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Strategic intent Strategic Human Resource Management

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Strategic intentStrategic Human Resource Management

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Fundamentals of Strategy

• Fundamentally, strategy is

about defining intentions

(strategic intent) and

achieving strategic fit by

allocating or matching

resources to opportunities

(resource-based strategy).

Fundamentals of Strategy• The effective development

and implementation of strategy depends on the strategic capability of the organization, which will include the ability not only to formulate strategic goals but also to develop and implement strategic plans through the processes of strategic management and strategic planning.

Strategic intent

• In its simplest form, strategy

could be described as an

expression of the intentions

of the organization – what it

means to do and how or, as

Wickens (1987) put it, how

the business means to ‘get

from here to there’.

Strategic intent• As defined by Hamel and

Prahalad (1989), strategic intent refers to the expression of the leadership position the organization wants to attain and establishes a clear criterion on how progress towards its achievement will be measured.

Strategic intent

• Strategic intent could be a

very broad statement of

vision or mission and/or it

could more specifically spell

out the goals and objectives

to be attained over the

longer term.

Strategic intent

• The strategic intent sequence

has been defined by Miller

and Dess (1996) as:

– A broad vision of what the

organization should be;

– The organization’s mission;

– Specific goals, which are

operationalized as:

– Strategic objectives.