thecharacter may not try again for an hour. With a roll of “snake eyes,” the character is instantly transformed tothe dominant reality of the area. Until reconnected, hecannot create other contradictions, spend Bennies, usehis Wild Die, use Wild Card-only Edges, or formreality bubbles or storms. In essence, he has becomean “Extra,” and won't regain his Wild Card status untilhe reconnects. Returning to the home reality instantlyreconnects a disconnected (not transformed) character. Extras (called “Ords” in Torg) run a greater risk of disconnection and transformation. Extras cannot use atool or skill that is not possible in their own reality,

but they may use tools and skills not supported by thelocal reality. In this case, they disconnect on a roll of 1on the Trait die. Since Extras don't have the Realityskill, they are unable to reconnect until they return totheir own reality (or enter a zone that represents it,such as a hardpoint). It is very dangerous for Extras tocreate contradictions! Example: James Staley, a Wild Card vampirehunter from Orrorsh, is attempting to fire a Core Earthassault rifle at an advancing edeinos warrior deep inthe Living Land. Since his gun (TL 5) is greater than

both his own Tech axiom and that of the local reality,he will disconnect on a roll of “snake eyes.” He rolls a1 on both the Trait and Wild Die, so he hasdisconnected. Now, to reconnect, he will need to makea Reality check at -2 (because both his Tech Axiomand that of the gun are greater than the local Axiom).


Page 23: Savage Torg V4

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Every axiom is represented by a scale from zero tosix, with six representing the highest pinnacle of achievement in that axiom. A character using toolsfrom higher axioms creates a contradiction. At lower levels, arcane backgrounds that rely onthat axiom are harder to successfully use. The inverseis true for higher axioms. Attempting to use an arcane

background that isn't supported by the local axiomlevel (or to use it without penalty, in some cases)creates a contradiction. Weird Science is a special use of magic, allowingthe user to use his Magic Axiom score in place of hisTech Axiom score for purposes of creating inventions.This means no Weird Science device may replicatetech from a higher axiom than the user's magic axiom.

Magic AxiomIn Savage Worlds, the Magic axiom is linked to Magicand Weird Science Arcane Backgrounds.0: Dead Magic. No magic is possible, and the most

powerful manifestation of magic is deja vu.1: Weak Magic. Magic is feeble and scarce. Ghosts

possible. Magic use incurs a -4 penalty.2: Low Magic. Magic is known to a few rare sorcerersand difficult to use. Magic use incurs a -2 penalty.3: Moderate Magic. Magic more common. Enchantedobjects more frequent. Magic use incurs a -1 penalty.

4: Plentiful Magic. Magic is common enough to beused by many. No penalty for magic use.5: High Magic. Magic permeates everything, and isfrequently used. No penalty for magic use.6: Total Magic. Magic is second nature to all, and isused alongside technology. Magic is cast at +1.

Social AxiomIn Savage Worlds, the Social axiom is linked to theSuper Powers Arcane Background.0: No Society. Social units are tribes. Spoken

language possible, but no written language.1: Small Societies. Villages possible with single ruler.Written language.2: Feudalism. City states, small villages centrallyruled by a monarch, with taxes and armies.3: Federalism. Nation states form, democracy

possible. Super Powers become possible, though at a-4 penalty.

4: Republicanism. Capitalism and socialism appear.Use of Super Powers incurs a -2 penalty.5: Globalism. Worldwide organizations, pluralism

possible. Use of Super Powers incurs no penalty.6: Utopianism. Suffering and poverty eradicated. Evilis a contradiction. Super Powers use is at +1.

Spiritual AxiomIn Savage Worlds, the Spiritual axiom is linked to theMiracles Arcane Background.0: Sterile. Higher beings either don’t exist or are“dead”. No afterlife exists.1: Weak Spirit. Higher beings have little power.Rituals common. Use of Miracles incurs a -4 penalty.2: Secular. Worship more common, miracles rare.Afterlife possible. Use of Miracles incurs a -2 penalty.3: Ecclesiastical. Divine intervention limited,evidence of divinity. Use of Miracles incurs a -1

penalty.4: Divine. Religion commonplace. Locations can be“holy.” No penalty for use of miracles.5: Sacred. Miracles commonly occur, gods often visitfaithful. No penalty for use of miracles.6: Transcendental. No other mythos possible. Miraclesare cast at +1.

Tech AxiomIn Savage Worlds, the Tech axiom is linked to thePsionics Arcane Background.0: Prehistoric. Fire making, bows and arrows, stonetools, spears and clubs, domestication. No Psionics

possible.1: Antiquity. Metal, agriculture, pottery, glass, swords,architecture. Psionics limited to gut feelings andempathy.2: Medieval. Printing press, clocks, gunpowder,crossbows. Psionics limited to common sixth senseand dejå vu.3: Industrial Age: Muskets, TNT, telegraphs,railroads, steel, steam power. Psionics possible butincurs -4 penalty.4: Information Age: Radio, cars, jets, television,computers, internet, telephones. Use of Psionicsincurs -2 penalty.5: Near Future: Hovercars, virtual reality, nanotech,cybernetics, global wi-fi networks. No penalty for Psionics.6: Far Future: AI, robots, laser weapons, teleportation,interplanetary space travel. Psionics use is at +1.


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Bubbles and Reality Storms

Wild Cards may spend one Benny to create a reality bubble, an area covering 1” in which the character'sreality supersedes that of the surroundingenvironment. Inside a reality bubble, the character'sown reality is dominant and the character is not at risk of creating contradictions. Reality bubbles last for one“scene” or 1 hour, whichever is longer. Wild Cards may also create reality storms,competitions for the supremacy of reality between twoindividuals, but they are a bit of a gamble. When acharacter wishes to invoke a reality storm, he mustfirst select a single Wild Card opponent from adifferent reality and then spend a Benny, which is putinto a “pot.” Starting a reality storm requires anaction. The person who invoked the storm is called theattacker, and his opponent is the defender. While thestorm is in existence, both characters act at the sametime on the invoker's initiative and can take no other actions except movement. Once per round both characters roll a Reality skill

roll. A character who is in his home reality receives a+1 to this roll. Bennies cannot be spent on rolls duringa reality storm. The result is read on the chart below.

A critical failure is a roll of 1 on the Reality skill die.More than one raise has no additional effect. The storm begins at a center point between both

participants and is 1” across. As the storm grows, theamount of Bennies in the pot grows, though the

participants do not add any more Bennies themselves.Some results can decrease the number of Bennies inthe pot, in which case the pot cannot shrink below 0.The storm does not end until one a “transform” resulthas been reached, which only happens when one of the participants rolls a raise while the other rolls a

critical failure. When that happens, the victor gains allthe Bennies in the pot, the storm fades away, and theloser is transformed to the victor’s reality. Active participants cannot be harmed, hindered,helped, or interfered with in any way. Being inside areality storm while not one of the two participants isdangerous, automatically imposing a -1 penalty to allTrait rolls. Storms cannot be stopped, once started,until one of the combatants is transformed.


Page 25: Savage Torg V4

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Reality Storm Results TableAttacker

D e

f e n d e r

Critical Failure Failure Success Raise


Push. Pot loses 2Bennies. Storm radiusdecreases by half.

Pot loses 1 Benny.Storm radius decreases

by half.

Pot gains 1 Benny.Storm grows by x2.

Transform. Winner gains contents of the

pot, storm fades away.

Failure Pot loses 1 Benny.Storm radius decreases

by half.

Push. Pot loses 1 Benny.Storm stays the samesize.

Pot does not grow.Storm grows by x2.

Pot gains 2 Bennies.Storm grows by x5.

Success Pot gains 1 Benny.Storm grows by x2.

Pot does not grow.Storm grows by x2.

Push. Pot loses noBennies. Storm staysthe same size.

Pot gains 2 Bennies.Storm grows by x2.

Raise Transform. Winner gains contents of the

pot, storm fades away.

Pot gains 2 Bennies.Storm grows by x5.

Pot gains 2 Bennies.Storm grows by x2.

Push. Pot gains 1Benny. Storm staysthe same size.

Eternity ShardsEternity shards are deeply connected to the reality thatspawned them. To the untrained eye, they might seemlike magic items, but they are, in fact, pieces of Eternium. Each has a purpose; using them for something other than their designated purpose isalmost impossible. That purpose isn't always obvious,and might take some research to determine. In Savage Torg, Eternity shards have Bennies,

powers, and group powers. Wild Cards in physical

contact with an Eternity shard may use that shard'sBennies in addition to their own, without needing aroll to access them. Eternity shards in Savage Worldsusually have between 1 and 3 Bennies, which refreshat the beginning of each game session. Eternity shards have a standard power and a group

power. The standard power can be used by any WildCard acting alone, but the group power always needsat least one other active participant. Eternity shards donot require, nor do they use, any arcane background.Instead, in place of an arcane skill, eternity shards use

the Reality skill of the Wild Card tapping into them. Afailure result means the shard's Power Points weredischarged but the effect did not manifest, but acritical failure (rolling a 1 on the Reality skill die)means the shards' entire Power Point pool wasdischarged without effect, and won't be accessibleagain until the shard has had a chance to rechargePower Points (which recharge at the standard rate). Shards also have a group power, a special ability

that requires more than one linked character at a time.To use a group power, a “lead” character must bechosen, one whom will use his Reality skill roll on

behalf of the others. Each participant must standwithin 1” of the lead character, and all must spend aBenny. If a shard's group power is a higher rank thanthe characters using it, every, the rank requirement can

be dropped by one category for every four characterswho link together. Thus, a team of eight Wild Cardstrying to invoke Life Thread would reduce its rank requirement to Veteran . As long as the lead character is of Veteran rank, the power can be accessed.

