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1. Engaging Technical Publications with SolutionsEngineering, Education, and SupportBen ColbornManager, Technical Publications 2. Collaboration 3. Background 4. 4Scale-outServersStorageNetworkSANPower of ConvergenceConvergedcompute and storage forvirtualized environments 5. 5OrganizationsEngineeringDevelopment QATech Pubs SolutionsOperationsSupport ProductServicesEducation Consulting 6. 6Content TypesTech PubsRelease NotesSetup/AdministrationReferenceHardwareReplacementSolutionsOverviewsBest PracticesReferenceArchitecturesSupportKnowledge Base Field AdvisoriesEducation ILTeLearningLearning moments 7. Relationships 8. 8Content StrategyGovernanceNumber of Authors/Publishing FrequencyEducationDocumentationSupport KBCommunitySolutions 9. 9Contribution FlowsTech Pubs SupportEducationFeedbackRequestsDraftsSolutions 10. Tools & Processes 11. 11Documentation/Education Content SharingDocs Reference MapsTopics Concepts Tasks ImagesTraining Lab exercises Assessments MapsPDFHTMLePUBPDFPPTHTML 12. 12Documentation/KB Update ProcessesTech pubsupdates docsTech pubspublishes docsDocspublishedSRE draftsarticleTech pubsreviews articleTech pubspublishesarticleSRE requestsdoc updateTech pubsdrafts articleDev/QA/PMrequests docupdateKB articlepublished 13. 13Support PortalSearchKnowledgeBaseDocumentation SolutionsMetadata 14. 14Internal Search 15. 15Case Deflection Search 16. Lessons 17. 17ChallengesSolutionsTech Pubs SupportEducationTimelinesGovernanceContent silos 18. 18How to engage? Offer to help Not because you have the answer But because you can derive someadvantage And leave dogma aside 19. 19What to accept? Content silos are here to stay Different solutions have differentbenefits Breaking down organizational barriers ishard Your offers of help wont always beaccepted 20. Q & A