stay connected at iste 2017, year-round! get connected ... get connected at iste 2017, stay...

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  • Get connected at ISTE 2017, Stay connected year-round!

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  • Panelists

    Kim LeClaire, ISTE Faculty, Director of EdTech Poudre Schools Colorado

    Sarah Thomas, Tech coordinator, ISTE Standards refresh committee, Maryland

    Ken Shelton, Educational Technology Strategist, Speaker, California

    Heidi Ellis, ISTE Senior Director of Membership, Oregon

  • Join Us!

  • Audience Interaction 1.) Introduce yourself 2.) ISTE reflection:

    Share ONE thing you learned that most excites you.

    Participants Join Us:

  • Learning Intention:

    Attendees Deepen the ISTE 2017 Experience...

    Shared Notes With a

    Call to Action


    Pre-ISTE During ISTE


    Bonanza Of Inspiring Resources

  • Shared Notes 3 Stars for TOP thing I will try in the first week of school.

    2 Stars for bigger idea Plan a lesson refresh to use in the first month of school

    1 Star for idea for digging deeper and further research. I might need a coach or peer to partner plan it.

    3 - 2 - 1 strategy (adapted)

    See Kim’s Shared ISTE Notes

  • Call to Action What will I:

    × Start Doing (Meaningful digital learning)

    × Stop Doing (Less worksheets? Hmm.)

    × Keep Doing (Great instructional design)

    Who is my learning buddy? (Local or Global)

  • Audience Interaction

    What is ONE online or social media community that I already belong to?

  • Let’s Connect ➢ How can I find Twitter Chats?

    ○ Google Site ○ Participate

    ➢ How can I find Voxer groups? Find your FAV topics!

    ➢ What is EduMatch? ○ Who should I follow on Twitter?

  • Examples of Social Networks

    Image: Rachel Pierson

  • Audience Interaction

    Of these new networks, which ONE would be a good fit for you?

  • Audience Interaction

    What is ONE of your favorite or most useful resources? Why?

  • Education Hashtags

  • Audience Interaction What is one ISTE resource I MOST love using?

  • 17,000 ISTE members

    How to stay connected?

    100,000+ ISTE and ISTE affiliate members

    152 Countries represented

  • Place your screenshot here

    Jump into the ISTE Community! Ask a question, share advice, find a buddy who’s doing the same thing you are.

  • Join a PLN

    ISTE has more than 20 networks on specific topics and roles.

    Each community shares resources and hosts PD events from webinars to book studies to Twitter chats.

  • ISTE Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) ● Administrator Network ● Arts and Technology Network ● Computing Teachers Network ● Digital Citizenship Network ● Digital Equity Network ● Digital StoryTelling Network ● Early Learning Network ● Ed Tech Coaches Network ● Games and Simulations Network ● Global Collaboration Network ● Inclusive Learning Network ● Independent Schools Educators Network ● Interactive Video Conferencing Network

    ● International Schools Network ● Learning Spaces Network ● Librarians Network ● Literacy Network ● Mobile Learning Network ● Online Learning Network ● STEM Network ● Teacher Education Network ● Technology Coordinators Network ● Virtual Environments Network ● Young Educator Network

  • Other Member Benefits ● Quarterly magazine, Empowered Learner ● ISTE Standards for Students ebook ● Free ISTE ebook, choice of three ● Professional learning webinar series ● ISTE Update ● Member Communities Newsletter ● Research journals for premium members

  • Thanks! Any questions? You can find us at × @heidiellis × @k_shelton × @kimleclaire01 × @sarahdateechur

  • Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: × Presentation template by

    SlidesCarnival × Photographs by Unsplash