search as if you would live forever! journal lev som om du ... october 6th at harald lodge in tinley

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    December 2007Vol 107, No 4Journal

    Viking Forska som om du skulle leva evigt!Search as if you would live forever!Lev som om du skulle d i morgon!Live as if you would die tomorrow!


    Chief s Corner

    Bill PetersonGrand Chief

    Since the last Viking Journal, the Executive Council meton October 6th at Harald Lodge in Tinley Park, IL. Ted Millerfrom United Trust was there to update the council about theIOV financial status and answer any questions we had. Weare now working on a new contract with UTG to help securethe future of the IOV.

    We were greeted on Friday evening at Harald Lodge withmany welcomes and good cheers and enjoyed their GalleyNight. On Saturday evening we enjoyed a wonderful SockHop. The volunteers that organized and put on the eventdid a wonderful job of decorating, music and serving a greatmeal of Hotdogs and Hamburgers with all the trimmings60s style just like at the old fashioned drive-in restaurants.

    By the time you read this Thanksgiving will have comeand gone and the winter weather will have set in. My wifeand I and about 20 other couples and some kids (most ofthem Ingjald Lodge members) will have just returned from avacation in the warmth of the Dominican Republic to facethe reality of the winter weather.

    A lot will be happening at Ingjald and all the clubspreparing for the holidays and all the festivities that go alongwith them. The Glogg making (one of my favorites!!),decorating the club house, Lucia Festivals and Duppa Gritta.Take some pictures and write a short article about yourfestivities and send them to the Viking Journal. Im sureeveryone would enjoy hearing of all your activities.

    Also at Ingjald in November we have nomination of officerswith the election in early December. The results wont be inbefore this newsletter goes to print, but look for the resultsin an upcoming newsletter. Other lodges have their electionscoming up so get involved in YOUR club and run for anoffice.

    Scholarship Raffle Tickets are out and available at yourlodge. Buy a couple and help support this worthy cause andmaybe win some money!

    Scholarship applications are available from the Grand Lodgeoffice by calling them. Remember to be eligible for ascholarship the applicant must be a member of the IOV (eitherJr. or Sr. member). Be sure to read and fill out the applicationproperly and make sure it is a current application.

    god jul och gott nytt r!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  • Page 2 December 2007

    At the present time, theViking Journal is publishedfour times a year. Thedeadlines for the 2008 issuesof the Journal are listedbelow. Please make a note!


    Grand Lodge Office5250 S. Sixth Street

    P.O. Box 5147Springfield, IL 62705-5147

    UTG, Inc.Administrator

    Mindy Becker,Member Service

    (877) 241-6006fax:

    (217) 241-6574e-mail:

    Official Publication of theIndependent Order

    of VikingsA Fraternal Benefit Society

    on Legal Reserve

    fax:(217) 241-6574

    Deadline forSubmitting Articles

    to the Viking Journal

    Welcome Aboar Aboar Aboar Aboar AboardddddThe following are new members who were admitted to the Viking Order since the previousViking Journal was published. We welcome you one and all to the Viking Order and sincerely urge you to attendyour respective lodges and join in all of the activities planned for you. Remember . . . Its great to be a VIKING!!


    Thor #9Hayes, Christopher F Griffin, Alan HSelander, Edward Gorden Charles Dunlop

    Linne #57Anderson, Michele M Anderson, MarkBaker, Jean Marie Baker, WayneBennett, Billie Stuart Bennett, Fred WilliamCottrell, Diane Marie Cottrell, JackCoyne, Sandra J Coyne, RobertDennis, Joyce Marie Dennis, Dennis L Jr.Drake, Christopher Thomas Taylor, MarkEung, Jana Marie Wibalda, LeoFulton, Judith Belle Fulton, JamesGlick, Karen Ann Glick, DavidGowin, Sandra Irene Gowin, William GHargett, Raymond Howard Wiltenburg, Sean RHawryliw, Joni Lee Hawryliw, Neil AHegbloom, Catherine Anne Hegbloom, RonaldHepworth, Ronald Lee Hepworth, Lou AnnHines, Darlene Kay Hines, William DHuttula, Susan L Huttula, Charles SKlotz, Mary Ann Klotz, Edward Jr.Kutches, Stephen Paul Abdelkader, FaiselLaDuke, Dina Lynn LaDuke, WardLanglois, Jodi Lynn Langlois, John PhillipMcKinley, Patricia E McKinley, Jack BMisner, Patricia M Misner, James EMorris, Bonnie Eileen Morris, James LMulready, Tara Lynn Turge, Penny LynnePage, Kenneth Jay Page, Daniel JPaquin, Thomas Victor Johnson-Paquin, ShirleyPaulin, Mary Ellen Paulin, Rodney CharlesPrell, Susan Ann Prell, GordonRederstorf, Rita Rederstorf, Clair LRibesky, Kelly Marie Ribesky, JohnRosenberg, Jaime Cross, Alan OScott-Bernard, Diane K Wasilenski, M. AnnSorensen, Beverly Ruth Sorensen, Russell ASundquist, Giedre Sundquist, NicholasThomas, Richard N Thomas, Joan MarieVoss, Marilyn Grace Voss, Harry Russell II

