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YOU CAN WATCH THIS PRESENTATION IN MUSIC HERE: Thank you! The Sculpture in the Park show, hosted by the Loveland High Plains Arts Council, takes place annually and exhibits artwork from artists from the United States and the world. Currently in Benson Sculpture Garden there are 144 pieces of sculpture on permanent display. Please see also:


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2. Loveland is a Municipality in Larimer County,Colorado, United States. The city wasfounded in 1877 and in 2010 the population ofthe city was 66,859. There is a largepopulation of artists in Loveland, which hasdrawn three foundries, an art museum, andthe annual sculpture shows in August. 3. Loveland has just under 300 pieces of art in its public arts collection. The artscollection consists primarily of sculpture; however, the collection also includesmurals and other flat work. Over 140 pieces of the city's sculpture can be found inLoveland's Benson Sculpture Garden. It has been a deliberate plan by the citizensof Loveland to create a vibrant arts town in this foothills community. 4. The garden is free and open sunrise to sunset and has anannual competition in August. The Sculpture in the Parkshow, hosted by the Loveland High Plains Arts Council,takes place annually and exhibits artwork from artists fromthe United States and the world. Currently in BensonSculpture Garden there are 144 pieces of sculpture onpermanent display.The artwork ranges from traditional sculptures, many witha western theme, to partial or full nudes to abstract. Thecollection is growing and there are pieces also outside ofthe park. There's an incorporated Children's Park featuringwhimsy and subjects kids will enjoy. 5. High Plains WarriorGeorge Walbye, 1985Wind SongGeorge Walbye, 1985 6. Wind SongGeorge Walbye, 1985 7. Cultural PedestriansSue Quinlan, 2013High Plains Warrior;Wind SongGeorge Walbye, 1985 8. A Friend Indeed Dan Ostermiller, 1985 9. Common GroundDennis Anderson, 1986 10. Common GroundDennis Anderson, 1986 11. Girl With RibbonsGlenna Goodacre, 1986 12. Girl With RibbonsGlenna Goodacre, 1986 13. Double HeaderKent Ullberg, 1986 14. Freedom of YouthRosie Sandifer, 1987 15. Freedom ofYouthRosieSandifer,1987 16. EndangeredGrace,DennisSohocki, 1987Woman withBasket,Lincoln Fox,1987 17. Green PasturesMary Zimmerman, 1987 18. Rebecca and FriendsDee Toscano, 1988 19. Maude and Lottie Cammie Lundeen, 1988 20. Great Blue HeronHollis Williford, 1989 21. The ChaseVince Valdez, 1988 22. Prairie FlowersGeorgeLundeen, 1988 23. Prairie FlowersGeorgeLundeen, 1988 24. Bathroom plates 25. Bathroom plates 26. The Old GreekDarlis Lamb, 1988The Old Greeks WifeDarlis Lamb, 2001 27. The Greek and theOld Greeks WifeDarlis Lamb 28. Unsteady SteadinessJane DeDecker, 1989 29. Unsteady SteadinessJane DeDecker, 1989 30. Unsteady SteadinessJane DeDecker, 1989 31. Spectre of Ancient PathwaysSteve Kestrel, 1989 32. Rice RitualCarla Knight, 1989 33. Rice RitualCarla Knight, 1989 34. Rice RitualCarla Knight, 1989 35. Heart and SoleDan Ostermiller, 1989 36. Heart and SoleDan Ostermiller, 1989 37. GorillaSherry Sander, 1989 38. SophieTony Hochstetler, 1990 39. Galapagos TortoiseTom Knapp, 1990 40. Requiem for a Fallen TreeDon Rambadt, 2009 41. Text and pictures: InternetCopyright: All the images belong to their authorsPresentation: Sanda The Doors - Riders On The Storm.