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  • SL200 Shrink Sleeve Applicator

    SL200Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

    The Quadrel SL200 shrink sleeve applicator is capable

    of applying tamper bands or full body sleeves at up

    to 200 products per minute. The compact design and

    portability of the SL200 make it the ideal choice for the

    most demanding applications.

    Design features include a 20 label unwind, high-torque

    stepper drive or servo driven PLC control with color

    touchscreen HMI and all stainless steel support stand.

    Robuststainlesssteelandanodizedaluminumconstruction 50programmableproductpresets Mandrelstylesleevehandlingsystemwithsealedrollerbearings Innovativecuttingmechanismwithofftheshelfcuttingblades Fullsystemguardingwithelectricalinterlock UserselectableOpticalorDigitalsleeveregistrationoptions

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    Size: 36.6widthx35lengthApproximateNetShippingWeight: 120lbsActualApplicationRate: Dependent upon sleeve cut lengthandproductsize(Upto200productsperminute)CutLengthAccuracy: +/-1/32LabelDrive: Digital stepping motor standardDesignFeatures: Stainless steel/aluminum construction, sealed roller bearings, variable speed throw down rollersBottleDiameterRange: .875-3.86SleeveLengthRange: 1-12LabelThicknessRange: .00137-.00314RollCapacity:20outsidediameterrollon5or10inside diameter core. LabelFormat: Shrink sleeveLabelSensing: Photoelectric or Digital entryUtilities: 110VACor220VAC,50/60Hz,10/5amps


    Mandrel style sleeve handling U-Mountstylemounting Encoder-based speed compensation

    (withoptionalencoder) FullsystemguardingwithInterlock Ruggedstainlesssteel&aluminumconstruction Precision sealed bearings OpticalandDigitalsleeveregistration Dependable performance in harsh environments 20 label unwind for less frequent roll changes Integrated product detect sensor High-torque stepper or servo drive Innovative quick change cutter assembly with

    disposable blades


    H-basestandwithhorizontaladjustment Perforation modules Motorizedlift Low media detection End of media detection Powered label seating brushes Anti-staticionizer Powered label unwind Feedscrewproductpacingwithfeedbackupsensor Integrated Conveyor Electric or Steam heat tunnels Consult factory for additional options


    The SL200 Shrink Sleeve label applicator is ideal for shrink sleeve labeling applications at speeds up to200containersperminutewithmaximumspeedsdependent upon the sleeve and bottle dimensions. The SL200 shrink sleeve labeler is designed to meet a wide range of tamper band or full body sleeve application requirements.


    SL200 features Allen-Bradley PLC control with on board diagnostics and label / product preset memory. Additional features include color touchscreen operator interface and innovative cutter assembly. Shrink sleeve web handling by stepper or servo drive.