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Company Profile A Global Leader in Industrial Valve Manufacturing API 6A Thru Conduit Slab & Expanding Gates 3 - Piece Trunnion Mounted Balls API 6D Thru Conduit Slab & Expanding Gates 3 - Piece Trunnion Mounted Balls Full Port Swing Checks Piston Checks Dual Plate Checks - Wafer & Flanged Pressure Balanced Lubricated Plugs API 600 Wedge Gates Globes Standard Swing Checks Pressure Seal Gates Pressure Seal Globes Pressure Seal Checks ANSI B16.34 1 & 2 - Piece Flanged Floating Balls 3 - Piece Full Port Balls

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  • Company Profile

    A Global Leader in Industrial Valve Manufacturing

    API 6A Thru Conduit Slab & Expanding Gates 3 - Piece Trunnion Mounted Balls

    API 6D Thru Conduit Slab & Expanding Gates 3 - Piece Trunnion Mounted Balls Full Port Swing Checks Piston Checks Dual Plate Checks - Wafer & Flanged Pressure Balanced Lubricated Plugs

    API 600 Wedge Gates Globes Standard Swing Checks Pressure Seal Gates Pressure Seal Globes Pressure Seal Checks

    ANSI B16.34 1 & 2 - Piece Flanged Floating Balls 3 - Piece Full Port Balls

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    Southern California Valve (SCV) was established in 1972 in Santa Fe Springs, California as a full inline field service provider for valve maintenance and modifications for the oil & gas, pulp & paper, petrochemical, and power industries. In the mid 1970s, SCV began manufacturing pressure seal valves for the power industry then expanded its product range over the following decades. Currently, SCV manufactures twenty-one valve designs, offering a complete valve solution for almost every application. With a company culture that embraces quality, SCV has grown to be a successful and reputable, privately-held valve manufacturer with facilities in Santa Fe Springs, California and Santa Fe, Texas.

    API 6D Piston Check Valves

    API 6D Trunnion Ball Valves

    API 6A Trunnion Ball Valves

    API 6D Thru Conduit Gate ValvesExpanding & Slab Gate Designs

    API 6D Pressure BalancedLubricated Plug Valves

    API 594 Dual Plate Check ValvesWafer & Lug Designs

    API 6D Swing Check Valves

    California Operations inventory warehouse

    Machining valve components

    8 600 Thru Conduit Expanding Gate Valves completed hydro testing

  • Southern California Valve 2


    SCVs California Operations facility has 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 85,000 square feet of warehousing for completed inventory, and 65 employees. The Texas Operations facility also has 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space, has 48 employees and is home to SCVs domestic and international sales, engineering, design, and project management departments. The quality departments at both locations consist of 6 members managing quality system implementation, inspection, documentation review and creation.

    The Texas location is breaking ground on a 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility expansion. This will increase the assembly area for sizes 24 and above valves and will provide additional square footage for testing, painting, final inspection and shipping. The new expansion will include a lifting capacity of 80,000 pounds, allowing SCV to increase production efficiency on valves 24 and larger. Once the production expansion is complete we will begin the

    50,000 square foot warehouse for finished inventory.


    SCVs most popular products include our API 6D line for the midstream market. These products include Trunnion Mounted Ball, Thru Conduit Gate (expanding and slab designs), Full Port Swing Check, Piston Checks, and Lubricated Plug valves. In addition to the midstream market we also manufacture valves to meet the upstream, downstream, and power market demands. SCV maintains a $45 Million ready-to-ship inventory which caters to all three markets and includes one of the largest high pressure valve inventories in the US.

    Our complete inventory consists of a combination of commodity valves, specialty valves and valves that are uncommon in size, pressure class, trim and body materials for servicing the upstream and downstream markets from wellhead assemblies to petrochemical, refining, industrial, and power markets. Our standard commodity stock items

    consist of midstream API 6D products such as Thru Conduit Gate (expanding and slab designs), Trunnion Mounted Ball, Piston and Full Port Swing Check, and Lubricated Pressure Balanced Plug valves in carbon and stainless steel bodies with ENP and stainless trims and a variety of sealing materials to meet all customers service requirements. The API6D products are available in sizes 2 thru 48, class 150 thru 2500.

