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Post on 29-Jun-2015


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a motivational presentation for skill based entrepreneurs. Presentation delivered for Tech TV's event.


  • 1. SkillpreneurshipSkill Driven EntrepreneushipThe future of job market!~

2. ? What is yourWhere were you 15 years ago?Talent!What is yourPassion!Where will you be after 15 years? 3. 1.Do you think your degree/qualification has aDemand in market!2.Do you think your invest-mentin education will PayThink again!you back! 4. ! What Skill Setwill make you asuccessfulentrepreneur 5. 1.2. Who is yourAct likeNostradamus!First Customer3.Will you buy your Ownproduct or service! 6. Answer the important questionsbefore they are made 7. 1.You are not the first When you present to aninvestor you are indissadvantage! presenter of the day!Who gonna put seed money!~ Self Finance~ Family Finance~ Venture Capitalist~ Crowd Funding 8. 1.Yo u are not the firstpresenter of the day!When you present to aninvestor you are indissadvantage!Have you done pilot testing!He has the money!tested?trialed?tried?working?satisfied?ready? 9. Innovation orImitation? 10. 1.Do you think you or yourstartup is Innovative!2.What Unique SellingPoints may have a hugevalue to your startup?3.Can you copy?o r Imitate! 11. Make sure that you have thefinest blend of technology. 12. How muchcan I extendthe idea in? length and depth 13. ? WhatExpert Levelwill make you anentrepreneur 14. Responsibility: Remember thatyou are the only driving forceof your business!This is my rifle. There are many like it, but thisone is mine.My rifle without me is useless. 15. A Dream does not let youSleep!Dream it = achieve it 16. Do not look at what is urgent,see what is important!MANAGEMENT 17. Blog it. make a Story! 18. Market with the best availablesocial media options. 19. Own your mistakes!I dont have any competitorsWe only need 1% of the market-shareIll reach break-even in 6 monthsOur projections are conservativeWe already have an interested investor 20. fake it, till you make it.till youBecome it! 21. Discuss your idea with yourmentors before trying ityourself. 22. Believe in yourself.if you think your skill set hasthe value, you will get thecustomers for sure! 23. Hasan 24. Some references used in thispresentation:Hugh Macleod - Kawasaki - Dennis -

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