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A 16-page feature celebrating the Golden Anniversary of Standard Distribution in Barbados.



  • STAFF AND CUSTOMERLOYALTY ranks high at StandardDistributors.

    Thats according to ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO), Steven Scott.

    Cognisant of these trends withinthe company, Scott wants topublicly thank his staff and faithfulBarbadians for ensuring the success of thisretail store during the past 52 years.

    We at Standard Distributors wish tothank our customers for their loyalty, faithand trust in us. We value them significantly,and while we know that their buying powerhas been challenged due to the existingeconomic climate, we will work with themas best as we can, Scott promised.

    He has lauded the staff for their creativityover the years, and has specificallycommended them for their dedication andcommitment to excellent service.

    Scott, who took up the reins of CEO fouryears ago, is adamant that the economicclimate will only push the company togreater heights.

    Our greatest challenge right now likemany other companies is the economicsituation, but everything has a cycle and wewill come out. We are holding our own andwill continue to support the localmanufacturing industry. In this way we arehelping to preserve local jobs, Scott noted.

    He added: It is true that business has

    slowed down, but our efforts now are to buymore wisely and give customers a betterproduct at better prices. Our prices are quitegood, as we have the advantage of buying ingreater volumes through our faithfulsuppliers with whom we have excellentworking relationships. This enables us topass on the best prices to the customer. Wewill endeavour to offer the best.

    Scott pointed to Standard Distributorsspecial discount to any individual who is amember of a credit union, as well as specialdiscounts to members of the BarbadosAssociation of Retired Persons (BARP),many of whom are also customers.

    A large percentage of BARP membersare customers and a lot of young people whoare starting out in their careers chooseStandard because of the stores widevariety, Scott added.

    It is to this end that special packages areoffered to young people who are starting outin their respective home ownershipprogrammes.

    Scott sees a bright future ahead, with lotsof possibilities.


    CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER STEVEN SCOTT (seated) looking over figureswith Marketing Manager Andre Downes (left) and Chief Financial OfficerDavid Holder. (RC)

  • GONE are the days when keepingtabs on the finances of StandardDistributors meant burning themidnight oil.

    Chief Financial Officer DavidHolder remembers those days onlytoo well; the nights of balancingbooks way past 11 p.m. Today, thanks to advancedtechnology, with just the touch of abutton, he is able to keep financialrecords up to date.

    When I joined the company mostof the work was being donemanually. We spent many nights

    balancing the hire purchase ledgers.Today, high technological advancedsoftware programmes have made itso much easier, but business is not asusual, he said.

    Holder believes that market forceshave made doing business much

    more competitive. The market has changed

    significantly. There are more retailoutlets, along with the ability forpersons to research and shop onlinefor any product. In the midst of this,we must focus and ensure that the

    highest quality of service is deliveredat all times.

    Holder is also of the view that thekey to maintaining a proper marketshare is to provide excellent servicethat is second to none.

    At Standard Distributors, wemake the customer feel a part of us,so that they continue to do businesswith us. We will not lose a customerdue to poor service, support orproduct performance, he stressed

    He maintains that in spite of thecurrent economic climate StandardDistributors continues to keep its

    head above water.We are weathering the economic

    climate and placed all the relevantmachinery to ensure positiveprojections for the remainder of theyear, he disclosed.

    A former teacher, Holder joinedStandard Distributors in 1986 as anaccounts clerk responsible foraccounts payable and receivable. Hewas elevated to the post ofaccountant three years later, and hasheld the post of chief financial officerfor the past 20 years.

    Holder manages a team of 25, inaddition to overseeing the financialoperations of the companys threelocations and the preparation of themonthly management accounts. Healso manages the companys portfolioof assets, with the highest portfoliobeing hire purchase receivables,inventory and fixed assets.

    Holder is also responsible for theCredit, Accounts and Inventorydepartments.

    THE HEART of StandardDistributors is the SalesDepartment. Each member ofstaff is sales driven and dependson sales from furniture, largeand small appliances andelectronics among other items for the company to stayabreast of the competition.

