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This slideshow was used to share the publication of a bilingual e-zine created by the students and teachers of the English Department at "Instituto Santa Cruz" (BA, Argentina), to celebrate the school's 50th anniversary. ______________________ Presentación utilizada en la presentación de la revista digital bilingüe realizado por los alumnos y docentes del departamento de inglés del nivel medio del "Instituto Santa Cruz" (BA, Argentina), en ocasión del 50º aniversario de la escuela.


  • 1. OUR STAFFand 1st to 5th year students!

2. CONTENTSEDITORS LETTERDOSSIER: Father Carlos OLeary our founderLOOKING BACK: the history of San CristbalTHE WAY WE SEE IT: our students voices THE WAY IT USED TO BE: memories ofretired members of our staffFIRST STUDENTS THEN STAFFMEMBERS!: stories of students who then worked atour schoolALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS: messages fromour ex-students 3. EDITORSLETTER 4. The history of San Cristobal 5. San Juan y Boedo antiguo, esquina sureste (aprox 1935)Fotografa tomada por el equipo de fotgrafos de la Direccin de Paseos de la Municipalidad de laCiudad de Buenos Aires, coloreada por el fotocromista Mario Buccino. Disponible en: 6. Puesto de diarios.Los vecinos se acercaban paraconocer las primicias. El canillitaanunciaba los titulares. 7. Carro lechero recorriendo el barrio, a principios del siglo XX. 8. Un organillerotrabajando en unaesquina de nuestrobarrio, a principiosdel siglo XX. 9. Conversations with a PasssionistFather Bernardo Hughes 10. Meeting amember of the IrishcommunityMs Marcela Reidor (+) 11. Memories of retired membersof our staff 12. Memories ofa deardoorkeeperRosita 13. Memories of a primary school teacherMs Luca Marinelli 14. Memories ofa high school teacherMs Mnica Planella 15. Memories of Religion teachersMs Marta della Rolle Mr Rafael Tesoro 16. Mr Emiliano Cannarella 17. Our teachers and counsellorsrememberMs Gabriela PernasMs Vanesa Caprari Ms Patricia BardelliMs Marina Enrico 18. Mr Alejandro Gena 19. In his letter, L ucas Santonja, an ex student at Santa Cruz,tells us about his life in another country (New Zealand) and givespieces of advice for current high school students.First of all, he remembers how he found in Santa Cruz thesupport that he could only have received from his family. Then, hedevotes some lines to discussing how important it is for studentsalways to follow their dreams..Lucas with his brother Guido, andsisters 3 of them are membersof Santa Cruz community! 20. Find our magazine online at: you comments, and share withfriends and relatives!Thanks for your attention!