    SCV stocks common and hard-to-find API 600 downstream products including Bolted Bonnet OS&Y Wedge Gate, Globe, and Check valves in carbon and stainless steel with various trims and sealing materials in sizes 2 thru 48, class 150 thru 2500. Our inventory of Pressure Seal products include Gate, Globe, and Check valves in WCB, C6, C9, C12, C12A and stainless steel in 2 thru 24, class 900 thru 2500. Regarding specialty valves, many customers come to us needing an engineered solution for a specific application. SCV is one of the few manufacturers that will build a oneoff valve for a customer. These highly specialized valves are fewer in quantity,

    Texas Operations facility 24 600 Thru Conduit Valve body

    24 1500 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

  • and require intensive engineering as well as more manufacturing time. Specialty items include API 6A Gate valves ranging from 7-1/16, 9, 11, 13-5/8, 16-3/4 3000 and 5000 Through Conduit Gate (slab and expanding); 12 400# TCG for Geothermal service; Double Ball valves in sizes up through 16; API 6D Single Ball in sizes 22, 26, 28 and 32; and API 6A 2-1/16 10,000 Ball valves.


    Both SCV facilities have acquired their own API 6A and API 6D monograms, CE PED certification, ISO 9001:2008 certification, Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) and implemented an API Q1 Quality Management System.


    SCV utilizes SAP, a company-wide web based business management system for real-time oversight of all activities performed throughout the organization. Our web based quality system allows procedures and work instructions readily available to personnel on the production

    floor for effective monitoring of all production aspects while making all facets of our business function efficiently. Whether its production, receiving, inventory control, or engineering

    management - all the departments are tied to these programs providing quick access to all necessary information.


    The majority of our customers are based in North America. However, our international market share is steadily growing as we

    cater to all global industries including Oil & Gas, Refining, Petro Chemical, and Power. Our SCV office in Amman, Jordan covers the Middle East and North Africa while our global rep network promotes and supports SCV in their various regions.


    SCV products are USA engineered and designed. Our customer service and superior quality sets us

    apart from others. Our $45 million ready-to-ship inventory allows for quick deliveries. We focus on maintaining our large inventory through extending the distribution network. Currently, we have


    SCV maintains $45+ million in ready-to-ship


    Palleted 7-1/16 5000 PSI Thru Conduit Gate Valves ready for shipping

    Assembly of an API 6A 16-3/4, 5,000 PSI Thru Conduit Gate Valve in our Texas Operations facility

    Machining 18 600 Thru Conduit Gate Valve body

    California Operations inventory warehouse

    California Operations inventory warehouse

  • some strategically located warehouses to quickly react to the needs of key areas throughout the US.


    Upon completion of our vendor qualification auditing process and closure of action items, SCVs management strategizes on a proper vendor oversight plan intended to maintain the most demanding levels of quality and performance at all facets of production. From the birth of the steel until shipment

    of the final product, traceability and certification from foundries and mills is maintained. Rigorous inspections take place throughout the manufacturing cycle to guarantee quality.

    All castings and forgings for API 6D products are being produced to API 6D Quality Specification Level (QSL) 3 requirements which require stringent non-destructive testing. SCV`s extensive NDE consist of 100% WET MAG on every casting and 10% random X-ray of each casting heat. Upon completion of a finished valve, our quality team prepares all documentation by heat and serial number for job book completion. Certificates ranging from foundry MTRs to bolting certifications and elastomer batch reports are maintained.


    SCV offers a field service division equipped with a team of highly trained and well qualified personnel that are ready to tackle anything that comes their way. SCV technicians are available 24/7 in order to provide a wide variety of services

    worldwide, including: on site supervision during commissioning and start up, field inspection, as well as maintenance and valve modifications. Additional services include valve installation oversight and training for operations personnel, preventive maintenance programs, and technical support.