Eternity shard powers always use “reality” as atrapping, even if their effects appear to be magic, andare not subject to disruption or detection by magical,miraculous, or other means. Only other powers withthe reality trapping can affect them.

Sample Eternity Shards

The Bead Necklace of Running BearCosm : Tex ArcanaBennies : 1Power Points : 15Power : Beast FriendGroup Power : Create Reality ObjectRestrictions : The necklace's powers cannot be usedagainst Native Americans, even in self-defense.Description : Made of beads of Eternium with two

bear’s claws and an eagle feather at the center.


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ExcaliburCosm : AysleBennies : 3Power Points :Powers : SmiteGroup Power: TranscendenceRestrictions : Only works for someone considered“worthy” (with a Good inclination and Spirit d10+)

and only against evil Wild Cards.Description : The original name of this eternity shardis lost to time, but when it was carried across to our world during the invasion of Aysle, the colorful Earthlegends quickly merged with it. Like the real sword of old, its purpose is to be wielded against those whowould conquer, but in this case the target isUthorion's forces of evil. Excalibur is over three feetlong, made of gleaming steel and gold, and decoratedwith a lion's claw pommel.

The Golden Mask of EldoradoCosm : The Spanish MainBennies : 2Power Points : 12Powers : Detect Arcana (allows user to see possibilityenergy in objects and other characters)Group Power : Shift PossibilityRestrictions : The mask must be worn to be used.Description : This piece of beautiful artwork isobviously native to Central America. Its source isuntraceable, a mix of Aztec, Incan, and Mayan. It is

made of Eternium lacquered in solid gold. It depicts aman with a flat nose and big ears, with openings for the eyes, mouth, and nose.

Nefertiti's AnkhCosm: Nile EmpirePossibilities: 2Power Points : 20Powers: Greater HealingGroup Power: Life ThreadRestrictions: The Ankh's was created to spread the

healing power of the gods, and so only works in thehands of someone with Good inclination.Description: Made of gold-plated Eternium, the Ankhweighs 10 pounds, stands nearly a foot tall and isetched with cryptic hieroglyphics. It glows whenactivated.

Slow Casting

In realities with axioms that only support a smallamount of magic, miracles and other arcane

backgrounds, using Powers is difficult. Casters inthose societies have overcome this problem byincreasing the amount of time taken to access thearcane. In very low axiom realities, this can even bethe only viable choice. But even those from higher-axiom realms might find the slow casting methodmore reliable than the flash-bang of other methods. Slow casting takes ten minutes per Rank of thePower to be attempted. Once this is complete, the


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caster spends the Power Points required by the spelland makes her Spellcasting, Faith, or other ArcaneBackground skill check at +2. Slow casting alsoincreases the duration of a Power to minutes insteadof rounds (this only works for Powers with a durationother than “Instant”). However, the cost to extend theduration must be paid in advance – durations cannot

be extended once the casting roll has been made!

In Savage Torg, slow casting is used in manyrealms. Orrorsh, Nippon Tech, the Nile Empire, andCore Earth all have low enough Spirit or Magicaxioms that slow casting is necessary. Obeah andvoodoo practitioners use it in the Spanish Main, and

Native tribes in Tex Arcana us it to call upon spiritswith rituals.

Measure Ratings

Based on the size categories listed in the SavageWorlds Deluxe , the following table offers numericcategories for time, weight, size, and distance. Thesenumbers can be used to determine the radius of ahardpoint, the duration of a spell, an object or creature's Toughness modifier, etc. Values given areapproximate, and increase more or less on alogarithmic scale of x3.

The “Grid”

Most realities that attain Tech Level 4 and higher havemade use of extensive computer networks,collectively referred to as “The Grid.” The specificsfor how each network functions and appears changesgreatly between realities, but there is one constant:They exist to facilitate the delivery of information. Assuch, no matter what the other uses of a network – entertainment, monitoring of civilians, commerce – there will always be information available. And therewill always be people who are trying to get it, andothers trying to protect it.

Accessing computer networks, whether in NipponTech, the Cyberpapacy, or Core Earth, is a matter of several steps. First, a connection needs to be available.Direct lines are the safest bet, but one of theadvantages to high-tech networks is the ability toaccess the network through signals routed via uplink towers and orbital satellites. Getting a connection to arealm's own network is not a problem within thatrealm itself – for instance, a character trying to access

Savage Torg Benchmark Chart

Value Time Distance Size/Weight

-4 Instant >1 centimeter >1 lb.

-3 2 seconds 2 inches 3 lbs.

-2 6 seconds 6 inches 10 lbs.

-1 18 seconds 2 feet 30 lbs.0 1 minute 6 feet 100 lbs.

1 3 minutes 15 feet 300 lbs.

2 10 minutes 50 feet 700 lbs.

3 30 minutes 150 feet 1000 lbs.

4 1.5 hours 500 feet 1 ton

5 3 hours 1,500 feet 2 tons

6 10 hours 1 mile 6 tons

7 1 day 3 miles 10 tons8 3 days 10 miles 20 tons

9 10 days 30 miles 60 tons

10 1 month 100 miles 100 tons

11 3 months 300 miles 300 tons

12 1 year 1,000 miles 1000 tons

13 3 years 3,000 miles 3000 tons

14 1 decade 10,000 miles 10,000 tons

15 3 decades 30,000 miles 30,000 tons16 1 century 100k miles 1 million tons

+1 x3 x3 x3

ShomiWeb from anywhere in Nippon Tech will haveno problem. Access itself doesn't require a roll.Everywhere else, the chances decrease greatly.Finding a signal is largely a matter of luck and signalstrength. To determine whether a signal is availableoutside normal coverage area, the user must make asignal strength check. Roll d8, with a -1 penalty for every tech level lower than the tech level of thedesired network (TL 4 for Core Earth, TL 5 for theCyberpapacy and Nippon Tech). Do not roll a WildDie with this check., but the roll can ace. If successful,the signal will last for ten minutes before needinganother roll. Each raise doubles the length of time the


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Active SecurityActive security is usually a rival hacker or securityagent, though it might be an AI program or other source. When a hacker is discovered, the securityagent may perform a number of actions in addition tothe ones listed above: Attack : Zap the hacker’s computer, causing 2d6electronic damage. In campaigns where hacking isdone through direct mind links, like electrodes, thisdamage goes to the hacker himself. Takes d4 rounds.

Call for Help : This takes 1 round, but help mighttake some time to arrive. On-site security guards canarrive in 2d6 rounds, but police can take 2d6 minutes. Cancel Actions : Target and cancel one of thehacker's specific, incomplete actions, forcing thehacker to start over. Takes d8 rounds. Create Firewall : Though it requires d4 rounds,this adds d6 to the amount of time it takes to bypasssecurity, which could be enough to buy the securityagent time to perform other actions.

Hide or Destroy Data : This takes d10 rounds, andcan severely compromise the quality of informationhackers can recover.

Run a Trace : Pinpont the hacker’s exact location,taking d8 rounds. If the hacker is creating a false trailat the same time, this becomes a tight race!

Core EarthThough so much of Earth's populated area has beenchanged, the satellites are still orbiting as normal. Thismeans cell phone and internet should still be availablein unaffected areas away from invasion zones. Therules above are built with Core Earth computer systems in mind, and need no alterations.

Nippon TechThough Nippon Tech is at least a couple of decadesahead of Core Earth in technology, they have never adopted virtual reality as a means of interfacing with anetwork. This is most likely due to the Law of Intrigue, making virtual reality as anything more thanentertainment a dangerous proposition. All of NipponTech uses Omi Electronic's ShomiWeb, as the KanawaCorporation has consolidated the flow of information.Interfacing is done through a 3D tablet about half the

size of modern tablets, but with many times thecomplexity, speed, and capacity. Ads pop up andinformation flies rapidly around the screen. Sinceeverything is in Japanese, foreign users will first needto set up a translation. They must also authenticatetheir identity by gripping the cyberdeck so it can readtheir fingerprints (this process takes a second, butwithout it the ShomiWeb won't allow them on).


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Cyberdecks won't work without a subscription toShomiWeb, which runs $50 per month. Once logged on, ShomiWeb works a lot like CoreEarth internet, in that one enters the equivalent of aURL to seek out information, or to get it from anaggregator. Though the interface is fast and busy, it isotherwise similar to what a Core Earth character might know.

