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CHARTER- Large THHN Kaizen

Stretch Wrap Project Melvin Nays - Project LeaderRichard Long - CoachJoel Brown - Sponsor1


Problem StatementSafety observation - employee is too close to moving partAverage Shrink wrap usage per year 139,608 ft. ($20,555)Risk only one person (contractor) can fix current machineCurrent wrapping process reduces productivity (Wrap 4/5 times)Stretch wrap not secure which creates delivery issues


Solution - New Stretch Wrap MachinesSafe does not require operator to lay wrap for 85% of loads Can be programmed to wrap different types of loads We will use 3 different settingsImproves the stability of product during transportIncrease in pallets from 123 per roll to 147 per roll Comes with quarterly P.M., 4 yr. warranty, maintenance department can fix if needed and will not void the warrantyProductivity time savings


Benefits4Improved safety and productivityStretch wrap cost reduction (usage)New machines provide a cleaner work place environment (5S)Reduction on freight claims

Benefit Analysis 5 Cost Saving per yearMaterial cost savings$13,255Labor saving (4 wrap machines) $102,981Total savings $116,236 Machine price per machine $16,9454 machines $67,780Air lines and electric $8,401 Total expenses $ 76,181Average operator time to wrap a pallet with old machines 4 minutes Average operator time to wrap a pallet with new machines40 seconds

58K Pallets/Year3 Min/Pallet2,900 hours

Summary Equipment installed and calibratedPersonnel trained SOP CompletedJHA CompletedMaintenance Notified and given copies of machine specification for P.M.sThank everyone for your support



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