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  • Shape Your Future

    David DiCaraShape Your Future

    Day 2

  • Shape Your FutureWelcome back!Stage OneExploration & Self DiscoveryStage TwoEnterprising Insight

  • DomesticsFire alarmsTimingsToday - 10.00 4.00Informal discussionsBreaksToilets

  • TodayReview Day OneIm over 50Personal strengths and development areasPassions and interestsSo whats holding us back?Setting GoalsMentoringNext steps

  • But before we start


  • YesterdayIntroductionsFirst things first (cards)Three PsChoicesRecognise my talentNo matter what, I can handle it

  • Yellow pagesWhat would you like to add to your yellow pages?

  • But Im over 50 years old!How I react to this?

  • But Im over 50 years old!Oh dear!Ive had my chanceIm past it now

  • But Im over 50 years old!

    So what? Bring it on!

  • What baggage do I bring?What barriers associated with your age prevent you from being successful?Are they real or perceived?

  • What qualities do we bring?

    What are the good things that come with age?

  • The qualities we bringDedicationPunctualityHonestyMaturityLoyaltyReliabilityWork ethicFlexibilityFocusedGood listenersOrganisedEfficient

  • The advantages of being over 50We want to work, preferring to stay active and engagedWe can fill temporary, seasonal or part time jobsWe can fill full time jobsWe can be flexible regarding work hours and locations

  • The advantages of being over 50We strengthen diversity in the workplaceWe have a strong desire to apply our knowledge and skills to the organisations missionOur behaviour serves as a role model for others

  • How do I add to them/Personal strengths

    Areas for development

    Support networks

  • Personal strengthsWhat are my strengths?How could I apply them to my future success?How do I strengthen them?How can I exploit them ?

  • Areas for developmentWhat skills do I need to add?

    How can I develop them?

    Which one is the top priority?

  • Support NetworksSupport forYour redundancy situationBecoming a mentorEmployed routeSelf employment routeIs doing nothing an option?

  • Support networksDraw four concentric circles on a sheet of plain paper YELLOWFirst one is small and has ME in itSecond, those who will give me maximum supportThird, those who could give me supportFourth, those who I should maybe call

  • Passions and interestsWhat are my passions, favourite interests and activities?

    Which of these come naturally to me?

    What energises and/or motivates me?

  • So whats holding me back?Where do I want to go?Is it really what I want?What choices / decisions do I have to make to get there?What road blocks stand in my way ?How do I remove them?

  • Why set goals?

    What do YOU think?

  • Why set goals?Goals motivate peopleGoals enhance confidenceGoals provide direction and purposeGoals help people focusAchieving goals gives satisfaction

  • SMARTER goalsSpecific

  • SMARTER goalsSpecificMeasurable

  • SMARTER goalsSpecificMeasurableAchievable/Agreed

  • SMARTER goalsSpecificMeasurableAchievable/AgreedRelevant/Realistic

  • SMARTER goalsSpecificMeasurableAchievable/AgreedRelevant/RealisticTimed

  • SMARTER goalsSpecificMeasurableAchievable/AgreedRelevant/RealisticTimedEnergising

  • SMARTER goalsSpecificMeasurableAchievable/AgreedRelevant/RealisticTimedEnergisingRewarding

  • SMARTER goalsSpecificMeasurableAchievable/AgreedRelevant/RealisticTimedEnergisingRewarding

  • Ever thought of being a mentor?What is a mentor?Why bother?What does it take?What do they get out of it?What do I get out of it?How do I ..?

  • How do I become a mentor?Visit Horsesmouth, the social network for informal mentoring, where everyone can give and gainYou cansearch fora mentor, become a mentor, or simply browse the inspirational profiles and stories on the siteIt's safe and it's free ... an eye on BSK at

  • Next stepsReview my yellow pages

    What are the top three things?

    When am I going to do them?

  • TodayThe advantages of being over 50Personal strengths and development areasPassions and interestsSo whats holding us back?Next steps

  • Before you goGraffiti window


    Content, Pace, Value

  • Home TimeThank you

    See you on 11th October


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