The CyberpapacyInterfacing with the Cyberpapacy's GodNet couldn't

be more different than in Nippon Tech. TheCyberpapacy is only slightly more advanced than

Nippon Tech, but uses technology that looks outdated by decades. On the inside, though, Cyberpapacycomputers are reliable, fast, and have incredibly highvideo and memory capacity. This is necessary,

because unlike Nippon Tech, the Cyberpapacy has anentirely VR interface for the GodNet. Nobody, noteven hackers, can access the GodNet without virtualreality. Once again, a single organization, this time theChurch, has complete control over the network. TheChurch uses the GodNet as a reward for hard work and faithfulness. Users usually must “buy” accessthrough labor or through buying “Indulgences,” whichcan be purchased electronically upon logging in.Indulgences usually cost $50 for a day's access,though this can increase dramatically for those whohave angered the Church. “Jacking in” is a simple act of plugging one'scyberdeck cord into the 'trodes installed in thetemples. Users without 'trodes can purchase specialdisks they place on their tongue, granting them one-time access to the GodNet. These wafers dissolveafter an hour. Whatever the method, the “petitioner”finds himself in a black void where the only visualobject is a distant, glowing cross. The Church's identification program, known as“StPierre,” identifies the petitioner based on hisunique pattern. The petitioner is instructed to “confesshis sins.” Once he has done this, he suddenly finds

himself in a virtual sky dominated by a massivefloating cloud upon which rests a celestial city. He isrepresented by an avatar stitched together from hissubconscious image of himself – though some hackersknow how to make their avatar appear according totheir wishes, an activity that is strictly against Churchdoctrine. The petitioner finds himself in a Heavenmade of light and airy, classical architecture. Here, he

may access information the Church has cleared for public consumption, meet other petitioners, watchvirtual executions in the square, and attend a virtualmass. During the whole time he is in the GodNet, hefeels immense feelings of satisfaction, even bliss. The GodNet is monitored by Inquisitors disguisedas angels. However, reports of strange areas beneathHeaven or in the void around it, have started to come

back, along with stories of creatures that aren'tidentified as known programs, leaving some towonder if Malreaux might not have full control over the GodNet.

Optional Rules

Story Seeds: GMs may wish to make storytelling avital part of their campaigns, linking it to experiencegain. For example, characters might gain 1 additionalXP point per every 10% of a seeded audience. Onlyone story can be told per session. Using Torg Cards: For those with access to one of the original Torg Drama Decks, it might be fun to useit instead. Each character goes with their faction'sinitiative. Attack , Defend , Break , Trick , Test , Taunt Confused , and Intimidate results remain unchanged, asdo most “story” cards. The rest of the results undergothe following changes:

Action: +2 bonus to any one action that round.Adrenalin: +1 to any physical Trait tests.Breakdown: heroes with cyberware become Shaken.Coup de Grace: adds +1d6 to damage.Danger: gain a Benny, but -1 to Trait tests.Defiance: +1 vs. a specific enemy for this scene.Flurry: make a free combat action without penalty.Glory: entire party gains a Benny when played after a anyone rolls a triple Raise during a dramatic scene.Haste: take one free extra non-combat action.Hero and Drama: treated as Bennies.Hero Fails: gain a Benny in exchange for a failure.Inspiration: remove Shaken results.Life Rage: Up result for Living Land characters.Stymied: heroes may not spend Bennies that round.Supporter: +1 to another character's action.Willpower: +2 to any Spirit -based Traits tests.Presence: +2 to any Smarts-based Trait tests.Up: characters may ignore penalties due to Woundsand Fatigue damage.


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The Realms Every realm is dictated by four Axioms and oneWorld Law. Axioms, measured from zero to six,measure magical power, spiritualism, technology, andsocial advancement. These numbers help differentiatethe realms against one another, and let players knowwhat tools are supported in each realm. World lawsare immutable rules that govern reality in ways uniqueto that realm. Anyone within an area controlled bythat reality is subject to the axioms and world law of that reality. Wild Cards can create reality bubbles (see

page 22) in which their own reality supersedes thelocal reality, and talismans and hardpoints can alsocreate pockets of a different reality. For the sake of simplicity, Savage Torg considersa ll reality zones to be pure .

Core EarthCore Earth is a term for the cosm that was invaded inthe original possibility wars – our world. It is a worldrife with possibilities, which is why it was attacked.Life on Earth is dynamic and full of potential. Sincethe arrival of the invaders, humanity's latent psychic

powers have begun to increase, though it trails oneTech Level behind. Core Earth has been horribly fragmented by theinvasion. Most countries are a shadow of their former self, particularly the ones which have lost all or most

of their territory and population to an invading reality.But even those who were untouched by the realms of the invaders have shouldered the burden of refugeesand the near collapse of normal global trade. The United States, struck by three differentinvading realities, has perhaps been hit harder thenmost. After the loss of Washington, D.C., the seat of government was moved to Honolulu, as the Hawaiian

islands are farthest from the invading territories, andthus hopefully safe. The new president, DennisQuartermain, promptly created the Delphi Council tohead up investigation into the invading realities,

placing Cassandra Evans in charge. Though theDelphi Council's techniques are sometimesquestionable, they make an excellent parentorganization for beginning storm knights. Between the transformation of many manu-facturing nations in eastern Asia, the destruction of important commercial centers in Europe and the

United States, and the decrease of oil production inthe Middle East and Latin America, the worldeconomy is staggering, one more disaster away fromtotal collapse. Warlordism is on the rise, and oldrivalries threaten to flare into war. But all of this isovershadowed by the fact that the Moon is slowlygrowing closer to Earth. Scientists anticipate it willstrike Earth within a few months, utterly destroyingall life unless something is done to stop it. This is certainly Earth's darkest hour. The Law of Ingenuity : Core Earth is known for

creativity. Characters may spend a Benny to receive aclue or helpful tip from the GM (GM's call).

AXIOMS AND WORLD LAWSRealm Magic Social Spirit Tech World Laws

Aysle 6 2 4 2 The Law of Magic

Core Earth 1 4 1 4 The Law of Ingenuity

The Living Land 0 1 6 0 The Law of Savagery

The Nile Empire 2 4 4 3 The Law of Drama

Nippon Tech 0 4 0 5 The Law of Intrigue

Orrorsh 2 3 4 3 The Law of Fear

The Cybepapacy 3 2 4 5 The Law of Heresy

The Spanish Main 3 4 4 3 The Law of Swashbuckling

Spiritworld 5 2 4 2 The Law of Wuxia

Tex Arcana 4 3 2 3 Law of Melodrama


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The realm of fantasy covers most of India, Indonesia,and the rest of southeast Asia. Aysle is a realm of highfantasy, populated by wizards, dragons, knights, elves,and all manner of monsters. However, the onceglorious world now lies under the oppressive rule of the Highlord Uthorion, an evil warlord who led hisarmies of darkness into a successful war against theforces of light. With his Darkness Device, the ebonsword Drakacanus, he has brought a permanentmagical winter over the land, the result of an evil pactwith a powerful god. Across the land he has enslavedthe people and outlawed magic. His only oppositioncomes from the last remaining free nation, Liandar.Pella Ardinay, the Queen Aysle, Leader of the Light,has led her forces to this strange new world to assist inthe continuing fight against Uthorion. When Ayslish reality spilled down the maelstrom

bridge, with it came the bleak cold that has trappedmost of the home cosm in eternal winter. He chose theIndian subcontinent for his invasion due to the dense

population, but its tropical location has served tomitigate some of the supernatural cold. Selecting theimposing Himalayas as his base, Uthorion's infernalcold has spread out across India and nearby countries,cooling them into cool temperate zones. Only in theislands of the South China sea, farthest from hismountain domain, does the magic at last fade, leavingthe tropical seas and jungles unchanged. The Law of Magic: Magic is a potent force inAysle, flowing through the very fabric of the world.Spells with a duration in rounds are increased tominutes. Spells with an “Instant” duration may beheld up to 1 minute before release.

The Cyberpapacy

The new Cyberpapacy occupies all of France, but hasalso spread to include Spain and Italy. It has also

opened up a new area in the coastal region of Brazil,focused on Rio de Janeiro. A realm of dystopicreligion and technology, the Cyberpapacy is likesomething out of a Philip K. Dick or George Orwellnovel. A powerful central Church occupies the role of

both state and savior, integrating public policy withChurch teachings. A complex hierarchy of cardinals,

bishops, and priests keep tight control over the populace, offering salvation in exchange for servility,

compliance, obedience, and unflagging labor. Over the all is Jean Malreaux, the “Cyberpope,” whocontrols the Church with his Darkness Device, theEbenscrux. For most citizens, daily life means working inChurch-run factories, fields, businesses, and so on(though there are a few sanctioned private businesses).If they perform well, they are granted access to the

GodNet (see page 28), a combination of bothinformation network and direct, divine access to God.While in the GodNet, citizens experience rapture andwholeness as they commune with their God. It makesthe drudgery of their daily life seem worthwhile.Struggling against this oppressive regime arecountless hackers, street punks, and revolutionaries,who fight against the Church police both in theGodNet and the RL streets. Poverty is rampant outsidethe scrubbed enclaves of the workers, as is drug use,crime, and illegal cyberware. It is difficult to travel

anywhere without papers to present to Church police.Where Nippon Tech is bleak, the Cyberpapacy is trulya dystopia. The Law of Heresy : Only devout believers in theCyberpapacy can use Miracles in this realm without

penalty. Casters of other faiths cast miracles as thoughthe Spirit Axiom was 1.

The Living Land

Covering the Eastern Seaboard of the United States,from Maine to Georgia, the Living Land is a realm of

jungles, dinosaurs, hidden temples, and warrior lizardmen called edeinos. A pervasive, humid misthangs over everything, reducing visibility to 100 feetand causing organic objects to decay much faster thannormal. Though the tools may be simple, life isinfused with ferocity and holy power. Denizens of theLiving Land are capable of architecture and traps thatexceed the Tech axiom by 1.

Ruled by Baruk Kaah, the leader of all Edeinos andHoly Disciple of Lanala, (and his Darkness Device,the Rek Stalek tree), the edeinos worship the goddessLanala, who commands her faithful to seek out newexperiences and savor all emotions, including painand the ecstasy of bloodlust. Edeinos are not the only dangerous denizens of theLiving Land. In the fiery volcanoes which havesprung up throughout the land, the Pyrians worshiptheir god of fire. The Darooni Wasp Riders plague the


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skies, stealing the unwary to feed to the larva of themassive wasp mounts. The tiny Keefee lurk in thedense foliage, and the Leopard Men hunt in the trees.Apemen, neanderthals, and the bizarre stalengers alsodwell in this place where emotions run high in thedeep mist.

