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  1. 1. evrythin i leaned about supernatural frum meh dash by siveler
  2. 2. i think dis is dean and sams mama oh nozzz!!1! Im on fire and on da ceiling!!1! I hope they have a fire extinguisher evry1s is on fire and on da ceiling
  3. 3. Dean Winchester he might be confused about his seXualiTy. something about Jensen or Jason or some J name and maybe Atkins? Idk hes realy haut. he hunts demons and monsters he be from Lawrence, KS. My hometown whaddup. i think hes been to hell. he looks like a badass drives a black car. an imala or impala or empanada or smt.
  4. 4. Sam Winchester deans lil bro no happiness fo u he cant have happiness he is a moose hair evolution helps dean fight monsters evolution does not have a soul? he gave it up for his hot bod? But seriously damn son! I think hes also been to hell idk
  5. 5. Castiel played by misha Collins omg adorable fandom luvs misha unique name an angel literally he pulled dean out of hell he fell from heaven or smt. I am an angel of de lordy hes in love with dean i think hes homeless in season 9? had a fight with his boyfriend?
  6. 6. ANGELS ARE FALLING OR SMT deh lights are angels falling wut?
  7. 7. Oh and dis guy named Adam or smh i think its luke from percy jackson he wuz forgotten or smh. dont u, forget about me hes also in hell? i think hes related to sam and dean everyone is fukin in hell.
  8. 8. no happiness every1 iz dead sad face deany they r all of dean. dean is the only one with feelings oh here is sad sam
  9. 9. de end oh 1 last thing i think season 9 or something premiers tomorrow but idk i just see a lot of stuff on my dash about it.