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Project Feasibility Study and Evaluation( SING-A-SONG KARAOKE )

Present to Aj. Chaiyawat ThongintrBy 5231205003 5231205021 5231205025 5231205034 5231205040 5231205043 5231205071 5231205125 Kanistha Jusmin Jiraporn Chyanut Chutcah Suksom Boonserm Palee Sukhum Wan Indee

Chitchanok Wongwang Nalinee Wanida Rodlamool Maitreethaweenithi

Seat 18

Section 2

Tourism Management

Mae Fah Luang University

PREFACEThe report is a part of Project Feasibility Study and Evaluation subject (1203302). This report has purpose to study about the project to do entertainment business in Chiang Rai province. We choose to research about karaoke room in the front of Mae Fah Luang University. We have fully information and clearly of this karaoke project because we study in deep details to show for reader with this business. The report will show about everything in our project, for example, financial statement, cost, risk management, etc. It can show the project can run in the long-run or not and show about if the investor doing this project they will get high profit or loss of profit when the reader will read this report. We would like to say Thank you for their participations to give knowledge and information for our study, these also allow us to get more knowledge and make us to understand in deep. Also, it improves us to develop education have more useful and will be change of development to be create and have new ideas to do business in the future. Again, we would like to say Thank you very much for their helps. Firstly, we thank you for our advisor Aj. Chaiyawat Thongintr, he try to continue to help and support in this project. He is always to listen and give advice for us. Second, we will say thank you to following many websites on the internet, which are support our project to be successful. Finally, we will thank our members in group that work together. In the first, for educating with information to support and encouragement to pursue our topic to do project, we will share information and help to solve problems that occur in report.

EXCLUSIVE SUMMARYSing-A-Song Karaoke located in the front of Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai province. Inside the building, we provide 3 floors to serve customer to use it. In the first floor, it is a food court and library zone and serves with coffee and bakery in that zone. In the next second and third floor, we separate the rooms to be 3 sizes include with S, M, and L sizes. We have 19 karaoke rooms and each room different in theme and decoration. In each room, we provide many themes to serve customer to choose and use it, for example, boxing room, concert room, haven room, bedroom, examination room, etc. Every room will different in theme and decoration because we want to make difference from others. We provide beverage zone for sell snack, alcohol, and beer for customer. Our vision wants to be a leader of karaoke entertainment in Chiang Rai province by provides modern, technology, facility, and high quality to customer. It is like our slogan Think of entertainment high quality services, thinks of Sing-A-Song Karaoke. Most of target markets are general customer who likes to sing a song, but we focused on the students who study in Mae Fah Luang University because our business located there that makes us concerned it. We will study about the characteristic of Chiang Rai people by use STEEP strategy to research and analyze the data. Our competitions are not much in Chiang Rai province because they not have high quality with equipment and they not have special thing to make different in their business. So, that make us can have more advantage better other competitors because we have high quality with equipment, good services for customer, and we good system to booking when the customer will use our services. Before we want to study to do this project, we will survey to ask students in Mae Fah Luang University about their opinion for this project. And most of them want to have karaoke in the front of their university because it can be the place for relax and meeting their friend. In financial statement, sales forecast will be increase in every year because we have more customers to use our services. And that make us to get high benefit when to do this project. It can show for the investor who wants to invest in this project, your money will not lost because we study in deep detail to offered this project. We will calculate everything about financial statement to show income since open business to next 5 years. That can make the investor confident with this project when they want to invest.