    SCV controls quality at every level of the product realization process from procurement of the raw material to final hydro testing. Whether the steel is from the U.S. or Korea, SCV has its own inspectors on site at foundries and mills to check the steel. Positive Material Identification is performed to verify chemical acceptance. In addition, 100% magnetic particle and 10% random radiography examination takes place on all casting heats to verify sound quality at the surface and subsurface of SCVs steel. While SCV regularly performs standard metallurgical tests, customers may request ultrasonic or x-ray examinations. SCV has Level 2 inspectors who can read x-rays and ultrasonic exams to detect and evaluate

    4Southern California Valve

    Testing metal composition with PMI gun

    California Operations inventory warehouse

    Installing packing into Thru Conduit Gate Valve Stainless steel Trunnion Ball Valve components at Texas Operations facility

  • Shell TAT test on 24 600 Thru Conduit Expanding Gate Valve30 600 Thru Conduit Expanding Gate Valves26 600 Thru Conduit Expanding Gate Valves

    any discontinuities and analyze materials. As a standard, SCV performs hydro tests on every valve manufactured to ensure that full compliance with applicable API codes and standards are maintained. In addition to Hydro testing SCV has the capacity to offer high pressure nitrogen tests, submerged nitrogen tests, & Fugitive emission testing.

    Additionally, SCV successfully passed the testing to meet Shell TAT Specification MESC SPE 77/300 for API 6D Thru Conduit Expanding Gates & Slab Gates - Sizes: 20 thru 36 - Class: #150, #300, & #600.


    Thru Conduit Expanding Gate Valve assembly High pressure submerged Nitrogen test on 30 600 Thru Conduit Gate Valve

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

    American Petroleum Institute (API)

    Texas Facility: API 6A Certification California Facility: API 6A Certification

    Texas Facility: API 6D Certification California Facility: API 6D Certification

    Canadian Registration Number

    Alberta - 0C07063.2

    New Brunswick - 0C07063.27

    New Foundland & Laborador - 0C07063.20

    Northwest Territory - 0C07063.25

    Novascotia - 0C07063.27

    Nunavut - 0C07063.2N

    Manitoba - 0C07063.24

    Ontario - 0C07063.25

    Prince Edward island - 0C07063.29

    Yukon - 0C07063.2

    Certifications & Registrations

    ISO 9001:2008 Certificate CE PED Certificate

    6Southern California Valve

  • 3


    Upper Management 2 5 Production Managers 1 1 Engineers 0 2 Project Managers 1 2 QA/QC 5 5 Metallurgists 0 1 Valve Technicians 25 6 Sales 2 5 Marketing 0 2 Shipping & Receiving 5 4 Drafters 0 2 Accounting 2 2 Procurement 1 2 Parts Manager 2 1 Welders - Certified 5 1 Machinists 15 1 Field Services 15 1 Painters 5 1 General Labor 4 1 Drivers 3 2 Testers 10 5




    Office: 4,000 SF Manufacturing Floor: 28,750 SF Warehouse: 75,000 SF Shipping: Qty 5 Dock High Loading; Qty 4 Street Level Loading Annual Tonnage: 15,378 MT


    Office: 5,000 SF Manufacturing Floor: 25,000 SF Warehouse: 15,000 SF Shipping: Qty 4 Street Level Loading Annual Tonnage: 10,212 MT


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    Operational Equipment


    Lincoln 250 AMP AC/DC Powered Welder Generator Four (4) Lincoln 250 AMP Arc Welder Lincoln Mod R3S400 400 AMP DC Wire Welder Lincoln Mod R3S250 250 AMP DC Wire Welder Lincoln 1000 AMP Submerged Arc Weld Machine Customer 24 Port Welding Positioner with Foot Control Two (2) 36 Port Welding Positioner Lincoln 200 AMP Arc Welder Esab Mod DTU 5000 500 AMP AC/DC Heli-arc Welder PowCon Cyclomatic Heli-arc Control System 350 AMP Miller TIG Welder Two (2) Miller 300 AMP Portable Art-TIG Machines 300 AMP TIG Welder (cybertig) Customer Circle Burning Torch with Power Rotary Table Five (5) Welding Rod Ovens Two (2) Acetylene Torch Sets 600 AMP Sub-arc Hand Held Welding Machine


