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Örjan Sölvell presenting the European Cluster Observatory at the 15th TCI Global Conference, Basque Country 2012


  • 1.Professor rjan SlvellThe European Cluster Observatory

2. The European Cluster Observatory 3. The European Cluster Observatory> 600 industries 4. The European Cluster Observatory> 600 industries> 400 regions 5. The European Cluster Observatory> 600 industries> 400 regions> 3 million raw data points 6. The European Cluster ObservatoryProcessed into 1,3 millionuseful indicators on thewebsite 7. The European Cluster ObservatoryEvery month,more than 2 000 mapsproduced and over 1 500books and reports aredownloaded 8. Article about GermanyThe Economist, 14 April 2012Used by media 9. From: []Sent: 12 July 2012 16:42To: Gran LindqvistSubject: Regional Chambers of Commerce in the Netherlands on "Organisation Mapping"Dear Mr. Lindqvist,Today I came upon the wonderfulsource of information that is theCluster Observatory. I am truly amazed by the collection of data it offers ... used by practitioners 10. and by cluster organisations 11. From: Andrea Rossetti []Sent: 20 June 2012 15:17To: Gran LindqvistSubject: Question - cluster observatoryDear Sir, First of all I would liketo thank you becausethis website reallyhelped me a lot in myresearchUsed by researchers 12. Used by researchers 13. Used to Inspire Policy DebateThe Observatory enhances thepotential for fact-based policy! 14. The Cluster Observatory wasinstrumental in preparing key input for Bulgarias newEconomic Development Strategy. With the aid ofthe Observatory, the Center for Economic Strategy and Competitiveness inSofia were able to make an overall assessment of Bulgariancompanies, structure them into cluster and thus produce the firstcluster map of Bulgaria. With the Observatorys model, itwas for the first time possible to assess which of the clusters of Bulgariawere internationally competitive with significant export potential. Beforethis work, such a survey had not been available.and Policy 15. EDAs support for the U.S. Cluster Mapping andRegistry Project is timely and important giventhat other regions around the world are workinghard to map their own assets and strengths.Secretary John Fernandez, U.S. Economic Development Agency!view=aboutobservatory;url=/about-observatory/about-U.S.-cluster-mapping/Welcome/index.htmland copied in the U.S. 16. Cluster PolicyNo. 1 hit out of 78 million. 17. 2000 2003ClusterMapping 2005 2007ClusterObservatoryPorter:US Cluster CodesMapping US economyMapping Canada (2001)2009Lindqvist, Malmberg & Slvell:Translation of US Cluster Codes to EUMapping SwedenKetels, Slvell & Lindqvist:Mapping of accession EU-10Introduced 3-star ratingSlvell, Ketels, Lindqvist & Protsiv:Mapping of EU-27 + 4Lindqvist, Protsiv, Slvell & Ketels:Revison of EU codesIntroduction of Priority Sectors(e.g. creative industries)2007 2012Launch of the EuropeanCluster ObservatoryLaunch of the GlobalCluster Observatory portalLaunch of the US ClusterMapping websiteA Brief History 18. The Future 19. The Cluster ObservatoryEvaluation ModelRegional Programmes & Cluster ProgrammesCoaching &ImplementationLearning AcrossRegions and ClustersEvaluation Model 20. 1. Interviews(process tracing/confirmation stats)A Member firms/organisationsB Cluster LeaderC Cluster Organisation Board2. Participatory observation1. Benchmarking with otherA RegionsB ClustersC Cluster organisations2. Peer Evaluation Teams1. SIMPLER Company Financial Data(Collection/Cluster definition/Control groups)A Value addedB WagesC Profitability2. Statistical AnalysisIIIIIIIVThe Evaluation Model - Four Complementary ComponentsTM1. Surveys of member firms/organizations in cluster2. Surveys of cluster organisations3. Surveys of social media (text analysis) 21. Cluster XRegionCluster X outperforms its peer cluster and the region in generalChange in value added among member firms in a cluster, as compared toA) Firms in an unorganized peer cluster andB) All firms within the region within the cluster categoryControlGroup% Change in Value AddedIResults SIMPLER Analysis 22. IIMeasured the degree of networking across innovation gaps:Firm- to- firm (SMEs cooperate with large firms)Firm- to-researchFirm-to-educationFirm-to-capitalFirm-to-public organisationsFirm-to- other clustersFirm-to-global marketsResults Survey MethodSome clusters are much better at networking across the innovation gapsSome clusters exhibit a negative development after the 2008 crisisCome a long wayLarge gaps still exist 23. Thank You!Contact:Professor rjan SlvellStockholm School of EconomicsBox 6501113 83 StockholmSwedenVisiting address: Hollndargatan 32Telephone: +46 8 736 24. Strengths WeaknessesI SIMPLER 1. and 4. 2. and 3.II Survey tools 1. 2. 3. and 4.III Interviews 2. and 3. 1. and 4.IV Benchmarking 1. and 4. 2. and 3.Cluster Observatory Model 1. 2. 3. 4.The Model is Designed to Capture Unintended Effects andControlling for Outside ExplanationsTM 25. IIResults Innovation Gaps in ClusterInnovation gaps (here 5 out of 7) on the decrease across the 12 clusters in the regionHowever gap between firms and research increased 2008-2009


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