seo: 7 quick fixes

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Is your website struggling to get to page one? Is Google ignoring your content? Here are 7 quick fixes.


  • 1. SEO: 7 quick fixes By Splash Copywriters

2. Is your website struggling to get to page one? Is Google ignoring your content? Dont panic. 3. Here are 7 common SEO mistakes and how to fix them. 4. 1. Have a sitemap Having a sitemap on your website helps Google look around for suitable content for search results. 5. 2. Dont duplicate content Google doesnt want to see the same copy and images on different web pages on your website. 6. 3. 404 errors If Google comes across your website and finds pages that dont work as they should, you could get penalised. Make sure your links work. 7. 4. Slow load times Google cares about people who use Google, so your website is less likely to rank highly if your pages dont load and operate quickly. Be fast to be first. 8. 5. Hidden links or content It doesnt matter whether its deliberate or not, anything that could be interpreted as a move to trick Google will result in a penalty. Have a transparent website. 9. 6. Spammy content Google hates spam. Beware of having too many adverts on your site, or any content that might be interpreted as spammy (such as excessive blog comments). 10. 7. Keyword stuffing Its not 2003 anymore. Dont cram copy with keywords. Ignore the opinions out there on keyword guidelines too. The best strategy? When it comes to website copy, use everyday language and a natural amount of keywords will follow. 11. Splash Copywriters are experienced, creative copywriters who have written for some of the UKs biggest companies. 12. We know how to write words that work, so if you think we can help you in any way, get in touch. 13. Call Matt on 07812 581 297 or take a look at our website: