social media strategy - discovering futures, digital strategies for student recruitment

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Steve Evans, Founder of Net Natives presented to higher education marketing professionals at the Discovering Futures, Digital Strategies for Student Recruitment conference. As the UK's leading digital and social marketing agency for education instiutions, Net Natives are experienced in understanding and discussing the stages of the prospective student’s digital journey and how universities can reach, influence and convert them throughout the process.


  • 1. Discovering Futures

2. how to create and manage successfulsocial and digital marketing campaigns who are the 4 potential student types what does their decision journey look like what campaigns influence at each stage case studies 3. put outcomes first,not the platforms 4. optimisecampaigns againstoutcomeconversionNOT clicks 5. The Audience types & Ad types 6. contentplanningisessential 7. Reusing Data for Conversion 8. Clearing CampaignsDONT BID ON CLEARINGKey things to consider:Ad PositioningClick to CallMobile Optimisation24/7 OptimisationUse site links with different calls to actionBe course specific 9. 10. Thank younetnatives.combigtopapp.comSteve Evanst: 01273 734 640e: