speaking describing pictures. general topic all these pictures show … this set of pictures shows...

Download SPEAKING Describing pictures. GENERAL TOPIC All these pictures show … This set of pictures shows … Here we have X pictures, all related to … The main

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  • SPEAKINGDescribing pictures

  • GENERAL TOPICAll these pictures show This set of pictures shows Here we have X pictures, all related to The main topic here is The topic illustrated here The pictures are about In these pictures I can see

  • DESCRIBING WHERE THINGS AREIn the foreground / background.On the left / right.In the middle.At the top / bottom.In the distance.In this picture / these pictures here (pointing)In the first / second, etc. picture.In the top/bottom-left/right picture.

  • COMPARINGWhile this picture , this one . In contrast / On the other hand, This other picture shows a very similar/different situation.Both pictures show/ Neither of these pictures showThis one is far / a lot / much + comparative than A little (bit) / slightly + comp. than (By far+) superlative.It is(nt) as + adj + as It is similar to/different from/the same as

  • DESCRIBING PEOPLEI think / It seems + present continuous to describe actions. Hes about X / in his Xs (age).Hes quite / rather / extremely + adj.You can tell he is She looks / seems + adj.She looks like + noun.He might be + ing / noun.They remind me of + noun.

  • FACTS AND OPINIONSEverybody knows that Many people believe that I find it (a bit) + adj.Im (not) really into / interested in + noun/ing.Im (not) very fond of / keen on + noun/ing.In my opinion/view, I believe/think that It seems to me that

  • SOME ADVICETalk in sentences. Dont produce a list of items you see.Organise your description. Dont describe the same thing more than once.Start with a general idea of the subject before going into details.Give some personal reaction to the picture.

  • MEETINGPEOPLEDescribe the pictures: main topic, who you see, what theyre doing,the situation, etc.


  • DAILY LIFELook at these photographs.Describe and compare them.

  • FAMILY AND FRIENDSDescribe and compare the following pictures. Talk about friends, different types of families, and your own.

  • Describe, compare and contrast these photos. Make sure you talk about the type of art you most enjoy.

  • Look at these photographs and compare them. Make sure you talk about the following: type of students, clothes, classrooms, new technologies

  • TRAVELLINGDescribe the pictures. Make sure you talk about means of transport,accommodation, etc.



  • Describe the pictures. Talk about different types of sports, equipment, etc.


  • June 2009

  • Describe the pictures and talk about the place you live in and your ideal house