    Forty Two (42) 0 to 24 Calipers (O.D. & I.D. - Dial & Digital) Twelve (12) 0 to 80 Vernier Calipers Thirty One (31) 0 to 23 Micrometers (O.D. & I.D. - Dial & Digital) Five (5) 0 to 24 Depth Micrometers Forty Nine (49) 400 to 15000 PSI Pressure Guages Two (2) 1 to 58 Mil Coating Thickness Gauges One (1) 0 to 18 Height Gauge One (1) Gage Block Set Two (2) Hardness Testers Three (3) 0 to 250 Ft. Lbs. Torque Wrenches Two (2) PMIs One (1) Stamping Engraver Two (2) Granite Measurement Tables


    18 Abrasive Chop Saw with Rolling Conveyor Welis Model 12 Horizontal Band Saw Kalamazoo 9 Horizontal Band Saw

    8Southern California Valve

  • Operational Equipment (continued)


    Arrow Three Ton 50 x 200 Traveling Bridge Crane Pettibone Thirty-Two Ton Rough Terrain Crane Seven (7) AHOC 2-ton ATV Crane Three (3) One Ton Jib with Hoist 20 ton P&H Omega ATV Crane Five (5) One Ton Jib Cranes with Hoists Five (5) Two Ton Jib Cranes with Hoists One (1) Five Ton Overhead General Services Crane with Hoists One (1) Ten Ton Overhead MMM Crane with Hoists One (1) Twenty Ton Overhead MMM Crane with Hoists Pettibone Mod 30 -15 Ton 45 3 Stage Boom, Diesel Powered Hyd. Crane


    Two (2) Vertical Mills With 9 x 42 Work Table Amura Bridgeport 1 HP Rd Arm Vertical Mill with 9 - 42 Work Table Chin Yuan Msing Mod Engine Lathe C600 4 Jaw, 4 Way Tool Post 31 Swing Chin Yuan Msing Mod Engine Lathe K730 4 Jaw, 4 Way Tool Post 33 Swing Two (2) Chin Yuan Msing Mod a 24 x 48 CC Gap Type Engine Lathe 4 Jaw Chuck 1990 EFCO Mod SI-2 4 to 36 Port Pneumatic Valve Seat Cutting Lapping System Wotan Mod 3 Horizontal Boring Mill One (1) Horizontal Mill Climax Electrical Port Mill Rail Master Port Electrical Mill Rail Ransom DBL End Disc Sander Conversion Lapmaster 36 Lapping Machine Lion Mod 20 To 120 Engine Lathe 3-4 Jaw Chuck Foster 80 to 120 Engine Lathe Monarch 20 x 120 Cc Engine Lathe 3 Jaw Chuck Nebel 24 x 48 Gap Type Adhesive Bed Engine Lathe 4 Jaw Chuck Bullard 60 Vertical Turning Lathe Vertical 2-Work Heads Ta Yi 20 x 36 Gap Type Engine Lathe 24 x 60 Swing Lathe 20 x 60 Swing Lathe VTL Shubara 50 Swing Lathe Bux Mag Base Drill Cincinatti Bickford 3 x 9 Col Radial Drill Pangborn Mod LK-4, 60 Rotoblast Cabinet with Push Button Controls Pangborn, 80 Rotoblast Cabinet with Push Button Controls Customer Pneumatic Test Stand Three (3) Custom Hydro Test Valve Benches Custom Hydraulic Press 200 Ton & Stand Unit 30 Ton H-Frame Press with Valve Pressure Test Stand Spray King 12 x 7 Hi Spray Booth with Blower DeVilbiss Pro Clean 10 x 12 paint booth 16 x 50 Training Facility Climate Controlled Portable Flange Re-Facer-4-10 Protable Flange Re-Facer-10-70 Two (2) Hytorc Stealth 8 - 2 thru 5 Two (2) Hytorc Stealth 4 - 1-7/8 thru 3 Two (2) Hytorc Hydraulic Pump - 0 thru10,000 PSI Two (2) Hytorc J-Gun - 3/4 Drive Two (2) Hytorc J-Gun - 1 Drive


  • Operational Equipment (continued)

    EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY (continued)

