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  1. 1. It is a regular scenario that to meet expenses or urgencies, most of us often run into terrible debts, often the amount of debt becomes so gigantic that our nerve fails while we are to repay the same in due time. When situation becomes truly unbearable and you fail to meet youmonetary obligation or fall short in repaying the base minimum installment, in that situation Debt Counseling isall what youneed to save your situation. However,one needs to come out qualified for a counseling session, as not all are held eligible to benefit from such process. Nowwhat are the criteriato appearentitledforthis counseling. In order to qualify for counseling, yourequire to be utterly over-indebted, as per the norms of NCA, when youappear utterly incapable to meet all yourends, and time appear heavy upon you, you surely need DebtReview.Right after purchasing a car, house or your credit card purchase if the accounts were nearly touching sky, you may revert to reviews. Now youmust be wondering, when yourcreditors are chocking you,asking you rampantly to pay off their dues, how counseling or review could settle the matter. Well, one benefit is that when you are into this counseling, legal actions yourcreditors wontbe able to take against you. Pay Plan Solutions offercounseling help to them, who are truly over in debted and searching waysto cure their malady. This company is having personnel out and out qualified and welltrained. So having them by your side is definitely an advantage to survive through challenging time that, debts has put you into. With their support, you willnaturally bounce backto financial wellness and will be able to manage everything properly, side by side pay back the debt without being burdened. But all these willbe possible if only you are having steady income to meet all ends. Your steady, regular income willhelp youto plan a sound repayment scheme. However,youneed to be highly careful, if the debt counselor finds out that you are having potency ,still youare not paying off or making excuse or having other intention, then yourplea will definitely be rejected. You may have to pay the rejection fee on that ground. So before getting into such kind of process, make sure you are overindebted, better youfix an appointment with the counselor and ask forhis advise whether it should be worthwhileto file an appeal for the counseling or not. With his suggestion, you willbe able to avert risks and hazards. But you have to be honest in your approach, hiding one factmay cost youinexorably. Pay Plan Solutions offersan opportunity fordiscussion. While talking withthe debt counselor dont forget to produce your IDdocument, saving accountdocuments, pay slip papers, assets, investment documents. Youmust notify him about the monthly operating costs youare bearing these days and all other relevant expenses.