scaler waves and human mobius coil system

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Scalar Waves and the Human Mbius Coil SystemScalar field Scalar wave create a scalar field such as temperature or pressure, where intensity of the field is graphically represented by intensity of the color. In mathematics and physics, a scalar field associates a scalar value to every point in a space. The scalar may either be a mathematical number, or a physical quantity. Scalar fields are required to be coordinateindependent. This implies that any two observers using the same units will agree on the value of the scalar field at the same point in space (or spacetime). Examples used in physics include the temperature distribution throughout space, the pressure distribution in a fluid, and spin-zero quantum fields, such as the Higgs field. These fields are the subject of scalar field theory.

Scaler Waves

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Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System

DefinitionMathematically, a scalar field on a region U is a real or complex-valued function or distribution on U. The region U may be a set in some Euclidean space, Minkowski space, or more generally a subset of a manifold, and it is typical in mathematics to impose further conditions on the field, such that it be continuous or often continuously differentiable to some order. A scalar field is a tensor field of order zero, and the term "scalar field" may be used to distinguish a function of this kind with a more general tensor field, density, or differential form. Physically, a scalar field is additionally distinguished by having units of measurement associated with it. In this context, a scalar field should also be independent of the coordinate system used to describe the physical systemthat is, any two observers using the same units must agree on the numerical value of a scalar field at any given point of physical space. Scalar fields are contrasted with other physical quantities such as vector fields, which associate a vector to everyScaler Waves and Fields Page 2

Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System point of a region, as well as tensor fields and spinor fields. More subtly, scalar fields are often contrasted with pseudoscalar fields.

Uses in physicsIn physics, scalar fields often describe the potential energy associated with a particular force. The force is a vector field, which can be obtained as the gradient of the potential energy scalar field. Examples include: Potential fields, such as the Newtonian gravitational potential, or the electric potential in electrostatics, are scalar fields which describe the more familiar forces. Temperature, humidity or pressure field, such as those are used in meteorology as well.

Quantum theory and relativityScaler Field is used in Quantum Field Theory. A scalar field is associated with spin-0 particles. The scalar field may be real or complex valued. Complex scalar fields represent charged particles. TheseScaler Waves and Fields Page 3

Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System include the charged Higgs field of the Standard Model, as well as the charged pions mediating the strong nuclear interaction. In the Standard Model of elementary particles, a scalar Higgs field is used to give the leptons and massive vector bosons their mass, via a combination of the Yukawa interaction and the spontaneous symmetry breaking. This mechanism is known as the Higgs mechanism.[5] The Higgs boson is still the subject of searches at particle accelerators. In scalar theories of gravitation scalar fields are used to describe the gravitational field. Scalar-Tensor theories represent the gravitational interaction through both a tensor and a scalar. Such attempts are for example the Jordan theory as a generalization of the Kaluza-Klein theory and the Brans-Dicke theory. Scalar fields like the Higgs field can be found within scalar-tensor theories, using as scalar field the Higgs field of the Standard Model. This field interacts gravitatively and Yukawa-like (shortScaler Waves and Fields Page 4

Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System ranged) with the particles that get mass through it. Scalar fields are found within superstring theories as dilaton fields, breaking the conformal symmetry of the string, though balancing the quantum anomalies of this tensor. Scalar fields are supposed to cause the accelerated expansion of the universe, helping to solve the horizon problem and giving an hypothetical reason for the nonvanishing cosmological constant of cosmology. Massless (i.e. long-ranged) scalar fields in this context are known as inflatons. Massive (i.e. short-ranged) scalar fields are proposed, too, using for example Higgs-like fields.

Other kinds of fieldsVector fields, which associate a vector to every point in space are examples of other kind of fields. Some examples of vector fields include the electromagnetic field and the Newtonian gravitational field.

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Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System Tensor fields, which associate a tensor to every point in space are another example. For example, in general relativity gravitation is associated with a tensor field (in particular, with the Riemann curvature tensor). In Kaluza-Klein theory, spacetime is extended to five dimensions and its Riemann curvature tensor can be separated out into ordinary fourdimensional gravitation plus an extra set, which is equivalent to Maxwell's equations for the electromagnetic field, plus an extra scalar field known as the "dilaton". The dilaton scalar is also found among the massless bosonic fields in string theory.

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The Heart of Health; The Principles of Physical Health and Vitality,By Stephen Linsteadt, NHD, CNC Compiled By Taoshobuddha

Scaler Waves and Fields

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Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System


ontemporary cell research is now based on the principles of quantum physics that shows the world as being created out of energy. Researchers have now demonstrated that our cells membranes contain special proteins called Intergral Membrane Proteins (IMPs) that respond to energy signals from the external and internal environment. These are important findings because they acknowledge that biological behavior can be controlled by invisible energy forces, which include thought. When we shut off our internal mind-talk and concentrate our attention through prayer, meditation or contemplation, we tune ourselves into this subtle, spiritual, quantum-level energy matrix. When this energy is allowed to transfer to our DNA (without interruption from negative attitudes), it affects the molecular and cellular levels that drive all our physical metabolic processes. This is why we have the ability to heal ourselves through prayer, meditation or conscious intention.

Scaler Waves and Fields

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Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System We are all connected to each other and to the energy source that makes up the universe. We are totally inter-dependent. Our body, our brain, our consciousness are inextricably joined with other matter in the universe. Every atom and molecule within us depends on the rest of the universe. Our brain and other parts of our neural physiology are interconnected by this unseen communication network which coordinates and regulates behavior of certain parts of the body. The body, therefore, can be seen as a dense medium holding the real essence of who we are - Divine energy. We are interconnected outward expressions of this Divine energy. This interconnection is allpervasive and instantaneous. The manifestation of this energy comes from the empty vacuum, known as the quantum vacuum, which is actually packed full of Gods creative energy in a stable state. This all-pervading energy is sometimes referred to as a universal scalar wave, which is a form of electrostatic energy that has the potential to create but is currently without physical manifestation. Potential is only manifested when we provide the frequency information throughScaler Waves and Fields Page 8

Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System our thoughts and intentions of what it is we want to create. This is the concept of 'mind over matter.' Our potential is unlimited and therefore what we are capable of creating is also unlimited. The energetic link that we all share explains how our intentions, thoughts and prayers can travel to a sick friend and connect with their mind and consciousness. It also explains why every action is followed by a reaction. Everything that happens to one particle or to a collection of particles, as in our being, affects every other particle. All of our actions and thoughts have ramifications throughout the universe. The body is also constantly generating these universal scalar waves. Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields but a transformation of energy back into a scalar wave. This scalar field has reverted back to a vacuum state of potentiality. Scalar waves can be created by wrappingScaler Waves and Fields Page 9

Scalar Waves and Human Mobius Coil System electrical wires around a figure eight in the shape of a mbius coil. When an electric current flows through the wires in opposite directions, the opposing electromagnetic fields from the two wires cancel each other and create a scalar wave.

The DNA antenna in our cells energy production centers (mitochondria) assumes the shape of what is called a super-coil. Supercoil DNA look like a series of mbius coils. These mbius supercoil DNA are hypothetically able to generate scalar waves. Most cells in the body contain thousands of these mbius supercoils, which are generating scalar waves throughout the cell and throughout the body.