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  • Slotted Angle Storage RacksSlotted Angle Storage System is ideal for the manual storage of light loads and even relatively heavy ones. They are totally dismountable and can be modified or expanded height and lengthwise.This system covers all storage requirements ranging from totally planned requirements to the most immediate.

    Advantages : * A simple and economic system for the most varied applications. * Excellent versatility * Can be used for any inventory * Direct Access to all products and clear product presentation. * Good utilization of Warehouse volume * Quick and Easy to Assemble * Shelves can be re-adjusted on a 20 mm pitch * Racks can be modified or expanded height and length wise. * Idle for manual storage of Light & Medium Loads

  • Slotted Angles Partitions Racks

  • Slotted Angle 3 Side Covering Rack

  • Slotted Angle SizesWe offer slotted angles in 40mmx40mmx1.8 mm, 60mmx40mmx2 mm, 80mmx40mmx2.5 mm thickness depending upon load bearing capacity. Due to very convenient combination of holes locations the systems can be easily configured to meet any storage demands.Slotted Angle is the most versatile, time and cost effective construction material available for building carts, ladders, benches, shelving, cases, racks or any other type of structure. Made of either 12 or 14 gauge roll-formed steel. Slotted Angle is finished in Gray Enamel Paint or Corrosion Resistant Powder Coating FinishModelHeight (upto)Thickness40mm X 40mm10 feet1.8 mm60mm X 40mm10 feet2.0 mm80mm X 40mm10 feet2.5 mm

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