    Kelco 36 Sandblast Cabinet with Dust Collector Lands Gas Powered Steam Cleaner Pressure Washer Bridgeport, 6 Radial Arm Drill Press IR 30 HP Hortz Tank Mounted Air Compressor One (1) Ingersoll Rand 130 PSI Air Compressor One (1) SullAir Model # 16-75 125 PSI Air Compressor One (1) Ingersoll Rand Model # DXR140-1 Compressed Air

    Dryer System One (1) Custom Water Treatment Recycling System One (1) Hillbro Steam Clean/Pressure Washer Two (2) IR 50 HP Skid Mounted Air Compressor with Horizontal

    Receiver 1000 Gi Vertical Kent Floor Cleaning Machine, Self Propelled Two (2) 8000 # Capacity Pallet Scales Amura 20 VS Ped Drill Press Small Short Cut Machine 10 Pneumatic Flange Facer Large Short Cut Machine 17 Pneumatic Flange Facer Climex Port Pneumatic Flange Facer 24 Max Climex Port Pneumatic Flange Facer 72 Max Hi Torque Mod HY-1-SL 1-1/2 Torque Wrench Two (2) Custom Hydro-Testing Machines One (1) Mobil High and Low Pressure Testing Cart Climax Modulate Port Boring and Facing Machine 36 Anderson Self Contained Pressure Heated Cleaning Machine Four (4) PED Type Vises Five (5) Balder 1-1/2 HP Double End Grinders Three Hundred (300) Sections Steel Pallet Shelving 14 high Schmidt Marking Tools (metal tag stamping machine) Tur 50 Lathe 24 x 120 VTL 36 Niles Pond Lathe Anderson 20 x 72 Lathe Beohringer 18 x 48 Lathe Trunmaster 18 x 36 Two (2) Rottler Portable Boring Bar Six (6) 1-1/2 Drive Impact Wrenches 16000# Weld Positioner Two (2) 120 VTL King Machine 2-1/2 Drive Hydro 50 VTL Froriep Lathe 24 x 72 Bridgeport Mill

    EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY (continued)

    Six (6) 1/2 Drive Manual Torque Wrenches Four (4) 3/4 Drive Manual Torque Wrenches Ten (10) Port-A-Cool Swamp Coolers Two (2) Climax Grease Injection Pump Two (2) Climax Packining Injection Pump Zep Lube Distribution with Auto Re-Fill


    Yale 2500 Lb. LPG Powered Forklift 158 Mast, Hard Tire Datson 7000 Lb. LPG Powered Forklift 159 Mast, Hard Tire 5000# Clark Forklift, Hard Tire Two (2) 5000# CAT Forklift, Hard Tire 3000# White Forklift, Hard Tire 6000# Komatsu Forklift, Pneumatic Tire (Tamden) 12000# Hyster Forklift, Hard Tire 4000# Datsun Forklift, Hard Tire Two (2) 4000# Nissan Forklift, Hard Tire 5000# Linde Forklift, Pneumatic Tire 40 Genie Scissor Lift, All Terrain Tire 8000# Hyster forklift, Hard Tire 6000# Clark Forklift, Hard Tire 20000# Kaimar Forklift 25000# Hyster Forklift, Hard Tire 42000# Wiggins


    Two (2) Hydraulic Testing Units - 0 to 3,000 PSI Three (3) Portable Hydraulic Testing Units - 0 to 10,000 PSI One (1) Portable Hydraulic Testing Units - 0 to 30,000 PSI Two (2) Nitrogen Testing Units One (1) Gas Testing Pit - 20 x 30 x 8

    FIELD SERVICE VEHICLE Generator Air Compressor Full Valve Maintenance Capabilities

    10Southern California Valve

  • Partial Customer List

    Addax Petroleum - Nigeria American Energy Anadarko Area Energy Argus Power Bechtel Corp BP Exploration - Alaska Brea Cannon Oil British Engineering Serv. Cal Pine Energy CB&I Engineering Centurion Pipeline Chesapeake Energy Chevron Pipeline China Petroleum Pipeline Citgo Citi Oriente Conoco Phillips Copano Energy Davidson Pipe & Supply Devon Energy DNOW Dragon Oil Duke Energy Eastern Hydro Edison International El Dorado Energy Enbridge Encana Oil & Gas Energy Transfer ENI - Italy ENPPI - Egypt Enserca Enterprise Products EOG Resources Exterran Exxon Mobil - Nigeria Exxon Mobil - USA Fel Setel Technip

