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<ul><li><p>Complete Cloud Ecosystem for Apps</p></li><li><p>What we do</p><p>Out Of the Box functionality - APIs and Native SDKs </p><p>Reduce Time - Development, IaaS Resource Management and Deployment</p><p>Reduce Total Cost Development and IaaS</p><p>Reduce Time-To-Market - By as much as 60%</p><p>Detailed Analytics User Profiling, App Tracking, Behavioral Segmentation</p><p>Analyze and Improve Key Success Parameters</p><p>- User Acquisition, Engagement, Retention and Conversion</p><p>Make App Developers successful by Offering</p><p>By Providing a Complete Cloud Ecosystem across platforms</p></li><li><p>Our Server Locations</p><p>Servers in 7 zones across 6 countries servicing global customers</p><p>Amazon (AWS) IaaS Provider</p><p>6</p><p>Managing Billions of API </p><p>Calls</p><p>Vast Scalability</p></li><li><p>App42 Backend APIs</p><p>650+ APIs 25+ Modules 18 Native SDKs</p><p>Business Technical</p></li><li><p>Match - Making In-App Chat</p><p>Challenge BasedTurn Based</p><p>Massive Multiplayer Gaming Engine</p><p>Room/Lobby Logic Connection Resiliency</p><p>AppWarp Multiplayer Engine</p></li><li><p>Gamification</p><p>Tools to boost Engagement and Customer Experience</p><p>using Game Mechanics in Gaming/Non-Gaming Apps</p></li><li><p>Tools to automate your App Marketing Campaigns and</p><p>improvise Engagement and Conversion Metrics </p><p>Diagnostic Info</p><p>Analyze Take ActionMonitor &amp; Optimize</p></li><li><p>Advanced Analytics and</p><p>Behavioural Segmentation</p><p>Advanced </p><p>Segmentation based on </p><p>Multiple Events and </p><p>User Properties</p><p>e.g. - Users of Age 25 from New Jersey </p><p>who started the App </p><p>today but did not </p><p>make a purchase</p></li><li><p>App Engagement and Retention</p><p> Send Push Notifications, Facebook Wall Posts, In-App Messages, Emails and Chat Pop-ups to Segmented Users</p><p> Facebook Re-targeting</p><p> Strategize Push and In-App Campaigns</p><p>Segmenting and Targeting</p><p> Track App Retention Metrics with User Cohorts</p><p> Run User-Retention Campaigns and check success/failureCohort Analysis</p><p> Real-time Session Tracking and Targeted Action</p><p> Identify Drop-off Points</p><p> User Session Time on various Page ViewsSession Tracking</p><p> Show live Users n versions of page views/CTAs/images/fonts and more and see which ones receive more traction</p><p> Constantly test and iteratively optimize your App, Push, In-App etc.A/B testing</p><p>e.g. - Trigger In-App Message if a User stays on a page for more than 30 seconds</p></li><li><p>In-App Message and Push Campaigns</p><p>Type of Campaign</p><p>Target Audience</p><p>Date Range to run Campaign</p><p>Campaign Trigger (Event)</p><p>Message/Push Layout</p><p>Frequency of Occurrence</p><p>CTAs</p><p>Action Paths</p><p> Another Event A/B Test Custom Code URL</p><p>To run chain </p><p>campaigns</p><p> Run Ad Campaigns</p><p> Set Real time In-App triggers to boost Conversion</p><p> Run Retention Campaigns</p><p> Schedule highly targeted Push Notifications</p><p> Run Chain Campaigns to progressively bring Users down </p><p>the Sales Funnel</p></li><li><p>Session Event Tracking</p><p>and Optimization </p><p>LIVE APP SESSION</p><p>ENTRY</p><p>POINT</p><p>EXIT</p><p>POINT</p><p>DROP-OFF</p><p>POINTS</p><p>e.g. A </p><p>Recommended for you segment flashed </p><p>at the entry point </p><p>based on previous </p><p>sessions data.</p><p>e.g. A Something you missed/You may </p><p>like segment flashed here according to </p><p>current and previous </p><p>sessions data.