squeezing every last bit of potential out of facebook

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Squeezing every last drop of potential out of

The Potential RewardsForge lasting relationships in a community of similar minded individuals.Industry AuthoritiesPotential customersUnique content ideas and sharing of ideasA soap box for displaying our content to a specific captive audience.The increasing importance of social signals.

So where do we Stand?


The Eco Experts:Content is King!Ecobuild was a winner in so many waysUnique quality content.Multiple areas where this content can be exploited.A great means of hitting the streets and building and nurturing valuable relationships for link building and content ops in the future and now.Hopefully will underline the amazing power of video as a stellar use of resources.

And the Results

93398Visual StorytellingVisual storytelling is integral as a means of spreading a marketing message.Its now become an unavoidable but exciting part of the social networking landscape

The BasicsAn eye-catching cover Your way of shouting to the crowded hallway of content youre competing against.851 x 315 pixelsGet creative, focus on your brand identity and think about your target audience.However beware the wrath of Zuckerberg!Price or purchase infoReferences to FB features and actionsContact infoCall to action

Stars, Pin and Hide

Star, Pin and HideStars give your lovely posts a little boost.

If youve something the world needs to hear then the pins your new best friend.Or if you want something slightly less desirable on your site to magically disappear


MilestonesMilestones of your brands history in 843 x 403 pixelsIndustry milestones to highlight your position as an expert and providing a valuable resource.

AppsAnother means of providing exclusive content and engaging your audience.Promote different areas of your site with Add to Favourites.Sneakily dodge Facebooks rules.

Creating AppsFacebook developer tutorials.

3rd Party AppsTonnes of 3rd party FB page creation tools on the market.Comes at a price however free ones are available but with restricted features.

CommunityBuild a community around common goals/causes/scandals.Monster Military

Make use of events to provide a diary for your industry and once again provide the infrastructure for a community to grow.

Getting Stuck inPost at least twice a day.No Facebook page is an island, its a two way street.The devils in the detail.Brand identity is everything.Responsiveness is key to success.Just because Content is King doesnt mean it has be yours.Developing your brand personality.Content IdeasLet your audience see behind the curtain.

Worst and best work experiences or asking people to record their journey.

Thats prettymuch it!Just get out there, start talking and most importantly get experimenting!

Thank you!