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  • 1. Steps to the cloudMichel Robert MD, Claranet UK
  • 2. About Claranet Founded in 1996 520 staff In 6 European countries 5,000 customers Separate SOHO business 75m revenue (2009)
  • 3. Our customers
  • 4. Our partners
  • 5. Definition of cloud A virtualised computing infrastructure, sitting in a data centre, accessible via the internet or a Wide Area Network (WAN)... Public Private
  • 6. Cloud: the benefits Cost-savings Reduced capital expenditure Lower operational costs Pay for what you use Increased flexibility Scale resources to meet demands Move resources based on requirements development to production Increased reliability Enhanced resilience through virtualisation Ability to use external expertise 24x7
  • 7. Cloud: the challenges Reliance upon the network Potential compliance issues Security Not right for all applications Service guarantees with 3rd parties Planning and migration
  • 8. Case study: FIVE TVFranois Chabat, Senior Technology Manager, Channel 5
  • 9. Case study: FIVE TV About Channel 5 Background Digital Media Group set up in 2007 Capitalise on the growing market for online video Develop new revenue streams, online Check Timelines
  • 10. Case study: FIVE TV Migration to the cloud: the business case More efficient resource utilisation Greater flexibility for provisioning environments Improved scalability The solution: Private Cloud Managed Application Hosting, delivered on Dedicated Virtual Hosting infrastructure The resulting benefits Improved operational efficiencies: 3 times fewer servers required
  • 11. Case study: FIVE TV P2V migration Collected performance metrics off physical set-up Seamlessly mixed-and-matched physical and virtual machines during migration Challenges Optimised resource utilisation means less slack capacity available for unexpected performance spikes Centralised SAN creates inter-project dependency Where next? Minute-by-minute resource allocation and billing Automated resource allocation
  • 12. Steps to the cloud Understand your companys objectives No sacred cows Prioritising is key what to do first? Physical to virtual migration start small Review cloud services carefully Dont forget your network Pick the right partners to help
  • 13. Any questions?
  • 14. Thank you Drop-inSTAND sessions 1.30pm 17 2.30pm 3.30pm