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Slide 2 Social Media Social Media for Sisterhoods How to Engage your members and potential members Hillary Handwerger Patty Rehfus Slide 3 Social Media Explained Hamantaschen Making Workshop TBE Kitchen, March 14, 2014 2:00pm- 5:00pm Just made a some prune and apricot hamantaschen. Ymm, good. Heres a picture of what I made. REALLY! Here are some interesting Hamantaschen recipes. Its not just dessert anymore. At the temple making and eating hamantaschen. This has been a fabulous experience. I rate it a 10. Watch the kids gobbling up my hamantaschen Blog I remember when I used to make hamantaschen with my grandmother. We would.. Check out these hamantaschen I made. OMG. I'm making #hamantaschen I'd love some advice on baking hamantaschen. It's my favorite cookie but I'm not having any luck. I like the ones that have a firmer, crumblier texture. Website If you have a website, you can create a page for holiday foods, and a subpage for hamantaschen. And you can enter lots of recipes. Here are some creative hamantaschen recipes, just in time for the holiday! Enjoy 4Square Slide 4 Social Media is popular really, really popular helps to get the word out reaches all ages and demographics Its users are active encourages two-way communication lets you share a lot about your Sisterhood is free Slide 5 Social Media promotes Engagement Creates communities of interest Has a broad reach Has ever changing content Creates two or more way conversation Easy to access Easy to use And again Its Free Slide 6 Social Media- not just for teenagers 73% of online adults now use social networking of some kind Facebook is the dominant platform Pinterest holds particular interest to female users Facebook and Instagram have high levels of engagement: majority of users check them daily. Overall, 42% of online adults use multiple social networking platforms Slide 7 Interest members and potential members Events Interest groups Promotions, News, Announcements Sharing knowledge on topics Encourage questions and answers Surveys Slide 8 Facebook The idea that social Information Photos and videos Events Likes/Comments/Shares Links SHARING Slide 9 Facebook Strong graphic appeal Videos Photos / Albums Upcoming Events Review of past events Chance to comment: Likes / Comments / Shares Links to other items of interest Chronological revie w Slide 10 Facebook Pages Facebook Pages are visible to everyone. Members of your Sisterhood can connect with these Pages by Liking them and then receive updates and can interact with them. The Facebook "wall" is where it all happens. This is your timeline. It is where you write comments on what your Sisterhood and its members are up to or share articles with your friends. You'll also see what your friends and fellow Sisterhood members are posting and anyone on your friends list can write a comment on your wall. Post upcoming events: Having a Purim Party? A Chanukah Bazaar announce it in Events. Fill in the event name, details, location, and time. Need to plan for an event well you can set up an event for that too, and invite just the designated planners. Facebook is your online photo album Post pictures from that trip to the Holocaust Museum, or your last Opening Event. Your pictures are archived. You can go back and check what you did last year and the year before Videos Take videos of an event, find videos on the web and share them. Want to be sure everyone in your sisterhood can share in the Biennial? You can do this on Facebook by sharing videos. Discussions: Have a book club? The discussions can go on long after the meeting. Working on a cookbook? Think of the sharing that can go on, as well as the selling. Interested in swapping or testing recipes for a holiday or special event? Facebook gives you the opportunity. It is a place where conversations are started and commonalities found. Slide 11 Getting started with Facebook You need to be an official representative of your group to create a Facebook page for it. You can create the page using your personal account.personal account If you dont already have a personal account, you need to get one. Go to and register as a new user. You will be asked for your first and last name, the email address you are using for Facebook, a password that you select (and remember) and your date of birth. Click on Sign- up button. Once you have a personal page, you can either click on the small gear in the top right-hand comer and when the a pull-down appears, click on Create Page. OR go to and click on Create Slide 12 Facebook Click on the box that says Company, Organization or Institution. Select a category: Church or Religious Organization Enter the name of your organization Temple Beth Emeth Sisterhood You are now able to fancy things up Slide 13 On the site, Update Page Info and fill in the blanks Add in your graphics Cover photo: 815px by 315px Profile Image: 180 x 180px Slide 