Techie brekkies, Twitter and TeachMeets for #IWBdig11

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A copy of my presentation for #IWBdig11


<ul><li>1.Techie brekkies, Twitter and TeachMeets<br />Reforming the face of staff professional development with Techie brekkies, Twitter and TeachMeets<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Year 5 2011<br />53 mixed ability students<br />2 classes<br />Team teaching<br />Shared learning<br />3. @henriettami<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />4. 5. A typical teachers day<br />6. Do your staff connect and learn?<br />Or are they too busy juggling their daily lives?<br />7. So just what are the barriers?<br />What are you doing to help?<br />8. Your school<br />Twitter?<br />#edchat<br />#5thgradechat<br />Blogging?<br />reading and learning<br />Edmodo?<br />Oz edmodo group<br />Conferences?<br />Do you send staff on conferences?<br />9. Four ways to learn<br />Professionals teaching teachers<br />Traditional staff PD days<br />Teachers teaching themselves<br />Twitter, reading, studying<br />Teachers teaching teachers<br />Techie brekkies and TeachMeets<br />Students teaching teachers<br />The Bloggers Caf <br />Tech support groups<br />10.<br />11. What is the best part of a conference?<br />12. TeachMeets<br />13. #TMSydney<br />14. 15. TeachMeet Sydney<br />16. Students Teaching Teachers<br />17. 18. Henrietta Miller@henriettamihttp://www.classroomchronicles.nethttp://www.techiebrekkie.net<br /></p>