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The elite planIts not by accident that 1% of the people have 99% of all the wealth today. This is the root cause of poverty in the world, in 2016. make the 99%, you and I, manage to live on only 1% of all the money that exists! Open your eyes to the truth

Published in 2012That video is out of date! As you have seen, 1% of the people now own 99% of all the wealth in 2016. This trend is likely to get worst if we allow the elite to continue with their plans for us!

How did the elite achieve this?They created artificial scarcity! They possess great influence over most governments in the world! They control the mainstream media! They own the banks! They control our education system! They manipulate all of the markets! Their goal is to have complete control over every man, woman, and child on earth! Their entire system is not just corrupt, its evil!

Scarcity only really exists in the minds of those that believe in it

TBC is the 1st Abundance-based Currency

TBC will end poverty Globally!

How will tbc end poverty globally?

At some point Each tbc Coin will be worth one billion eurosThere will be one Billion TBC Coins mined 1,000,000,000.00 x 1,000,000,000 Coins = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00If everyone on Earth received an equal amount of TBC, each would get: 135,135,135.14

But that is not going to happen

Studies have shown that Unemployment leads to poverty

What can you do to help?Buy as much TBC as you can today, the value will ONLY go UP!Dont sell any of your TBC coins; let time WORK for YOU!When the value of your TBC coins is high enough, hire people to work for you. Perhaps you will need help in selling TBC coins. Pay your employees in TBC.As Stake Holders YOU WILL Become Billionaires and will have more than enough to help us in our Mission to End Poverty Globally!

The choice is yours