14 Twitter Over 600 million users with over 100,000 signing up daily Younger user base than Facebook. Used to send and receive information quickly. Information is packaged in tweets of 140 characters or fewer Can be linked to other social media (Facebook, blog, web). Can be used to share photos, videos, and links to websites. Can be used to connect members with other information sources. Followers can use hashtags and @ posts to create buzz. Slide 15 Our tweets Tweets from tweeters we are following Popular hashtags Suggestions for who to follow Slide 16 Pinterest Engagement Enthusiasm Imagination Inspiration This is what Pinterest brings us Load you own images and explanations or pin someone elses. Photos, videos, descriptions, recipes, links It took me a little over an hour to set up this site. Slide 17 Heres how it works: You can add pins from the web or upload images from your computer, with a nice description and link to your website. A Pin is an image (or video) you add to Pinterest that links back to the website it came from. This means that Pins often lead to a place with useful information, such as a recipe, an interesting article, or your Facebook page or website. Youre a Sisterhood and you pin a picture of a fresh batch of hamantaschen. My friend, whos already a member and follows your Purim board, sees the picture LOVES IT! and repins it to her Jewish Delights board. I, a lover of hamantaschen, but not currently a member of your Sisterhood, see the picture LOVE IT!, repin it to my Good Stuff board and click on your name to find out more about the Sisterhood, who you are So who are you? Tell me, or any potential member: Why should I get involved in Sisterhood? What is in it for me? And tell it in pictures! (and videos and a few words) Slide 18 1. Sign up at When you sign up, there are two names to be aware of: Your username which will be used in the URL of your Pinterest page ( Your account name. Pinterest will still ask for your First Name and Last Name. First name=Temple Beth Emeth, Last name=Sisterhood 2. Upload a profile picture thats Pinterest-worthy Something that catches peoples attention : 160160 pixels. 3. Create a profile that captures your group Write your bio describe you as a group that a lot of people are going to be interested in, interested in what you do. 4. Create your first boards Here are some ideas you can use to get started A board about ongoing activities: This board should showcase your sisterhood. Make sure your pins all have descriptions and link to your website. A board about a holiday appealing to all ages: Create boards that your members can actually use. A board about cooking after all this is a Jewish organization. A Board about decorating for the holidays sharing members pictures and ideas as well as repinning from other boards. 5. Add to your boards. You can upload your own pictures (with a description), or repin something on another board. How do I find things to add? YouTube search on Purim, or Jewish comedians or Yiddish songs. Search for sites having Jewish themes. In Pinterest search for Challah or Passover, or baby sweaters and repin to your boards. Dont forget WRJ and URJ as a source. 6. Tell your network Invite your friends. Link to your Pinterest page from website, Facebook page, e- newsletter. 7. Like, repin, and comment! This is a social network, meaning connections are keyand a fun way to meet new people and become part of the community. 10. Keep pinning! Youve set up your profile, youve created a foundation, and youve begun spreading the worddont stop there! Continue to explore and find new and creative ways to market your Sisterhood on Pinterest. Slide 19 Use it to edit and share photos Over 50 million users Primarily a mobile tool (phone, tablet) Linkable to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Slide 20 Instagram Home Page = Your Photos Instagram Feed = Your Friends Photos Slide 21 With Instagram, you can Post sisterhood photos Include information about when, where and of whom photo was taken Use filters to improve the appearance of photos taken on mobile devices Share quotes Connect with younger members Learn about members interests and activities Follow other Sisterhoods Create an accessible archive of your photos Slide 22 Google Plus Real life sharing rethought for the web Available to anyone with a Google email address. Allows users to post words, images, music, etc. Allows users to arrange contacts into circles (friends, family, acquaintances, etc.) and share with only certain circles. Organizations can create pages. Incorporates other Google functionalities, including hangouts (group chats) and search. Slide 23 Post from you Posts from connections Circles Video Chats Suggested connections Slide 24 Google Plus Pages Slide 25 Blogs are social media At its most basic sense, social media is a shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content. In fact, its a fairly easy