Table of Content A Preface.I Table of Content.....II Exclusive Summary...III Chapter 1: Introduction1 1.1 Background and Significant of project.....2 1.2 Objective.. 3 1.3 The benefits of project..4 1.4 Activities and Time frame.5 Chapter2: Industry profile....6 2.1 Nature of Industry...7 2.2 Situation of Industry....9 2.3 Product and service (In general)......9 2.4 Vision.11 2.5 Mission...11 2.6 Strategic planning..12 2.6.1 Corporate level....12 2.6.2 Business level..12 2.6.3 Functional level...12 2.6.4 5C strategic........14 2.6.5 Blue Ocean Strategy16 Chapter 3: Market Feasibility Study....................................................................................17 3.1 Market Analysis......18 3.1.1 General Analysis..18 3.1.2 Competition analysis....21 - Competitor Analysis...21 - Customer Analysis..22 3.2 STP analysis....23 3.2.1 Segmentation....23 3.2.2 Market targeting...28 3.2.3 Product position........29 3.3 Marketing Mix strategy or 4Ps...27 3.3.1 Product.....30 3.3.2 Price..30 3.3.3 Place.31 3.3.4 Promotion.31 3.4 Sales forecast...32 3.5 Marketing Expense (Sales Incentive)..38 Chapter 4: Investment 40 4.1 Pre- Operation Cost..41 4.2 Investment Cost....41 4.3 Depreciation Cost.....44

Chapter 5: Operation 5.1Production and Operations Analysis..60 5.1.1 Product Characteristics (in detail).....61 5.1.2 Specification and Feathers....62 5.1.3 Services Process....72 5.1.4 Location....74 5.1.5 Facility Layout..75 5.1.6 Logistics Management..78 5.1.7 Facility Management.78 Chapter 6: Administration.79 6.1 Salary.80 6.2 Administrative..80 Chapter 7: Financial Analysis82 7.1 Income Statement.83 7.2 Statement of Cash flow86 7.3 Balance Sheet91 Chapter 8: Risk Management.96 8.1 External Risk.97 8.1.1 PEST Analysis..97 8.1.2 Five forces model98 8.2 Internal Risk..100 Chapter 9: Conclusion.105 References..VII



Background and Significance of the projectKaraoke entertainment business is the entertainment service serves to everyone who would likes to sing a song. In Chiang Rai province not has many karaoke that make our see the opportunity to built karaoke entertainment service to serve everyone. The located we choose at in front of Mae Fah Luang University because it is closely with our target market. We focus on the students who study at Mae Fah Luang University and people who want to love to sing a song. This area is just only having one competitor from survey in this area that not enough with consumers need that make us can see that opportunity. Competitors karaoke have 4 rooms and not have good quality, for example, equipment damaged, old, and not have to update new songs for customer. So, that make we will think and plan to built karaoke entertainment to serve them to use this service and encourage them to enjoy with our service. This karaoke entertainment service can permit to drink alcohol in the room but consumer must buy alcohol from us because we not permit consumer to bring food & beverage from outside into our place. Our point of view want to make consumer feel enjoy and fun with entertainment. We have high quality service and appropriate for the funny party. We want to develop the front of Mae Fah Luang University to get high benefit and we think in next 5 years this university will very famous and have more student to study. Our karaoke has full facilities because we want to be the one and the best entertainment service in Chiang rai province. We can adapt our karaoke to be conference room because our VIP room that bigger and can serve to business man to do businesses and relax karaoke when businesses finish. The karaoke has three floors, in the first floor have food center that has food court around 5 or 6 shops and has library room to encourage student come to read books or talking with their friends also serve them with bakery and coffee shop in that room. In second floor and third floor has been karaoke room that has 4 VIP rooms and 15 standard rooms. We divided three types as 11 S of rooms, 4 M of rooms and 4 L of rooms (VIP rooms). This is the special thing in our karaoke we have 19 rooms and each room have different theme on wall, for example, bed room theme, safari theme, living room theme, jail theme, etc.

Karaoke business not the newest in Chiang Rai but it does not have full karaoke in Chiang Rai. It not has a big room and not has good facilities serve to customer. So, that is our opportunity to promote our karaoke to others for join and sing a song with us. We have fewer competitors in Chiang Rai and we think we are better than them because we have full facilities and everything has quality. The consumer can touch with new experience and new karaoke with us when they come to our karaoke. The characteristic of us will different because we know about the need of our target market and we can make them satisfied with our service entertainment business in a long period.

ObjectivePlanning of our project. 1. To understand and know about the method to do the perfection of business project. 2. To analyze a reality business that can be happen in the future as economic analysis, marketing analysis and etc. 3. To learning about the problem and working as a team. 4. To do research and can be built it in the real area. 5. To build the


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