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Conference presentation. Discussion of the impact on higher-ed institutions when faculty and learners engage in web 2.0 activity outside of the institutional LMS. Advantages of the use of web 2.0 and challenges for institutions. Examples from UMUC and the Master of Distance Education.


  • 1. Stella C. Porto University of Maryland University College

2. Focus Faculty grassroots web 2.0 activity How should institutions react in terms of support and ownership issues? 3. Overview

  • Context: UMUC
  • Web 2.0 uses
  • Tradeoffs and challenges: institutional vs. faculty perspective

4. Context and landscape U ofMarylandU College 5. Context and landscape U ofMarylandU College = UMUC 6. Context and landscape UMUC State institution Only 7% of support from the state Tuition driven >> distinct culture 7. Context and landscape some quantitative data Head count > 86,000 Enrollment > 272,000 Online enrollment > 177,000 8. Context and landscape UMUC quick facts 2nd largest state institution in the US Growth stateside of 74% over last 10 years Expect growth of 51% over the next 10 years > 100 degree programs fully online 9. Context and landscape faculty support

  • > 2,500 faculty:
    • Initial training for online learning
    • Continuous support

10. Context and landscape student/faculty/staffglobalsupport interface 11. Context and landscape: proprietary platform - WebTycho 12. Personal context within this landscape:

  • Master of Distance Education
      • Administrator
      • Faculty
      • Student

13. Meanwhile Web 2.0 term coined by Tim OReilly as an evolution of the web (coined then 1.0) 14. Web 2.0 explosion of apps and services: social/sharing & media rich 15. Web 2.0current tools changed (ex: 2.0 friendly browser) 16. Web 2.0 use in online learning class blog - Foundations of IT 17. Web 2.0 use in online learning class blog - doctoral dissertation cohort 18. Web 2.0 use in online learning class blog - capstone MDE class 19. Web 2.0 use in online learning e-portfolio (blog) 20. Web 2.0 use in online learning e-portfolio app 21. Web 2.0 use in online learning community building - blog 22. Web 2.0 use in online learning community building/resources - wiki 23. Web 2.0 use in online learning community building - groups - faculty 24. Web 2.0 use in online learning community building - groups - students 25. Tradeoffs and challenges scalability How do we provide training and support to faculty and students in the use of such tools? And there is the learning curve, technophobia, etc 26. Tradeoffs and challenges cost efficiency What tools should the institution support? How extensively? 27. Tradeoffs and challenges ownership How much ownership is at risk under the institutional umbrella? How do we differentiate support from ownership? 28. Tradeoffs and challenges innovation Web 2.0 tools are all about beta versions How can institutions keep up, should they keep up? If you build it will they come? 29. Tradeoffs and challenges support We want institutions to support How much, how far? Awareness of limitations of the underlying business models 30. Tradeoffs and challenges interoperability/compatibility How should these tools connect with existing platforms? Enclosure? Decentralized tools? 31. Tradeoffs and challenges sustainability and robustness Should institutions offer such tools to whom, for how long? Who is accountable? 32. Tradeoffs and challenges quality control How do institutions guarantee quality? How much control should they have? What kind of policies and guidelines should be put in place? 33. Final remarks

  • Complex process of decision-making
  • Grass roots movement that cannot be contained
  • Need for a vision and greater flexibility
  • What is in fact the future of LMSs?
    • More and more encapsulated functions?
    • Customized configuration of personal tools?
  • Strategic plan and balance

34. Thank you Contact:[email_address] US-China Forum in Distance Education June 29 - July 2ndhttp://www.umuc.edu/uschina/


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