The Law of Savagery : The Living Land is a brutal place. It uses the “Blood & Guts” setting rule fromSavage Worlds Deluxe , allowing characters to spendBennies on damage rolls.

The Nile Empire

The “New Empire of the Nile” covers most of northern Africa, from Libya to Egypt to Ethiopia. It isa world of pulp adventure; a cross between the moviesRaiders of the Lost Ark, the Rocketeer, and theMummy. Governed by the New Pharaoh, Dr. Mobius,

and his Darkness Device the Kefertiri Idol, the Nile

Empire is a dictatorship that blends the ethos of theold Egyptian empire with the sensibilities of the pre-World War II “modern” era. In the streets of urbanCairo, mobsters drive in souped-up roadsters, heroeswith strange super powers fight villains right out of the comic books, and newspapers report strangestories of mummies and cutting-edge science. Out inthe sand-swept countryside, Dr. Mobius employs

workers in building massive military bases.Adventurers race against Nile Shocktroopers to findlong-buried temples and access the strange artifactswithin. In the Nile Empire, Weird Science devices arecapable of exceeding the Magic Axiom by 3. Super heroes and villains may also purchase theSuperpowers arcane background. It is a realm of adventure, excitement, and four-color heroism, wherethe good guys and the bad guys are distinct, andwhere danger exists just over every dune.

The Law of Drama : All action in the Nile Empireis fast-paced and intense, scenes move quickly, andobstacles “stack” by building on one another. “SnakeEyes” (a 1 on both the Trait die and Wild Die) alwaysresults in compounding troubles with effects that last

beyond one round. For instance, a stray shot might hita driver, who then collapses over the tank throttle,sending it out of control directly toward a cliff.

The Spanish Main

The Spanish Main is a realm of pirates, SpanishConquistadores, and swashbuckling, roughly equi-valent to Earth in the seventeenth century.Gunpowder, large ships, transoceanic voyages, the

printing press, minted coins, and telescopes all exist.It is a place of peril and riches, ghosts and tropical

ports, pirates and plantations. The cosm is named El Mundo, and is currently inthe year 1685. The Spanish have nearly conquered thewhole world. Only the English, French, Dutch, andPortuguese have managed to secure a hold anywhereelse in the cosm, since the Spanish have colonized or at least explored practically everywhere. In both El Mundo and the realm of the SpanishMain, ghosts and the supernatural are far more thansailor’s superstitious stories. Nearly every sailor hasseen sea serpents or ghost ships manned by zombies,and some even know how to perform some simpleObeah hexes. Anyone who dies at sea is claimed by


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the ocean’s dark spirits and returns as an undead of some form. The coming of the Spanish Main has alsorevived the ancient cultures of Central America,

particularly the Aztecs, who fight the incursion of theConquistadores. El Mundo and the Spanish Main are ruled by KingFerdinand deFortunato XIII of Spain. He was knownas Ferdinand the Fifth of Castile, and ruled the areas

of Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearicislands. In 1478, to quell a rising rebellion, his wife,Isabella, instituted the Inquisition through the Pope atthe time, Pope Sixtus IV. She hoped it would turn

people against one another with suspicion, thereby preventing groups of people form gathering to rebel. Itworked better than she had hoped, giving the Churchmore power over Spain's political affairs than desired. In 1492, the year Columbus sailed from Genoa,Italy, the last Moorish kingdom of Grenada fell. Withhis army, Ferdinand drove the remaining Moors to the

sea. As he led his men down a sloping field toward thedistant beach, Ferdinand discovered a sinkhole andthought he heard something within. His men were tofar away to hear his calls, so he entered alone,cautiously. Inside, he found a man, nearly insane, whoattacked him with a fine ebony Salamanca sword.Ferdinand defeated him easily, and took the sword.Immediately his mind was filled with images of conquest and power. He told no one about the find.Before long, Ferdinand learned the secrets of theDarkness Device, which called itself “El Diablo,” and

used its power to dramatically increase the power andinfluence of the Spanish Empire in El Mundo. Thesedays, he stages his death periodically, returning toclaim himself the son of the late King, therebyretaining his rule. He is currently on the eighthincarnation, Ferdinand deFortunato XIII.

Ferdinand still maintains his palace in Spain, but has built a “home-away-from-home” in Cartegena.It lies atop the tallest hill overlooking the heavilyfortified port of Cartegena. From here, he rules hislatest conquest: the Spanish Main. His Armada is the

strongest maritime force on El Mundo. It sends fear into the heart of the most stalwart of enemy captains, be they British Admirals or cunning pirates. The Spanish Main extends from Savannah to NewOrleans, down across the Yucatan, along the northerncoast of South America, and all points between. Stelaeappear as buried treasure, or anchors if at sea. The Law of Swashbuckling : Wild Cards makeAgility or Smarts Tricks at +1.

Nippon Tech

A sleek corporate playground of the near future, Nippon Tech is a stylish, dramatic, and dangerous

realm of intrigue and profit. Like the Cyberpapacy, thereality is a high-tech dystopia, ruled from the top by a

powerful and almost unstoppable force, but instead of a single unified state church, Nippon Tech sags under the weight of overly-empowered corporations, whohave all but outright purchased the feeble government.

Nearly everything has been privatized, converted to profit, or discarded if it doesn't offer the chance for financial gain, and that includes the dregs of society – those who can't or won't work for the corporatemachine. The homeworld, “Marketplace” (the original

name is all but forgotten), is all metropolis. Littlevirgin land remains. Agriculture took to the sea, withvast floating islands which act as extensions of bothurban and rural environments. The Highlord, Ryuichi Kanawa (a.k.a. 3327), hasagreed to participate in the Possibility Wars in aneffort not only to gain possibility energy but also toexploit a new world for its physical riches. Japan


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made a perfect target, not only because of its dense population, but because it has a culture that isstrikingly similar to his own, and the subterfuge of

blending two alike cultures appealed to him. The secret of Nippon Tech is that, hidden behind alabyrinth of legal holdings and false fronts, KanawaIndistries, 3327's own corporation, controls easily80% of all markets. Companies which appear to be in

competition with one another are actually subsidiariesof Kanawa Industries, though the tangled connectionsare often hard to trace or purposefully masked.Corporate police forces keep the peace, though theyare more interested in maintaining order in the clean,wealthy parts of town, where crystal skyscrapers arehost to lavish parties, elite restaurants, and cutthroat

boardroom politics. In the forgotten parts of town,those who have been excluded from the financialmachine have to carve a life out of decaying urbanstructures where crime is high and designer drugs are

manufactured for the cross-town elites. Hackers makea living by cracking banks and stealing identification. Working under the table are the corporate ninjas,hired martial artists who do the dirty work that can't

be accomplished fast enough, or cleanly enough, indaylight. And now, with the sudden explosion of cybernetic enhancements reaching the general public,the lethality of these contract killers has skyrocketed. Nippon Tech covers all of Japan, except thenorthern reaches of Sapporo. The Law of Intrigue: Persuasion attempts using

lies are made at +1. Nearly everyone has a secret goalor allegiance.


The nights are dark and misty and the days gloomy inOrrorsh, the realm of Victorian gothic horror.Spreading like a plague across Europe, from Englandto eastern Europe, this realm of Victorian sensibilitieshides many secrets in its rain-soaked streets. Whispersof horrible things in the night are more than just ghoststories. Fear of the creatures of the night keep the

people of Orrorsh docile, secretive, and deeplyreligious. A pervading but implacable pall of dreadseems to hang over one's shoulders. The British empire is waning in the home world,and in the realm they have very little influence.Though the countries remain the same, the politicalleaders are themselves figureheads, under the control

of the Highlord, The Gaunt Man, who holds court in a brooding castle in the mountains of Romania with hisDarkness Device, Heketon, the Obsidian Heart. Doing his bidding are several powerful andintelligent horrors, collectively known “The HellionCourt.” Each presides over a portion of Orrorsh;

political boundaries are irrelevant, as they aregenerally unconcerned with the whims of mortals.

Scattered about Orrorsh are a veritable host of other horrors. Some have a connection to one or another member of the Hellion Court, but most arelone terrors of the night, staking out an abandonedhouse or weedy graveyard to claim for itself. Horrorsof any stripe can only be eternally destroyed by their “True Death,” a unique method that varies from horror to horror. If not killed this way, they will be reborn innew body after spending a period in a strange afterlifesometimes referred to as the “Waiting Village.” The Law of Fear : The cloud of dread that hangs

over this realm has a way of seeping into thesubconscious. Until the actual identity of a Horror isknown, Fear checks involving it are made at -2.

The Spiritworld

The Spiritworld, or Shen Shi in Chinese, is analternate world from the legends and myths of Chinaand Japan. It is dark, ominous, brooding, and

populated with strange monsters and stranger people.The Emperor, Wang Mo Choy, rules the entire landfrom behind the scenes; he seldom emerges from hisroyal temple, the Huo Palace. Politically, theSpiritworld is a feudal state, and the commonerssupply Choy with everything he and his governorsneed from their hard existence tilling the land. Eventhough the rivers flood annually, spreading silt fromthe mountains across the fields, the soil in theSpiritworld is poor and tainted with the blood (andless healthy ichors) of the men and monsters whohave died there since the dawn of time. The Cosm of the Spiritworld is not a planet as muchas it is a plane. It exists “to the side” of the real world,and it is rumored to be the afterlife of some hugecosm, although if the peasants were once people inthis other cosm, they have long forgotten it. They livein a state just short of despair, trying to make it fromday to day. In most ways, the Spiritworld is identicalto medieval China or Japan: sons are preferred over daughters, land is wealth, and the rich feudal lords


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own nearly everything. The only difference is that thesupernatural are in abundance here, as are the mysticalmartial arts.