    GASCO Grupo Diavaz Gulf Interstate Eng. Gulf South Pipeline Gupco - Egypt Halliburton - KBR- Brazil Hunt Oil IESA Brazil IMC Chemical Jennah Hunt Oil Jordan Phosphate Mines Kennecot Mining Kenya Pipeline Co. Kinder Morgan Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC) Linde Gas Los Angeles Dept Power Luz Energy Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P. Marathon Oil Masca Maura Jurong McJunkin Red Man Corp. Metanoimpianti Mission Energy Momentum Energy National Oilwell Varco National Petroleum Construction CO Nevada Power NRG Energy Nuevo Midstream Nustar Occidental Permian (OXY) Odebrecht - Brazil Pacific Gas & Electric Panhandle Energy Paramount Petroleum PEMEX Petrobel - Egypt

    Petrobras Petrojet - Egypt Petrovesa Pioneer Natural Resources Pioneer Pipe & Supply Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. Qarun Petroleum - Egypt QuestStar Engineering Quicksilver RAK GAS Red Cedar Gathering Reliant Power Resolute S&B Engineering SAFER Exploration San Diego Gas & El. Sandridge Samson Resources Sempra Energy Shell Siemens Southern Cal. Edison Southern Union Company Spec Services Spectra Energy Sycamore Cogeneration Targa Resources Teppco Nat. Gas Service Tepsco Texstar Total - France TransAfrica Group The Gas Company Wilson Supply Xcel Energy XTO Energy Vanguard Engineering


  • 12Southern California Valve

    Partial Project List


    CHEVRON (USA) Sour Creek 26 900 Ball Valves CITGO (USA) WP Coke Drum 30 150 x 300 Gate Valves CONOCO PHILLIPS (USA) Cob Borger 12 300 Ball Valves - Metal Seated HALLIBURTON (Brazil) FPSO P-48 Duplex Globe Valves PETROBEL (Egypt) El Gamil Phase 1 ELPG 50 2 10 150 600 Gate, Globe & Check Valves 20, 26, 28 & 32 600 900 Ball Valves

    PETROBEL (Egypt) El Gamil RPP On Shore 2 10 150 600 Gate, Globe & Check Valves 20, 26, 28 & 32 600 900 Ball Valves

    ENPPI (Egypt) Tuna Field Tuna Platform 24 900 Ball Valves with (Mediteranean Sea) Single Acting Piston Actuator

    EOG Resources Peeler Sour Gas Project 8 150#, 16 300#, 24 300# Trunnion Ball Valves, (Atascosa County, TX - Eagle Ford) 12 300# Swing Checks

    EOG Resources Titan Hub 4 & 8 600# Trunnion Ball Valves, 6 600# Piston Checks, (Fowlerton, TX - Eagle Ford) 2 300#, 2 & 4 600# Globe Valves

    XTO Energy (USA) Means Field Expansion 4, 6 & 8 900# Full Stainless Trunnion Ball Valves (Andrews, TX - Permian Basin) 6 & 8 900# Full Stainless Dual Plate Wafer Checks

    ETC (USA) Eagle-Ford 31 - 20 600 Thru Conduit Gate Valves - Expanding 14 - 12 600 Thru Conduit Gate Valves - Expanding 21 - 10 600 Thru Conduit Gate Valves - Expanding 39 - 8 600 Thru Conduit Gate Valves - Expanding 26 - 6 600 Thru Conduit Gate Valves - Expanding

    TOTAL (France) Yemen LNG Marib Block 18 3 20 150 2500 A350 LF2 Ball Valves (Yemen) 12 24 1500 A182 F316 Cryogenic Ball Valves

    KENYA PIPELINE COMPANY (Kenya) Line 1 Capacity Enhancement 2 24 600 Slab Gate Valves with Electric Act. (Mombassa, Kenya) 2 18 150 Ball Valves with Electric Act. 2 14 900 Swing Check Valves

