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  • 1. How do you measure up? Use your clip art whiteboard tool and put a image on he ruler where you think you measure up on completing these homeroom tasks: Scantron, Define U Pre-assessment survey, Online Learning Assignments

2. Setting Ground Rules Rules for our Homeroom 3. Why are rules important? 4. Are there times you should break rules? 5. Examples of Ground Rules One person speaks at a time Respect others opinion: You can agree to disagree Give full attention to a group member when he/she speaks No putdowns of yourself or others 6. Lets come up with some rules of our own 7. Homework Over the next week, keep these rules in mind and observe how other classmates behave in your content lessons Do students naturally follow some of the rules we set? Do they often or easily break some of them? What can you do to help your classmates follow certain rules so our classes run smoothly?


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