Ecologically, the Spiritworld is a place of extremes:in the mountains it is possible to find scenes of majestic beauty, while in the lowlands bushes arescraggly and sparse. In the lowlands the sky is almostalways overcast, and the blood-red sun gives it acrimson glow. Away from the river valleys are huge,impenetrable forests and bamboo groves roamed byterrible monsters and ghosts.

Wang Mo Choy was once the kindest of allEmperors. He ruled, along with the rest of his family,from their Palace of the Sun in Kungshu province.Then one day, while he was strolling in the massive

palace gardens, he happened upon a tranquil Koi pondhe had never before seen. As he made to sit down

beside the pond, one of the Koi came to the surfaceand spoke to him, saying it knew where Choy couldfind a treasure greater than any of his own. Choyscoffed at the fish. No one in all the land had finer treasures and art than the Imperial family! It beckoned

him to follow it, and so he did, stripping off his gownand wading into the pool. The fish led him beneath a bridge into a mossycave which extended back some distance. Choy never knew there was so much to his garden! The fish ledon, and Choy emerged from the cave in a strange land,where the cloudy sky glowed red and the dead wereimpaled on posts beside every road. At first shocked

by this, he followed the Koi to the edge of the pond,

where he could see a magnificent palace. Thereappeared to be nobody about, so Choy walked into the

palace. Upon a velvet cushion sat a great black dragonstatue which seemed to speak to him as though withits own voice. He took the statue back with him through the caveto his palace. The magicians there warned him not tohave anything to do with it; to take it back through the

cave and put it back in the mysterious palace. At first,he thought nothing could come of it, then as he beganto be swayed by the Darkness Device, which calleditself “Feng,” and receive powers from it, he becameafraid. He tried to return it, but the talking fish wasgone and the cave now led only a few yards back. In ashort while, Feng began to change the way the youngEmperor thought and the land began to show this.Strange monsters, seeming to come straight fromsuperstition, began to arise in the land. The earth gaveless, even when tilled more. Clouds covered the sky as

the sun changed subtly in color. And before he knewit, Wang Mo Choy was the Emperor of theSpiritworld.

Today, Wang Mo Choy is old and withered, but heis still as spry as when he was a young man, twothousand years ago. The peasants do not question hisimmortality, nor do his servants and governors. He isvery tall, and dresses in the finest embroideries in theworld. His palace in the cosm of the Spiritworld is amaze through which only his closest advisor, servants,and himself know the way. He has taken up residence

in the majestic palace in Peking. The axiom washtransformed huge portions within its walls into alabyrinthe which is haunted by horrible creatures. The invading realm covers almost all of easternChina, from Taiwan to Peking. The stelae appear asstone lanterns. The Law of Wuxia : Infused with magic, martialarts are much more powerful in the Spiritworld. TheUnarmed Defender rule does not apply in this realm.

Tex Arcana

Tex Arcana is a realm of gunfights, border towns,outlaws, train robbers, wild “Indians,” and the occult.Life is rough in the frontier towns; though ordinaryfolk try to eke out a living ranching or farming, theyare constantly plagued by rustlers and highwaymen.Only the fittest can survive the mean spirited townsdotting the deserts and scrublands. A weird magic


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pulses underneath everyday life; shamanisticspellcasters are common in the native populations andnew Weird Science inventions are all the rage. The Cosm is named Frontier, since that’s what it is.Much of the world is identical to our own in the early1800s, but due to a rise in the Pacific continental

plate, North America keeps going another threethousand miles beyond where our California lies. The

Lewis and Clark expedition took twelve years tocomplete, and brought back news of two moremassive mountain ranges past the Rockies, andanother major river the size of the Mississippi. The highlord, “Black” Jack Sterling (or “The Manin Black”), is an enigma. He walked out of the desertone day and began an empire of crime unparalleled inFrontier. He is a crack shot with his two revolvers,

Lawbreaker and Widowmaker , and his face is perpetually obscured by shadows. He usually travelswith one or both of his two “deputies.” One is named

the Undertaker and is a thin, tall man who wears “thecloth,” like a pastor. He wears a huge wide-brimmedhat pulled low over his brow to conceal his blank white eyes. Despite being blind, he is a legendarygunslinger, second only to Sterling himself. Thesecond “deputy” is the Desperado, a cruel Mexicanwho wears a mojave-style sarape and looks for anyexcuse to kill. The third general is The Hangman, adapper Englishman in a bowler hat and vest, armedwith a weird science rifle. Sterling's Darkness Deviceis thought to be his Marshal badge, a five-pointed

black star with the points inverted, like a pentagram. The cosm of Frontier and the realms of Texarkanaare connected by maelstrom bridges which appear asmassive train trestles extending upward into a hole inthe air. Sterling has actually set up a train systemwhich transports objects along this rail back and forthon the bridges alone. However, there are tracksleading from regular train routes to the maelstrom

bridge as well. On Earth, the realm covers much of the AmericanWest, including some of northern Mexico. The stelae

appear as hanging trees, often with an old enemy of Stirling's swinging from the rope. The Law of Melodrama : Life in Tex Arcana isoverly dramatic. Wild Cards may make one last actionupon being Incapacitated.

Outside Cosms

The Possibility Wars are not isolated, nor are theytrivial. A few denizens of other realities that exist in

parallel portions of the infiniverse may be aware of what is happening, and send envoys to see what theycan do to help or to explore joining in the fray. Allthey need is a motivation and a means of getting toCore Earth (and hopefully back!), like an EternityShard's Gate power. Gamemasters may also wish to introduce invadingrealms of their own design. There are severalexcellent game worlds by Pinnacle and other licenseesthat would make interesting invading realms for Torg.


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Torg Bestiary Below are some of the more common enemies in thePossibility Wars. The reality from which each creatureoriginates is included in parentheses after its name.Wild Cards are marked with crossed swords .k

Battle Nun (Cyberpapacy)Attributes : Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strengthd6, Vigor d6Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d8, Faith d8, Intimidationd8, Notice d8, Piloting d8, Shooting d10.Pace : 6; Parry : 7; Toughness : 10 (4), Charisma : 0Gear: Power Armor (+4), GodMeeter (15/30/60, 1-3d6, ROF 1, 24 shots, Semi-Auto).Special Abilities:• Cyborg: Boost one attribute by a die type and gainone free cybernetic implant. May take up to Vigor diein cybernetic implants before reaching physical limit.Suffers a -2 penalty to Notice checks to sense themental or emotional states of others, -2 Charisma.• Arcane Resistance: Armor 2 vs. magic, +2 to resist• Champion: +2 damage/toughness vs. other faiths

• Holy Warrior: May spend 1 Power Point to repulseor destroy supernaturally evil creatures.• Arcane Background (Miracles): 10 Power Points,and two of the following powers: armor, banish, bolt,deflection, dispel, environmental protection, healing,

smite, succor, and stun.• Cybernetic Implants : Aqualung (breatheunderwater, ignore toxic gases), Adrenalin Booster

(+1 to recover from Shaken), Bullet-Timer (+1 toDodge, unless opponent has The Drop), OpticalSystem (gain Infravision), Reflex Booster (+1 Parry),SmartWeapon (+1 damage with linked weapon).• Battle Armor : Each Battle nun has a special battlearmor suit with rocket flight (Acceleration 15, TopSpeed 100) and a shoulder-mounted GWI GodMeeter.The suit is linked to her DNA signature and self-destructs (3d6 damage, large blast radius) if stolen.

Benthe (Living Land)Benthe are flying, amoeba-like parasites thatspecialize in emitting pheromones, allowing them tomanipulate their host's emotions and behavior.Attributes : Agility d12, Smarts d10 (A), Spirit d8,Strength d4-2, Vigor d4Skills : Pheromones d12, Fighting d10, Notice d8,Persuasion d12, Riding d12, Stealth d10, Survivald10, Tracking d8.Pace : Fly 8; Parry : 0; Toughness : 4Special Abilities: • Improved Dodge : Opponents are at -2 to hit a

benthe when it is aware of their presence.• Pheromones : To affect a target, a benthe must firstattach itself, which requires a touch attack roll. Oncesecured, it emits mind-altering hormones by rolling itsPheromones skill, opposed by the host's Spirit check.If successful, it effectively gains the Puppet power,able to control the behavior of the host bymanipulating their emotions. This effect lastsindefinitely, but the host is allowed to make another roll if impelled to perform a self-destructive act.Being dominated by a benthe isn't entirely bad – thehost can use the benthe's Pheromones skill to resistFear and against Taunt or Intimidation attempts.• Slow : On a solid surface or underwater, a benthe canonly move at a Pace 1, and can’t run.• Size: Benthe are fist-sized, so suffer -2 toToughness, but attacks made against them are at -2due to size.


