story of dumplings

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Story of Dumplings. History of Dumplings 500-600 years ago ,China Ming Dynasty. Makeing dumplings setout . Prepare ingredient Two zucchini sliced 1b ground pork Above two mix together ,plus 1tsp s alt, 1tspblackpepper, 3tsp sesamum oil. Prepare wrapper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How to make dumpling

Story of Dumplings

History of Dumplings500-600 years ago ,China Ming Dynasty

Makeing dumplings setout Prepare ingredient Two zucchini sliced1b ground porkAbove two mix together ,plus 1tspsalt, 1tspblackpepper,3tsp sesamum oilPrepare wrapper5 cup all purpose flourPlus water less than 2.5cupPut paste on the warm place about 40mins and plus capUse stick make wrappers or use machine How to make DumplingsStep 1 prepare ingredients

Step 2 make wrappers

Step3 cook Dumplings

Step4 eat DumplingsTips: dip vinegarChopped garlic

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