</p><p>Engaging the User during these in-session drop </p><p>off points based on real-time analytics </p><p>Enhancing in-App Personalization</p></li><li><p>Marketing Automation Dashboard</p></li><li><p>Boost Conversion</p><p>1) In-App Message Triggers at the Right Time</p><p>e.g. User on a Product View for more than 1min - Buy Now to Save More Pop-up to encourage immediate buying</p><p>2) Product Recommendations based on User Sessions, Behavioral Data and Preference Profiling</p><p>3) Highly Targeted Campaigns on Segmented Users</p><p>4) CTA based Pop-ups based on real-time activity on the App</p><p>Liked the App?Like us on Facebook</p></li><li><p>Intelligent Push Notification</p><p> Customized Push Notification according to Users interest or recent activity on your App</p><p> Integrate Call-to-actions (CTAs) in Push</p><p>- Send Rich Push with links, image based URLS, sound notifications, as tiles, etc.</p><p> Dormancy and Inactivity based campaigns</p><p> Segmented/Channel based Push</p><p>- Segment your users on the basis of gender, location, device, etc.</p><p>- Advanced Segmentation based on User Properties and Behavior on the App</p><p>- Schedule Push Campaigns on User Segments or fire Push as Event triggers</p><p>- Allow Users to subscribe to Channels to receive Notifications of interest</p><p> Product Recommendations</p><p> Geo Targeting (location-based Push)</p><p> Multi-lingual Push </p><p> Push Analytics to monitor effectiveness : Sent -&gt; Delivered -&gt; Opened</p><p> Send Cross Platform Pushes in a single click</p></li><li><p>In-App Chat</p><p> Create Chat Rooms for Real time Chat</p><p> Chat with your Users to provide supportE.g. If a User is on a page for more than 30 </p><p>seconds, send him a Chat Pop-up to offer help.</p><p> You can also enable Chat between Users Facebook Friends, Buddy Circles or similar-</p><p>preference Customers who can discuss their experiences or queries on Products</p><p> Enhance Customer Experience</p><p>Hi, this is Rishabh. </p><p>How may I help you?</p></li><li><p> App42 A/B Testing allows you to do a live-field test on your current and new In-App </p><p>features within the market place.</p><p> Use this service to understand which feature in your App works the best with users.</p><p>Benefits</p><p> Cross-Platform </p><p> Direct access through your Dashboard</p><p> Perform A/B//Z testing to try out N different variants</p><p> Distribute the A/B//Z versions in the market, in any proportion</p><p> Deploy the App with the winning features without the need to republish it.</p><p>App42 A/B Testing</p></li><li><p>App42 PaaS</p><p> Highly Available and Reliable Platform</p><p> No worry of OS installations, patches, security, firewalls and scalability</p><p> Scaling/descaling of resources as per usage</p><p> Access to App42 Backend as a Service Cloud APIs and Multiplayer Gaming Engine AppWarp</p><p> Resource Management from command line as well as management console</p><p> Capability to manage Internet of Things</p></li><li><p>API Gateway Design</p><p> All App42 APIs are wrapped and run behind the gateway</p><p> Gateway provides services related to authentication, authorization, metering, burst limit control, request/response size validation, request </p><p>throttling based on IP, source etc.</p><p> When developers deploy their custom code, on the fly new API is created and it also runs behind the same Gateway which provides same </p><p>services to the deployed custom code</p><p> Gateway can be used to integrate it with already existing APIs</p></li><li><p>Deployment Solutions</p><p> App42 Shared Cloud</p><p> Private Cloud</p><p> On-Premise Deployment on your Servers</p><p>Ability to connect with your existing CRM and other internal systems</p><p>Dedicated Hosting &amp; Support</p></li><li><p>Team ShepHertz</p></li></ul>