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Bokor (Spanish Main)Where the hougan and mambo revere the Loa and ask them for favors, some instead steal power from theLoa. These are bokor , sorcerers whose techniques areconsidered black magic.Attributes : Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d6, Strengthd6, Vigor d8Skills : Healing d8, Knowledge (Arcana) d10, Noticed6, Persuasion d8, Spellcasting d10.Pace : 6; Parry : 4; Toughness : 6Gear : Dagger (Str+d4), Duppy Eye drogue (DetectArcana) with 7 Power Points, Shrunken Head drogue(Fear) with 7 Power Points, Voodoo Doll drogue(Puppet) of a major character with 7 points, bottle of rum.Special Abilities:• Arcane Background (Magic): The bokor has 15Power Points and knows five of the following spells:banish, blind, boost/lower trait, confusion, deflection,drain power points, fear, puppet, slow, succor , and

zombie.• Create Drogue: May create magical charm once per session.

Corporate CyberNinja (Nippon Tech)Corporate Ninjas are specially-trained assassinationand stealth units in the employ of powerfulcorporations.Attributes : Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strengthd6, Vigor d8Skills : Climbing d8, Fighting d8+1, Intimidation d4,Lockpicking d8, Notice d8+2, Stealth d12, Streetwised6, Throwing d8, Tracking d6.Pace : 6; Parry : 8; Toughness : 8Gear : Ninja-to sword (Str+d6+1), Shuriken (Str,5/10/20, throw multiple at a time with a cumulative -1

penalty per each, up to -4), Silenced Pistol (12/24/48,2d6, ROF 1, AP1, Semi-Auto); Armor +1.Special Abilities:• Martial Artist : Opponents do not gain unarmedopponent bonus, and unarmed damage increases toStr+d4.• Alertness: +2 Notice• Quick : Discard a draw of 5 or less.• Acrobat: +2 to nimbleness-based Agility rolls, and+1 to Parry when unencumbered.• Block: Parry +1• Cybernetic Implants : Skill Enhancer (+1 Fighting),Light Bender (+2 Stealth, move half Pace), Bullet-

Timer (+1 to Dodge, unless opponent has The Drop),Aqualung (May breathe underwater, ignore toxicgases), Body Augmentation (+1 Toughness), OpticalSystem (Gain Infravision), SmartWeapon (+1 damagewith ninja-to).

Cyberpriest (Cyberpapacy)Cyberpriests are usually found accompanying ChurchInquisitors on missions for the Cyberpope.Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d10,Strength d6, Vigor d6.Skills: Driving d6, Fighting d6, Faith d8, Intimidationd8, Investigation d8, Knowledge (Cosm) d8, Noticed10, Persuasion d8, Shooting d6, Taunt d8.Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 9, Charisma: 0Gear: HallowMesh armor (+4, torso only),GodMeeter (15/30/60, 1-3d6, ROF 1, 24 shots, Semi-Auto).Special Abilities:• Cyborg : Boost one attribute by a die type and gainone free cybernetic implant. May take up to Vigor diein cybernetic implants before reaching physical limit.Suffers a -2 penalty to Notice checks to sense themental or emotional states of others, -2 Charisma.• Arcane Resistance: Armor 2 vs. magic, +2 to resist• Champion: +2 damage/toughness vs. other faiths• Exorcist: +4 to opposed Spirit or Faith checks vs.evil• Holy Warrior: May spend 1 Power Point to repulseor destroy supernaturally evil creatures.• Arcane Background (Miracles): 20 Power Points,and three of the following powers: armor, banish,boost/lower trait, detect or conceal arcana, dispel,healing, smite, succor, and stun.• Cybernetic Implants : Adrenalin Booster (+1 torecover from Shaken), Bullet-Timer (+1 to Dodge,unless opponent has The Drop), DataRec (Recordaudio/video), Tool Mount (GodMeeter installed incyber hand), Vision Enhancement (+2 to sight-based

Notice checks).

Edeinos Warrior (Living Land)Edeinos are the lizardman-like race that make up thevast population of the Living Land. They are fierceand dedicated warriors.Attributes : Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strengthd6, Vigor d6Skills : Climbing d6, Fighting d6, Notice d6+2, Ridingd4, Stealth d6, Survival d8, Swimming d4+2,


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Throwing d6, Tracking d8Pace : 6; Parry : 6; Toughness : 5Gear: Spear (Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1)Special Abilities:• Outsider : Charisma -2 with non-Edeinos.• Natural Weapons : Use tail, claws, or teeth incombat as weapons, doing Str+d4.• Natural Swimmers : Tails give +2 to Swimming

checks, swimming Pace equal to land.• Saurian Senses : Edeinos can “taste” the air,granting them +2 to Notice checks, and making them“active” when consulting Stealth checks.• Pain Lover : Edeinos consider pain a gift fromLanala, so gain the Improved Nerves of Steel Edge.

Edeinos Optant (Living Land)Optants are the holy priests of the Edeinos, priests of Life dedicated to Lanala.Attributes : Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strengthd6, Vigor d6Skills : Arcane: Faith d8, Climbing d6, Fighting d6,

Notice d8+2, Riding d4, Stealth d6, Survival d10,Swimming d4+2, Throwing d6, Tracking d8Pace : 6; Parry : 6; Toughness : 5Gear : Spear (Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1)Special Abilities:• Outsider : Charisma -2 with non-Edeinos.• Natural Weapons : Use tail, claws, or teeth incombat as weapons, doing Str+d4.• Natural Swimmers : Tails give +2 to Swimmingchecks, swimming Pace equal to land.• Saurian Senses : Edeinos can “taste” the air,granting them +2 to Notice checks, and making them“active” when consulting Stealth checks.• Pain Lover : Edeinos consider pain a gift fromLanala, so gain the Improved Nerves of Steel Edge.• Champion: +2 damage/toughness vs. other faiths.• Arcane Background (Miracles) : The optant has 10

power points and knows five of the followingmiracles: barrier, beast-friend, blind, boost/lower trait, burrow, confusion, entangle, environmental

protection, fear, healing, puppet, shape change, slumber and s peed .

Gospog (Any) Based on “Gospogs” by Jasyn Jones, copyright ©2006. The original article can be found online at Gospogs are all-purpose universal soldiers of the

Highlords, terrible corruptions of a human body. Theyare created by inserting a “transformation seed” into aliving host. The host must make a Vigor check toresist the transformation seed. If they fail, during thenext week their mind and body change in anagonizing, terrible process which melds their realitywith the seed’s reality. The seed can be removed, butdoing so is almost worse.

In the end, the gospog will look different,depending upon which reality implanted the seed, buthave the same base abilities.Aysle : created by being shot or stabbed with a specialrune-inscribed blade, and appear as their former selveswith fire burning inside their hollow bodies.Living Land : created by making victims swallow aspecial seed, and appear as walking humanoid plants.Spanish Main : created by holding the victim’s mouthopen while a tiny unnatural-looking crab crawls downthe throat, and appear as waterlogged zombie sailors.

Nile Empire : created by shooting victims with aheavy-duty weird science laser rifle, and appear as

brutish neanderthals.


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Nippon Tech: created by installing a special chip intoa small processor in the victim’s skull, but their baseappearance is not changed.Orrorsh : created by a small black amoeba whichenters the victim’s body, and appear as themselves butwith black soulless eyes.Spiritworld : created by attaching a piece of rice paper inscribed with an evil symbol to the victim’s forehead,

and appear as quick-moving zombies with pupil-lesswhite eyes.Tex Arcana: created by shooting victim with aspecially enchanted bullet, and appear as walkingcorpses in Civil War uniforms.Attributes : Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strengthd6, Vigor d12Skills : Climbing d6, Fighting d6, Notice d6, Shootingd6, Stealth d4, Throwing d6.Pace : 6; Parry : 5; Toughness : 8Gear : One ranged and one hand weapon, appropriate

to the gospog’s reality.Special Abilities:• Unstoppable : Gospog are immune to shaken effectsfrom damage, but they can be stunned. They are not

prone to fatigue damage.• Unswayable : Gospog are immune to the effects of Taunt and Intimidation.• Unnatural: The transformation process hasfundamentally changed the victim's body so thatinternal organs no longer function. Gospog don'tsuffer additional damage from called shots, and do not

suffer from poison or disease.

k Highlord (Any)Though Highlords from each reality will have realm-specific differences, most share commonalities. Thestatistics below are for a “typical” Highlord., if such athing exists. GMs should add Edges and skills asappropriate. High Lords have a nearly limitless supplyof Bennies as long as they are connected to their Darkness Devices.Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d12+2, Spirit d12+2,Strength d12, Vigor d12+1Skills: Fighting d12+1, Intimidation d12+2,Investigation d10, Knowledge (Reality Theory)d12+2, Knowledge (Cosm) d12+2, Reality d12+2,

Notice d12+2, Persuasion d12, Stealth d10, Tauntd10+2. Most other skills at d8, and realm-specificskills at d10 or higher.Pace: 6; Parry: 11; Toughness: 11.