    PETROBRAS (Netherlands) FSTP P-51, P-52, P-54, P-55 2 12 600 1500 Gate, Globe & Check (Brazil) F-51 Duplex Valves

    MARATHON OIL (USA) Train 1 LNG Project 2 16 900 F-51 Duplex Ball Valves (Equatorial Guinea) 2 16 900 F-51 Duplex Swing Check Valves 2 6 900 F-51 Duplex Globe Valves

    PETROJET (Egypt) Tobruk Sareer Pipeline 34 600 Slab Gate Valve with Electric Actuation (Northern Africa)

    ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS (USA) Meeker 1 and 2 Replacement 2 24 300 900 API 6D Ball Valves (Colorado, USA) 2 24 300 900 API 6D Gate Valves

    ANADARKO (USA) Powder River Project 6 24 300 900 API 6D Ball Valves (Wyoming, USA) 12 24 300 900 API 6D Gate Valves

    EXXON MOBIL (USA) CFZ Project 2 - 12 900 Gate, Check, & Globe Valves

    EXXON MOBIL (Nigeria) Unit J/G Slot ADD 8 1500 Floating & Trunnion Ball Valves Project Number 4500411078 2 8 600 Lug Style Wafer Check Valves

    EXXON MOBIL (Nigeria) Unit J Slot ADD 8 1500 Floating & Trunnion Ball Valves Project Number 4500411012 2 8 600 Lug Style Wafer Check Valves

    EXXON MOBIL (Nigeria) Unit J Slot ADD 8 1500 Floating & Trunnion Ball Valves Project Number 4500411012 2 8 600 Lug Style Wafer Check Valves

    EXXON MOBIL (USA) Texas 2 12 300 - 600 Trunnion Ball Valves 2 12 150 - 600 Gate and GlobeValves

    EXXON MOBIL (IRAQ) West Qurna1 4 20 600 - 900 Thru Conduit Gate Valves - Expanding

    Petronas (Malyasia) Offshore Platform Isolation Valves 3 - 16 150#, 24 900# Metal-to-Metal Seated Trunnion Ball Valves

    SHELL (USA) PINEDALE 2 - 16 600 Gate Valves SHELL (USA) Josh Kimmel 16 300 Thru Conduit Gate Valves - Expanding Gas Tested

    SHELL (USA) David Dauterive 2 - 150 316 Ball Valves 2 - 10 600 Swing Check Valves 2 - 6 600 Gate Valves 2 - 3 600 Globe Valves

    SHELL (USA) Dan Rolstad 8 600 Thru Conduit Gate Valves - Expanding Spectra Energy (USA) Bobcat Storage Expansion 2 - 24 1500 Trunnion Ball Valves w/DPE Seats

  • PRESSURE SEAL GATESCarbon & Stainless Sizes: 2 - 24Class: 600 - 2500Design: API 600

    BOLTED BONNET GLOBESCarbon & Stainless Sizes: 2 - 24Class: 150 - 2500Design: BS1873 B16.34

    PRESSURE SEAL GLOBESCarbon & Stainless Sizes: 2 - 16Class: 600 - 2500Design: BS1873 B16.34

    PRESSURE SEAL CHECKSCarbon & StainlessSizes: 2 - 24Class: 600 - 2500Design: API 600 B16.34

    LUBRICATED PLUGSCarbon SteelSizes: 2 - 36Class: 150 - 2500Design: API 6D

    BOLTED BONNET GATESCarbon & StainlessSizes: 2 - 60Class: 150 - 2500Design: API 600

    COVER PISTON CHECKSCarbon Steel BoltedSizes: 2 - 24Class: 150 - 2500Design: API 6D

    FLOATING BALL VALVES1-PIECE REDUCED PORT2-PIECE FULL PORTCarbon & StainlessSizes: 1/2 - 12Class: 150 - 1500Design: B16.34

    Complete Product Line Call SCV today @ (281) 482-4728 for all your valve needs or visit us on the web @

    3-PIECE TRUNNION BALLSBOLTED & WELDED BODYCarbon & Stainless Sizes: 2 - 42 Class: 150 - 2500Design: API 6D