    Deadline for Submissions

    February 1, 2008May 1, 2008

    August 1, 2008November 1, 2008

    Publication Dates

    March 1, 2008June 1, 2008

    September 1, 2008December 1, 2008


    Willbrandt, Gregory William Willbrandt, Doris AnnWood, Darlene Louise Wood, Norman RichardYoung, Brittney Renee Young, NickolasZant, Phyllis Y Zant, Ronald Roger

    Ingjald #65Bakewell, Richard S Bakewell, Donna KBarron, Linnea Elizabeth Barron, Deborah ABennett, Nicholas Craig Bennett, CarolynBlixt, Daniel Stuart Blixt, Betty LCarleton, Paul Hunter Isaacson, Oke MiltonCarr, Patricia R Watson, Norma ACobb, Anna Mae Lindberg,Robert H Sr.Ensminger, Mary Louise Ensminger, Jack ClaytonGriffith, Barry H Cornell, Alfred GGriffith, John Clark Cornell, Alfred GHudson, Gerald Leslie Bloom, George A.Johnson, Thomas Dwight Cornelius, Douglas HKling, Erin Lindsey Kling, DanielKrantz, Erik J Steinhauser, David PLaurita, Andrew Joseph Seastedt, Ineze EMarlinski, Wendy Kathleen Seastedt, Ineze EOlson, Richard A Johnson, Allen EQuick, Robert Irving Jr Bjork, Richard JSchrope, Susan Nanette Larson, Marie JensineSkinner, Shirley M Matteson, KeithSkoglund, Christopher Ryan Skoglund, LeonardWatson, Chrisitna Pauline Watson, David MarkWatson, Jessica Marie Watson, David MarkWatson, Mark George Watson, David MarkWoodfield, Kristy Jean Finson, KarenWoodfield, Molly Kay Finson, Karen

    Stenkil #92Clark, Blanche Hanson Davidson, Louie EdwardGrassey, Paul S Grassey, SusanVillani, Violet Davidson, Louie Edward

    Clara #118Barney, Hannah Lynn Lentz, G. AlanBarney, Mimi Elizabeth Lentz, Linda

    Did you know?A listing of all the Lodges, meeting locations, meeting dates,

    and a listing of officers can be found on the IOV website Click on the Inquiries flag on the

    home page for this information.

  • December 2007 Page 3

    2007 IOV OfficersGrand Chief

    William A. Peterson84 Highland Ave - Jamestown, NY 14701

    Vice Grand ChiefDewey Bringedahl

    2059 Blodgett - Muskegon, MI

    Junior Past Grand ChiefArthur W. Harlow Sr

    70 Crystal Water Dr. - E. Bridgewater, MA

    Grand SecretaryArlene Bulow

    17659 Ridgeland Ave - Tinley Park, IL

    Grand TreasurerJohn Pavlock

    44 Flagg Ave - Jamestown,NY

    2007 IOV Executive CouncilGrand Herald

    William H. Schaefer2291 Harrison - Muskegon, MI 49441

    Grand Inner GuardJuanita Porter

    50 Beech Street - Jamestown, NY

    Grand Asst. HeraldPaul F. Pitts

    17244 Arrowhead Trace - Oak Forest, IL

    Grand Outer GuardRalph S. Beck

    303 Meadow Lane, PO 205 - Batavia,IL 60510

    William F. Nelson620 12th St. - Silvis, IL

    Stephen C Lingle16412 S. 67th Court - Tinley Park, IL 60477

    Raymond P Knutson4533 NILRt 251 - Davis Junction, IL 61020

    Carla A. Horton16 Lewis Street - Saugus, MA 01906

    Rodney W Ottum6204 55th St. - Kenosha, WI 53144

    Roy J McRaePO Box 9 - Bryantville, MA 02327

    Scholarship CommitteeHi parents and grandparents! I would like to discuss Life Insurance that theIOV provides. As you know, in order to receive a Grand Lodge Scholarship,your children/grandchildren must be junior/senior members. The MINIMUM

    insurance a child from birth to 16 years is $1,500.Following are examples of what it would cost for ONE year of premiums:

    1 year = $1.16/month - $13.92/year5 years = $1.24/month - $14.88/year

    15 years = $1.52/month - $18.24/yearA scale of all ages is available from your Financial Secretary. These premiums REMAIN THESAME FOR LIFE. Naturally, greater amounts of insurance are available. I hope you will considerthis article and inquire about obtaining this reasonable life insurance for your children. Insurancepolicies may be gotten up to $10,000. REMEMBER the Grand Lodge is awarding $1,000SCHOLARSHIPS for 2008! Have your child/grandchild eligible in the future to receive ascholarship.

    Thank you for reading this article.Juanita Toots Porter, Scholarship Committee


    The Committee is pleased with our progress. The Illinois Burn Camp received a donationthis year of $7,000.00. This was due to a donation from Drake Lodge #3, Ellida Lodge #25,Harald Lodge #1