Special Abilities:• Alertness: +2 Notice• Arrogant: Must humiliate opponent, challenge“leader”• Overconfident: Believes he/she can do anything.• Improved Arcane Resistance: Armor 4 vs. magic,+4 to resist magic effects.• Improved Block: Parry +2• Combat Reflexes: +2 to recover from Shaken• Command: +1 to troops recovering from beingShaken• Common Bond: May give Bennies to allies• Danger Sense: Notice at -2 to detect surprise attacks• Improved Dodge: -2 to be hit with ranged attacks• Fervor: +1 melee damage to troops in command• Improved First Strike: May attack every foe whomoves adjacent• Improved Frenzy: 1 extra Fighting attack with no


• Harder to Kill: 50% chance of surviving “death”• Hold the Line!: Troops have +1 Toughness• Inspire: +1 to Spirit rolls of all troops in command• Improved Level-Headed: Act on best of three cards• Improved Nerves of Steel: Ignore 2 points of wound penalties• No Mercy: May spend Bennies on damage rolls• Master: Wild Die is d10 for Reality skill• Quick : Discard draw of 5 or less for new card• Improved Sweep: Attack all adjacent foes at no


• Strong Willed: +2 to Intimidate and Taunt, +2 toresist• Improved Tough as Nails: Toughness +2• Fear: Anyone in the presence of a highlord mustmake a Fear check at -4.• Hardy: Highlords do not suffer wounds frommultiple Shaken results• Fast Regeneration: As long as a highlord isconnected to its darkness device, he makes a Vigor check every round to heal any damage he hassustained. He also adds +2 to Spirit rolls to recover

from Shaken.• Reality Scholar: Knowledge: Possibility Theorychecks are made at +1, and the highlord may make a

Notice check to determine the powers of an EternityShard.• Aggressive Reality: +1 to Reality rolls during areality storm• Persistent Reality: Make reconnection checks at +1


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trait, confusion, disguise, entangle, environmental protection, fear, healing, puppet, shape change, slumber and s peed . Vows and tenets.• Giant Killer: +1d6 damage against large creatures.

Keefee Warrior (Living Land)Fighters, protectors, and hunters of the tiny Keefee,these warriors are quick and deadly underfoot.Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d4, Spirit d4,Strength d4, Vigor d8Skills: Fighting d10, Climbing d10, Notice d6, Ridingd6, Stealth d8+2, Survival d10+2, Swimming d6,Throwing d6, Tracking d8+2.Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 5.Gear: Spear (Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1)Special Abilities:• Size: Keefee are only a foot tall, so suffer -2 toToughness, but attacks made against them are at -2due to size.• Danger Sense: Notice at -2 to detect surprise attacks• Giant Killer: +1d6 damage against large creatures.• Tough as Nails : +1 Toughness• Woodsman: +2 Tracking, Survival and Stealth• Quick: Discard a draw of 5 or less• Dodge : -1 to be hit with ranged attacks

Martial Artist (Spiritworld)These stats are for the hordes of warriors trained inmartial arts that function as the private armies of more

powerful Wuxia villains. They do not know Wuxia.Attributes : Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strengthd6, Vigor d8Skills : Fighting d8, Notice d4, Stealth d6, Throwingd8Pace : 6; Parry : 7; Toughness : 6Gear : Kung-Fu sword (Str+d8)Special Abilities:• Martial Artist : Opponents do not gain unarmedopponent bonus, and unarmed damage increases toStr+d4.• Combat Reflexes: +2 to recover from Shaken• Block : Parry increased by +1.

k Ravagon Lieutenant (Orrosh)Ravagons are flying saurians from a world conquered

by the Gaunt Man. He uses them as assassins andinfiltrators, especially preferring to send them intoworlds he plans to invade on scouting or stelae-

planting missions, due to their ability to resist other

realities.Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d10,Strength d8, Vigor d10Skills: Fighting d10, Intimidation d10, Knowledge:Reality Theory d6, Notice d8, Reality d8, Stealth d10,Survival d8, Tracking d8.Pace: 6, Fly 6; Parry : 8; Toughness: 9.Gear: None.Special Abilities:• Armor: +2 Toughness from leathery hide.• Natural Weapons: Use wings, claws, or teeth incombat as weapons, doing Str+d4.• Saurian Senses: Ravagons can “taste” the air,granting them +2 to Notice checks, and making them“active” when consulting Stealth checks.• Quick: Redraw initiative on draw of 5 or less.• Block: Gain +1 to Parry.• Command: Allies gain +1 to resist being Shaken.• Hardy: Multiple Shaken results don't add wound

levels.• Aggressive Reality: Make Reality checks at +1during reality storms.• Persistent Reality: +1 on reconnection checks +1.• Combat Reflexes: +2 to recover from Shaken.

Shocktrooper (Nile Empire)The soldiers of Dr. Mobius’ army, shocktroopers

provide muscle in numbers, rather than through experttraining.Attributes : Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strengthd6, Vigor d6Skills : Fighting d6, Notice d4, Riding d4, Shootingd6, Stealth d4, Survival d4, Swimming d4Pace : 6; Parry : 5; Toughness : 5Gear : Colt Dragoon (12/24/48, 2d6+1, ROF 1),Tommygun (12/24/48, 2d6+1, ROF 3, AP1, Auto)

k Shocktrooper C.O. (Nile Empire)A typical commanding officer is in a position of authority over a platoon of shocktroopers (about 20).He is the strongest and best trained of his kind.Attributes : Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strengthd8, Vigor d8Skills : Fighting d8, Notice d6, Reality d6, Riding d6,Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Survival d6, Swimming d4Pace : 6; Parry : 6; Toughness : 6Gear : Colt Dragoon (12/24/48, 2d6+1, ROF 1)Tommygun (12/24/48, 2d6+1, ROF 3, AP1, Auto)


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Special Abilities:• Command : +1 to troops recovering from Shaken• Hold the Line!: Troops gain +1 to Toughness• Command Presence: Command radius extends 10”

Stalenger (Living Land)Stalengers (“flying starfish” to Core Earthers) are arace of friendly, if odd, creatures from a conqueredworld. They fly by expelling air through a central

pump, and manipulate objects by using long tentacles.Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strengthd4, Vigor d8Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d8, Stealth d8, Survivald10.Pace: Fly 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 3Special Abilities:• Flight : Stalengers can fly at a base Pace of 10”, androll a d10 instead of a d6 when “running.”• Echolocation : By emitting supersonic clicks,stalengers can sense their environment. They ignoreattack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.• Tentacles : Several small, retractable tentacleslocated under the body act as the stalenger's arms.These grant one extra non-movement action with nomulti-action penalty.• Empath : Stalengers are known for their sensitivityto others' emotions. They gain a +2 to Notice checksmade to determine the emotional state of others.• Lightweight : Thin, transparent skin lowers their Toughness by -1.• Illiterate : Since they are without eyes, stalengerscannot read. Even braille is an impossibility.

Techno-Demon (Orrorsh)Thratchen brought some of these monsters with himwhen helped the Gaunt Man invade.Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d10,Strength d12, Vigor d8.Skills: Fighting d10, Intimidation d8, Interface d8,Knowledge: Reality Theory d6, Notice d6, Shootingd6, Spellcasting d8, Stealth d4, Streetwise d6,Survival d6, Taunt d6, Tracking d8.Pace: 6, Fly 6; Parry: 8; Toughness: 9.Gear: Laser Pistol (15/30/60, 1-3d6, ROF 1, Shots 24,Semi-Auto).Special Abilities:• Armor: +2 Toughness from demonic hide• Natural Weapons: Talons or bite in combat asweapons, doing Str+d6.

• Combat Reflexes: +2 to recover from Shaken• Berserk • Cyborg: Boost one attribute by a die type and gainone free cybernetic implant. May take up to Vigor diein cybernetic implants before reaching physical limit.Suffers a -2 penalty to Notice checks to sense themental or emotional states of others, -2 Charisma.• Brawny: Toughness +1, load limit is 8 x Str

• Cybernetic Implants : Bullet-Timer (+1 to Dodge,unless opponent has The Drop), Subdermal Grafts (+1Armor bonus across body), Optical System (OpticalSystem: Gain Infravision Monstrous Ability), VoxSynth (Modify or replicate voice, for +2 to Trick tests), Environment Adapter (+2 to Vigor rolls for heator cold), Uplink (Connect mentally to computers or the internet), Cyber Arms (Load Limit 10x Strength,+2 melee damage), Reflex Booster (+1 Parry).

k Wuxia Master (Spiritworld)This is a typical villain from the Spiritworld. ManyWuxia masters also have Arcane Backround (Magic)and Spellcasting at d8 along with five or more powers.Attributes : Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strengthd8, Vigor d10Skills : Arcane: Chi d12, Climbing d6, Fighting d12,Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Reality d8, Stealth d8,Taunt d6, Throwing d8Pace : 6; Parry : 9; Toughness : 7Gear : Kung-Fu sword (Str+d8), Weighted Scarf (Str+d4), Combat Fan (Str+d4)Special Abilities:• Improved Martial Artist : Opponents do not gainunarmed opponent bonus, and unarmed damageincreases to Str+d6.• Combat Reflexes: +2 to recover from Shaken• Frenzy : Warrior may an extra attack per round at a-2 penalty to all Fighting rolls.• Block: Parry increased by +1.• Quick: Discard draw of 5 or less for new card• Nerves of Steel: Ignore 1 point. of wound penalties.• Two-Fisted: Make two separate attack rolls andignore multi-action penalties.• Wuxia: Move at Pace on vertical surfaces and inlong graceful leaps.


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Non-Player Characters

These complete, 0 XP Novice characters can be usedas pregenerated characters, contacts, or cohorts.

k CaymosAyslish Ice Mage

Attributes : Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strengthd4, Vigor d4Skills : Fighting d4, Healing d6, Investigation d6,Knowledge (Arcana) d10, Notice d8, Reality d8,Riding d4, Spellcasting d10Pace : 6; Parry : 4; Toughness : 4, Charisma: 0Gear : Staff (Str+d4, Parry +1, Reach 1, Hands 2)Special Abilities: • Arcane Background (Magic) : 15 Power Points.Has the Armor , Bolt , and Summon Ally Powers, withcold trappings.