    This is where JoycelynCarter plays a crucial role assales manager and purchaser oflocal products.

    In addition to working withlocal furniture manufacturingcontractors, Carter sets salestargets on a daily basis andworks to ensure these targetsare attained.

    She is satisfied that despitethe current recession,businessis steady at both the TudorStreet and Haggatt Hallbranches. Excitement is also inthe air as both retail stores havestarted to receive theirChristmas stock. Already staffare looking forward to a greatseason.

    Carter is also convinced thatwith the right quality productsand best prices, StandardDistributors will continue to bea leader in its field.

    We are performing well withour various large and smallappliances, including Kenmore,Frigidaire, General Electric,

    Whirlpool, and Toshibaproducts, stated Carter.

    She added: During the earlypart of the year the focus isusually on a wide range ofappliances, including stoves,refrigerators, washing machinesand televisions. The Christmasseason is when we witnessincreases in all classes of retailitems. Our furniture salesincrease significantly during thisperiod.

    Standard Distributorshas everything for the home,and is a No. 1 stop for allappliances, furniture and homefurnishings, explained Carter,who supervises a team of 15,

    including cashiers, porters andsales associates.

    She believes that asStandard Distributors livesup to its motto Quality IsOur Business , it will continueto make its mark in the localretail industry.




  • CUSTOMERS of StandardDistributors can lookforward to give-aways to thetune of over $100 000 worthof prizes as the companycelebrates its GoldenAnniversary in this its 52ndyear of business in Barbados.

    According to MarketingManager Andre Downes, thestore is especially set to giveback to the loyal Barbadianpublic through an extendedpromotion package, which iscurrently running untilJanuary 31, 2012.

    Customers have thechance to win a KIA Cerato;a Caribbean cruise for two,and five individual roommakeovers.

    Downes noted in light ofthe current economic climatethe store was alwaysseeking new ways to keepour customers happy,satisfied and coming backto shop with us as they arethe reason we exist.

    We have a duty to ourcustomers to provide themwith the best possibleservice and a qualityproduct that outstrips itsvalue.

    Therefore, through research, we arealways looking for new ways and makingchanges to the overall operation from thelook and feel of the stores, to the quality ofeach product purchased, so there will bechanges on the horizon. We want to adviseour customers to stay tuned.

    Downes added: As one of the olderretail companies in this business wecontinually challenge ourselves creatively to

    realize the goalswe set, whileseeing the dreamsof our foundersand buildersrealized.We owe it to

    our shareholders to be innovative and toimprove in every facet of the business toensure the companys success for another 50years and beyond.

    Despite the demands of the job, Downessays he enjoys his work immensely and islooking forward to finding solutions to themany challenges, the company faces.

    We have a solid history, which supportsa promising future, and I am eagerly lookingforward to playing an active role in it, he added.

    WHEN IT COMES to maintaining a properand accurate track record of StandardDistributors inventory, the responsibilityrests squarely on the shoulders of InventoryControl Manager, Sonia Moore.

    The inventory department ensures that allgoods are placed in the companys data base,and are available for distribution to theTudor Street and Haggatt Hall locations on atimely, and if needed, a daily basis.

    This involves creating codes for each itemand pricing them as soon as they reach thewarehouse at Green Hill, St. Michael.

    Moore, who has spent 23 years withStandard Distributors, works closely withinventory clerk Adrian Miller. Together theycooperate with the Credit and Accounts staff,as they rely heavily on information fromthese two departments to perform their duties

    effectively.The inventory department also

    coordinates stocktaking each week, andcarries out spot checks on a regular basis.

    Moore specifically, as part of her duties,prepares monthly inventory reports for thechief executive officer and liaises with thechief financial officer.


    MARKETING MANAGER Andre Downes. (RC)



    STANDARD DISTRIBUTORS wasestablished by Dr Anthony N. Sabga inTrinidad and Tobago in 1945.

    With an overwhelming success thecompany came to Barbados in September1959 and began operations as apartnership with DaCosta Lim


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