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  • 1. Site Visit Measurement1: Ang Fuey Lin Construction Technology1:Leong Boon Tik Building Materials: Pn. Hasmanira Mokhtar Hasan Rubayet 0308941
  • 2. Site Visitation Recently we went to site visitation lead by our lecturer Ang Fuey Lin. Our site was in the Klang valley. It is a first site visitation since Sem 1. The site visitation conducted on 20th June as a part of our learning process and assignment for; Construction Technology, Building Material and Measurement. The aim of this assignment is to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical. This report identifies the overall construction management, how construction done, technologies and materials used for one construction. The building was situated in the Jalan Klang Lama. It was twenty-five story building. Until the level seven it is for car-parking and commercial purposes; from level seven to level twenty-five it is for residential purposes. Four levels of car park, three levels of commercial spaces and probably there will be 400-403 apartments. The main purpose of the building is to link via bridge to the next shopping center called Pearl Point. The developer of the construction is ENCORP BERHAD.
  • 3. SAFETY: Before the site visitation we had to take some safety precaution. We bought consruction helmet. . BUILDING STRUCTURE: The first things we notice when we arrived at site, that basic structure of the building like slab, columns and beams are exposed. Basically there are two kinds of structure of a building 1) sub structure and 2) super structure. The picture below showing the super structure of the building. Super-structure is that part of the structure which is above ground level, and which serves the purpose of its intended use. Next to see the sub
  • 4. structure of the building we had to go to basement. In the basement there is another car park used for commercial purpose and the foundation of the building still exposed. FORM WORK SLAB COLUMN BEAM SUPER STRUCTURE Sub-structure basically Foundation is the lower portion of the building, usually located below the ground level, which transmits the loads of the super-structure to the supporting soil. Foundation of this construction done by Contiguous piling. This method used when work space is limited and to control over the ground movement. CONTIGUOUS PILING
  • 5. SUB STRUCTURE Then column is vertical configuration in a structure. Usually it bears the loads of the building and transfer to earth. Beam is the horizontal configuration in a structure that transfer the load of slab to column and last of all slab transfer the structural load to soil. On the whole column, beam and slab are load bearer. EQUIPMENT USED: There is a portable concrete mixture, which can easily move from one place to another. PORTABLE CONCRETE MIXTURE
  • 6. There is electricity power generator to run other equipment in the construction site. POWER GENERATOR The image below showing tower crane in the construction site. Crane basically used for carrying heavy items in construction. Crane equipped with a winder/rope drum. Tower crane always fixed with ground. WINDER TOWER CRANE The another crane we noticed called truck mounted crane, same function like other crane but it can move around the construction site.
  • 7. TRUCK MOUNTED CRANE The general principle of a scaffolding is to provide a platform for workers and materials while work takes place. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including: Maintaining the exterior of an existing structure eg. Painting, providing working platforms for workers building a structure, stair towers for access to other raised platforms such as flat roofs, temporary roofs temporary walkways, temporary bridges. SCAFFOLDING
  • 8. Goods bearing truck always move around the construction site for to carry materials. TRUCK Ventilation duct use for passing the air in the building. VENILATION DUCT RAW MATERIAL USED: Cement is the main component of concrete. It's an economical, high-quality construction material used in construction projects worldwide. Cement, one of the key construction materials available today. CEMENT
  • 9. CEMENT Cement is made from a mixture of calcium carbonate (generally in the form of limestone), silica, iron oxide and alumina. Concrete is a versatile construction material: it is plastic and malleable when newly mixed, yet strong and durable when hardened. CONCRETE The another material is very noticeable, because it was spreader everywhere in the construction site and that is Reinforcement bar. Reinforcing steel bars are used for reinforcement of concrete structure. Rebar is common steel reinforcing bar, an important component of reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. It is usually formed from
  • 10. mild steel, and is given ridges for better frictional adhesion to the concrete. Rebar is formed into it to carry the tensile loads. REINFORCEMENT BAR Timber is the most environment friendly materials used in construction. Basically timber used is construction to accomplish formwork. The role of timber, reducing the carbon footprint of the construction industry. TIMBER
  • 11. ACCOMODATION AND SCHEDULE FOR WORKERS: On the site there is some workers accommodation for convenience. So that neighborhood wont be affected, there will be no traffic jam because of workers have accommodation in the site and schedule will make sure that work load distribute and done properly and the building handover on time. SAFETY PRECAUTION FOR WORKERS: In the site there is a safety measure for workers, we noticed, some safety signs and warnings for workers and others people related this project.
  • 12. LEARNING OUTCOME: The learning outcome of this site visit and assignment are very simple. Gain our knowledge through practical learning with our theoretical knowledge. When we visited site everything become more clear and practical knowledge become stable in our memory, understanding of how construction and measurement done of a structure and the application the building materials/resourses.