• Wizard : Each raise on a Spellcasting roll reducesthe spell's cost by 1 point.• Elderly : Reduced Pace, Strength, Vigor; gain 5 extraskill points.• Minor Phobia : -2 on Trait tests around open flame.• Cautious : Hesitant, afraid to make rash decisions.

k Jack SwiftTex Arcana GunslingerAttributes : Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strengthd6, Vigor d6Skills : Fighting d6, Intimidation d6, Notice d6,Reality d6, Riding d8, Shooting d10Pace : 6; Parry : 5; Toughness : 5; Charisma : -1Gear : 2x Colt (2d6+1, Revolver), Bowie Knife(Str+d4)Special Abilities: • Quick Draw : may draw weapon as free action• Quirk : Quick to challenge others to a duel.• Minor Habit : Spits chew everywhere he goes.• Loyal : Will never leave anyone behind.

“k The Spider” (Masud Hassan)Nile Empire Super HeroAttributes : Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strengthd6, Vigor d6Skills : Climbing d8, Fighting d6, Notice d8, Realityd6, Stealth d8, Wall Walker d6Pace : 6; Parry : 5; Toughness : 5; Charisma : 0Gear : Lariat (Str+1, target loses -2 Parry with raise,

Range 2, -1 Parry), knife (Str+d4)Special Abilities: • Acrobat : +2 to nimbleness-based Agility rolls; +1Parry if unencumbered.• Arcane Background (Super Powers) : 20 power

points; Wall Walker Power.• Weakness (Minor) : Cold attacks do +4 damage.• Enemy (Minor) : The supervillain “Anubis.”

k Keiko TanakaNippon Tech Reality ScientistRace: HumanAttributes : Agility d6, Smarts d12, Spirit d4, Strengthd4, Vigor d4Skills : Investigation d4, Knowledge (Reality Theory)d6+2, Knowledge (Science) d10+2, Notice d8,Reality d4, Repair d8, Shooting d4Pace : 6; Parry : 2; Toughness : 3; Charisma : 0Gear: ZIIP77z (12/24/48, 2d6+1, +1 concealment)Special Abilities: • Cybernetic Implant : DataRec (record up to 12hours of HD audio/video, store data).• Scholar : +2 to two Knowledge skills.• McGyver : Take no penalties on Trait rolls for lack of tools, can create minor devices with minimal tools.• Curious : She can't help seeking more information.• Small : Keiko is waifish and delicate. -1 Toughness.

k "Lug-Nut" JohnnyCore Earth Transformed EdeinosAttributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strengthd6, Vigor d6Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d6, Knowledge (Science)d10, Lockpicking d4, Piloting d4, Repair d10Pace : 6; Parry : 5; Toughness : 5; Charisma : 0Gear : Toolkit, Crowbar (Str+d4)Special Abilities:• McGyver : Take no penalties on Trait rolls for lack of tools, can create minor devices with minimal tools.• Outsider : Edeinos are reviled for their cruelty andalien nature. They suffer a -2 Charisma penalty.• Natural Weapons : The tails, teeth, and claws of anEdeinos can be used in combat for Str+d4 damage.• Keen Senses : Edeinos' tongues can “taste” the air,giving them +2 to Notice rolls. They are alwaysconsidered active guards for Stealth checks.• Cold Blooded : Edeinos are accustomed to thesteamy jungles of the Living Land. They suffer a -4

penalty to resist cold environmental effects.


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k Chu XiangSpiritworld AdeptAttributes : Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strengthd6, Vigor d6Skills : Faith d6, Fighting d10, Intimidation d6, Noticed4, Reality d8, Stealth d6Pace : 6; Parry : 7; Toughness : 5; Charisma : 0Gear : “Falling Rain” sword (str+d6+2, AP 1), knife(str+d4)Special Abilities: • Code of Honor : Character adheres to strict code of truth and propriety.• Arcane Background (Miracles) : 10 Power Points.Has the Deflection and Smite powers.• Adept : Unarmed attacks do str+d4 damage; may use

powers as a free action when cast only on self.

k Jonathan Hall

Orrorsh Vampire HunterAttributes : Agility d4, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strengthd6, Vigor d8Skills : Faith d8, Fighting d6, Knowledge (Occult) d8,Reality d4, Shooting d6Pace : 6; Parry : 6; Toughness : 6; Charisma : -1Gear : Crossbow (2d6, 15/30/60, ROF 1, AP 2, 1action to reload), knife hidden in crucifix (Str+d4)Special Abilities: • Holy Warrior : May spend 1 Power Point to repulseor destroy supernaturally evil creatures.• Arcane Background (Miracles) : 10 Power Points.Has the Deflection and Smite powers. Minor sin:Eating meat. Major sin: Fail to protect the innocent.Mortal sin: Engage in evil act.• Major Habit : Addicted to opium.

k Marie LaBourgesSpanish Main MusketeerAttributes : Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strengthd4, Vigor d6Skills : Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d4, Riding

d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Reality d6Pace : 6; Parry : 6; Toughness : 5; Charisma : 0Gear : Rapier (str+d4, Parry +1), dagger (str+d4),extra shot and powder Special Abilities: • Code of Honor : Upholds the law and acts like agentlewoman at all times.• Heroic : Always helps those in need.• Musketeer: May reload firearm in a single action.

• Fencing Academy (Academie NationaleFrançais) : +1 Fighting when performing disarm or entangle maneuver, +2 to agility tricks.• Two Fisted: May attack separately with a weapon ineach hand without the multi-action penalty.

k Jean “Le Hérétique” AllendeCyberpapacy TerroristAttributes : Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strengthd4, Vigor d6Skills : Driving d4, Fighting d4, Lockpicking d4,

Notice d6, Shooting d8, Streetwise d6, Tracking d6,Reality d4, Hacking d8.Pace : 6; Parry : 4; Toughness : 8 (1); Charisma : 0Gear : FN Jammer Wrist Gun (2d4+2, 10/20/40, ROF1, +2 concealment), GWI GodMeeter (2d6+1,12/24/48, ROF 1, explosive shells +d4, semi-auto),knife (str+d4+2), PlexiFlex armor (negates AP 2).Special Abilities: • Wanted : Sought by the cyberpapacy for crimesagainst the Church.• Arcane Sensitivity : -2 to Trait rolls against magic,+2 to magical damage.• Cybernetic Implants: Weapon Link (+1 damagewith linked GodMeeter), Adrenalin booster (+1 torecover from Shaken), Cyber arms (load limitincreases to 10x strength, +2 melee damage).

k Tam-TamLiving Land Keefee WarriorAttributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strengthd4, Vigor d8Skills: Fighting d8, Climbing d4, Notice d6, Ridingd4, Stealth d6+2, Survival d6+2, Throwing d6,Tracking d6+2.Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 5; Charisma : 0Gear: Spear (Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1)Special Abilities:• Size: Keefee are only a foot tall, so suffer -2 toToughness, but attacks made against them are at -2due to size.• Overconfident : Believes he can do anything.• Woodsman : +2 Tracking, Survival and Stealth.• Underfoot : A tiny race in a land of monsters, theKeefee are accomplished at fighting creatures larger than themselves. They all gain the Giant Killer Edgefor free, gaining +1d6 damage when attackingcreatures of size +1 or greater.


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Axioms and World Laws

Realm Magic Social Spirit Tech World Laws

Aysle 6 2 4 2 The Law of Magic

Core Earth 1 4 1 4 The Law of Ingenuity

The Living Land 0 1 6 0 The Law of Savagery

The Nile Empire 2 4 4 3 The Law of Drama

Nippon Tech 0 4 0 5 The Law of Intrigue

Orrorsh 2 3 4 3 The Law of Fear

The Cybepapacy 3 2 4 5 The Law of Heresy

The Spanish Main 3 4 4 3 The Law of Swashbuckling

Spiritworld 5 2 4 2 The Law of Wuxia

Tex Arcana 4 3 2 3 Law of Melodrama Reality Storm Results Table


D e

f e n

d e r

Critical Failure Failure Success Raise


Push. Pot loses 2Bennies. Storm radiusdecreases by half.

Pot loses 1 Benny.Storm radius decreases

by half.

Pot gains 1 Benny.Storm grows by x2.

Transform. Winner gains contents of the

pot, storm fades away.

Failure Pot loses 1 Benny.Storm radius decreases

by half.

Push. Pot loses 1 Benny.Storm stays the samesize.

Pot does not grow.Storm grows by x2.

Pot gains 2 Bennies.Storm grows by x5.

Success Pot gains 1 Benny.Storm grows by x2.

Pot does not grow.Storm grows by x2.

Push. Pot loses noBennies. Storm staysthe same size.

Pot gains 2 Bennies.Storm grows by x2.

Raise Transform. Winner gains contents of the

pot, storm fades away.

Pot gains 2 Bennies.Storm grows by x5.

Pot gains 2 Bennies.Storm grows by x2.

Push. Pot gains 1Benny. Storm staysthe same size.

Savage Savage

Page 48: Savage Torg V4

7/17/2019 Savage Torg V4 48/48

The Near Now...Later today, early tomorrow, sometime next week, theworld began to end...

Though West End Games' classic roleplaying game Torgmay no longer exist, the fun doesn't have to end! This

Netbook is designed to assist Gamemasters and playerswho wish to run the game Torg using the Savage Worldsrules. Herein you will find an update as well as anadaptation. It's time to dust off that Nile Empire rocket

pack and brush up on one's Reality skill!