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  • Services Offered By the Indian Cloud Computing Providers

    According to Ben Trowbridge, CEO, Alsbridge Cloud computing providers work towards providing on-

    demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that users can rapidly

    provision and release with minimum client or provider interaction. Mulling on global trends in cloud

    computing experts are of opinion that there will be an explosion and that the industry is now at an

    inflection point. Presently, the holds are out pushing things to the cloud as the economics makes more

    sense. IT researchers and analysts and other eminent entities such as Abhay Chitness, CTO of L&T

    Infotech, predict that by 2016 almost every enterprise would want to put their main applications in

    cloud. The thought that comes to mind, is of the tipping point? When will that happen? As per the cloud

    analysts it is going to be when cloud-based offers priced at a fraction of the cost threaten established

    players like SAP and Oracle.

    However, keeping all these analogies in mind it is interesting to note that cloud computing providers in

    India have increased over the past few years and have also modified their service portfolio. Leading

    names with their online provisioning and management flexible computing ranks amongst the worlds

    best and can offer the real power of cloud computing at the customers fingertips. Eminent cloud

    computing service providers are have the expertise and competency in cloud infrastructure, managed

    and shared hosting services, network penetration testing and also has the capacity to offer its users the

    overall IT infrastructure in the cloud.

    Top cloud computing providers in India have their Turnkey IT Operations Service that helps to simplify

    the present IT infrastructure for numerous enterprises. They are able to offer a comprehensive

    management of applications and infrastructure, effortlessly. If you are planning to partner with one such

    provider then it is a good idea to go through the various case studies listed on their website. This will

    allow you have a clear idea about the customer vertical and their market record.

    Cloud computing solutions offered by leading solution providers is based on IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-

    service. Once you have full knowledge of their Service Level Agreements then you can completely

    depend on the IT infrastructure with the exact confidence as you would have done in case of a physical

    IT infrastructure.

    Who are ones who is going to benefit from this? According to market experts in the short term it is going

    to be small-to-medium business firms who would benefit from using software- as- a- service (SaaS) and

    even the business process as a-service (BPaas) more than the huge scale firms. This is because a

    huge firm generally does not have standardized business processes, preferring to personalize their

    applications. However, enterprises must standardize prior to leveraging the cloud.

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