    3-PIECE FULL PORT BALLSCarbon & StainlessSizes: 1/4 - 3Class: 3705 W.O.G.Design: B16.34

    DUAL PLATE CHECKS WAFER & LUGCarbon & StainlessWafer Sizes: 1.5 - 36Wafer Class: 150 - 2500Lug Sizes: 2 - 36Lug Class: 150 - 900Design: API 594

    BOLTED COVER FULL PORT SWING CHECKSCarbon & StainlessSizes: 2 - 36Class: 150 - 2500Design: API 6D

    THRU CONDUIT - SLAB & EXPANDING GATESCarbon SteelSizes: 2 - 36Class: 150 - 1500Design: API 6D

    3-PIECE TRUNNION BALLSCarbon & StainlessSizes: 2-1/16 - 13-5/8Pressure: 2000, 3000 & 5000Design: API 6A

  • Dear client,

    Southern California Valve was established in 1972 as a maintenance and modification company with the ability to provide full in-line valve service and repair. In the mid-1970s, after experiencing the shortcomings of other valve products in service, SCV manufactured its first valve. Since that time, Southern California Valve has expanded our manufactured products to cover a broad range of valves. Industries served include the power, paper and pulp, oil and gas, and petro-chemical sectors.

    Southern California Valve takes sincere pride in our ability to manufacture both commodity and specialty valves that meet and exceed the needs of our customers. All sizes, pressure classes, and metallurgical compositions are managed in house utilizing the strictest quality control measures to ensure the customers total satisfaction.

    Southern California Valve products include gates, globes, checks, balls, and plugs. Valves utilized throughout the industry must meet rigorous quality and production standards. Southern California Valve has earned its API 6A, API 6D, ISO: 9001, CE-PED, and CRN certifications while operating under the API Q1 Quality Management System.

    With years of dedication and commitment to quality, design, and service, Southern California Valve has grown to be one of the premier valve manufacturers in the industry with the largest inventory of high pressure ball, gate, and check valves on the West Coast. We pride ourselves on our high quality products, timely delivery capabilities, and competitive prices.

    On behalf of all of the members at Southern California Valve, we thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.


    Sid McCarraPresident, Texas OperationsSouthern California Valve, Co.

    Cast Gates, Globes & Checks Pressure Seal Gates, Globes & Checks Thru Conduit Gates Dual Plate Checks Forged Gates, Globes & Checks Plugs 3 - Piece Balls Floating & Trunnion Balls Rising Stem Balls

    SALES, PROJECTS, ENGINEERING, MANUFACTURING, & WAREHOUSING3521 FM 646 Rd. NorthSanta Fe, TX 77510Phone: (281) 482-4728Fax: (281) 482-9728

    MANUFACTURING & WAREHOUSING13903 Maryton Ave.Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670Phone: (562) 404-2246Toll Free: (800) 554-6421Fax: (562) 404-2836

  • Contact Information

    SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIFORNIAManufacturing & Warehousing

    13903 Maryton AveSanta Fe Springs, CA 90670Office: 1-800-554-6421Fax: (562) 404-2836

    SANTA FE, TEXASSales, Projects, Engineering, Manufacturing, & Warehousing

    3521 FM 646 Rd. NorthSanta Fe, TX 77510Phone: (281) 482-4728Fax: (281) 482-9728

    Cast We

    dge Gate

    s & Globe

    s Press

    ure Sea

    l Gates

    , Globe

    s & Ch


    Slab &





    uit G


    s Pi



    , & Fu

    ll Por

    t Che



    er &



    n Du

    al P






    e Ba


    ed L





    3 - P






    & Tr


    on B


    Rev: SCVCP - 093015

    Since 1972, Southern California Valve has been committed to providing quality flow control

    products to the Power, Paper & Pulp, Oil & Gas, and Petro Chemical industries.

    As one of the largest valve manufacturers on the West Coast, Southern California

    Valves reputation is unparalleled for producing high quality commodity and

    specialty valves. Products range in sizes 1/2 - 42, in pressure classes

    from 150# - 2500# and are backed by timely deliveries and

    competitive prices.

    Call SCV today at (281)482-4728 for all your valve needs

    or visit us on the web @